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    Model aircraft, muscle cars and battleships. Also a BIG F-body nut (Firebird and Camaro), History major with area of study in Political Science. I'm married and have a young son.
  1. Thanks, Mark... I sincerely apprecaite your kind words. Those boys have had a rough time of things all their life and I'm just trying to keep them focused on the positive things. Later, Lee
  2. Thanks, James! I have Part 2 and they had a copy of Part 1 left. It was $38 but well worth it as I believe it will only go up, up, up in value/price now that it is discontinued. MANY THANKS for the link! Later, Lee
  3. Tim, my 11 year old nephew and now my 8 1/2 year old nephew are getting into modeling. I've been working with them since we moved back to KY last year and it's been a very positive experience. Long story short their father abandoned them (and their 3 other siblings) this past November and modeling has really been a big help in keeping them from focusing on being angry and such. If you do decide to get rid of any of your books (or old kits for that matter) I'd be more than willing to cover any costs. It's been a bit of a struggle but we're makin' progress with the oldest boys.:) Feel free to email or PM me anytime and I can explain more if you like. Argh! I'm looking for Part 1! I've got Part 2 at least. Mind if I ask where you got yours as SAM Publications lists it as being OOP.:( Later, Lee P.S. I've attached a few pics of the boys, Michael (11) and Anthony (8).
  4. So, I have a few of the old Kalmbach books on "How build...", the first three VLS modeling books, a pair of the Osprey Masterclass books on WWII aircraft and finally Brett Green's Osprey book on building and painting aircraft. Along with these manuals I also have the Model Master Modeler's Technical Guide. I do use these books on occasion with the Kalmbach, VLS and MM books having gotten plenty of mileage over the years. I'm curious as to how maany of you have any books like these and if so do you actually use them as intended? Even if you disagree with or are intimidated by the work of the author(s) does anyone out there enjoy what these manuals have to offer and do you apply it to the kits you build? Curious, Lee
  5. Wonder if the horses get a bit nervous when she ties up here "ride" onto the hitch?! Seriously though that is a fine job especially with how small it is! later, Lee
  6. I have an old Aviators 1/48 Betty vacuform that I REALLY need to just get done with. The parts are cut out and a good friend sent me some leftover Tamiya and TD parts to detail it a bit. Later, Lee
  7. See Gil, I knew we were birds of a feather! Clare, I like to add details here and there to most of my builds so, doe me, I tend to be "in the bins" quite a bit. Just I used some bits for my Valom An-2 Colt build that I am currently working on. Had to scratchbuild a cargo area roof...here's the proof! And here's things after adding some ribbing material. Just enough so that when folks peer through the windows they see something in there! All of this was done with leftover sheet styrene and wires and bits and pieces from other kits and a pair of resin blocks. Later, Lee
  8. Thank you, Chris. You've confirmed my worst fear...I'm a super nerd! Ah, the joys of being anal-retentive! LOL!! Robin, that's a smart idea on your armor extras. Later, Lee
  9. I thought it might be interesting to see how far each of us actually goes with their workspace and the extras we accumulate. So, I'll lead off. I keep my spares in two mini drawer containers. I have a 3rd (not pictured) that is akin to the small brown one and that is where my car parts are. I break down drawers into groups (all 1/48): Misc. Canopies/clear parts (all scales) props/resin casting blocks cockpit parts built cockpits (complete) built cockpits (incomplete) airframe panels landing gear panels landing gear wheels/tires/rims for single-engine aircraft wheels/tires/rims for multi-engine aircraft bombs droptanks/radar pods rockets guns/ammo chutes/etc. spare PE parts and frets engines/poly caps exhausts spinners Then I have one drawer for 1/72 parts, two drawers for 1/32 parts and a drawer of nothing but the extras that one gets in the 1/48 Fujimi Bf109 series. Here are a few examples: L to R-seats, gunsights/control sticks/pedals, cockpit panels, instrument panels/radios L to R-landing gear panels, landing gear, guns/ammo chutes L to R-1/72 wheels, 1/48 wheels (single-engine aircraft) All of my resin detail sets, figures and conversions are kept in a large three-drawer stackable unit. My PE sets and cast-metal sets are kept in a small cardboard box inside of this unit. All of these items are kept cataloged on my Excel database. Although I would love to keep them out and neatly organized by sight I figure if there was a fire or another problem I can grab and carry (or throw out a window) the three-drawer unit. Also another reason why my decals are in three three-ring binders. And speaking of decals mine are arranged by group: Props, Jets and Auto. So, am I just overly nerdy here or are some of you out there as meticulous (or is it ridiculous? LOL!) as I am? Just curious really. Lets hear and see how your extras are kept track of! Later, Lee
  10. Gil, my man, how do you build with all of that clutter? I'm an organized kind of modeler...has to do with being anal retentive. LOL!!!:lol: Anyway, kudos for teh fine work you put out with such limited space. I'd be losing parts left and right for sure. Later, Lee
  11. adfogel


    That's an outstanding job on this build! Later, Lee
  12. Hmm, I have to agree with Gil that the old William Green book still holds up rather well. I have some nice books from AJ Press on the '109, '210/410 and the '190. The older Aero Detail books ahve some nice info as well. The Nowarra book on the '190 and TA 152 is terrific as are BOTH volumes on the Dora that Eagle Editions published. Schiffer has a fine volume on the Legion Condor, German cockpits and their book on all markings and squadrons. Finally, the Squadron/Signal books do ahve some nifty titles (like Strangers in a Strange Land, German Jet fighters of WII). I have heard/read that Mr. Ritger's books are very nice but have yet to own either of them. Later, Lee
  13. You're good...only the E-3 had teh incorrect canopy. Eduard offered a free replacement earlier this year. Later, Lee
  14. A job very well done! Later, Lee
  15. Outstanding work, Mike! Thanks for sharing your biuld with us. Brian, that's quite the rare '99 SS you have as Hugger Orange cars are a rarity due to the limited availabilty of the color that year. Later, Lee
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