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  1. Im asking to clarify/confirm for a friend. Is baremetal foil allowed in OOTB ? To my thinking it is more like a decal and would be allowed but I can see it being taken the other direction being an aftermarket supply item. Thanks, Jay
  2. Man, I'm sorry I missed the big finally. Beautiful. Impressive. Amazing.
  3. check this out http://www.showrods.com/showrod_pages/raiders_coach.html
  4. That is some of the coolest stuff I have seen at a model car show. So many original creations. Makes me want to move west.
  5. Well two years from when I first opened the box this thing is finally done. There has been so little model building time in this past year and I don't know if i'm even out of the rut yet but the last week was good for me. Thanks for looking.
  6. One of my favorite threads around . Almost hate to see it get done . Beautifully inspiring work.
  7. Only ONE pic! : ( Great detailing
  8. Sorry, not plastic but, CSI Vegas had the 'miniature killer'. The gimmick spanned two seasons and several episodes. The killer or someone close would leave a scale model/diorama of the crime scene at crime scene. Of course the miniature had clues that the actual scene did not. On more that one occasion there were visits to a model builders work bench. Hand crafted pot metal molds were the subject of a specific investigation thread. More connotation that model builders are derelict.
  9. Chris, Thank you very much. That is quite a nice compliment. I agree with Pete about the fan style spray pattern being superior for larger area coverage. Most if not all of the rattle can opions I suggested previously have that type of spray nozzel.
  10. The brand I have on my bench is Rustolium. Yes, it polishes nicely
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