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  1. Cool I would love to meet as many modelers as i can. I am vending and will be the ugly fellow in the black leather vest and black beret, drop by n see me. Thanks All. Kevin.
  2. i HAVE KNOWN OF THIS FOR ABOUT A YEAR, this is just toooooooo cool, and man could we all do some very cool things. Kev,
  3. who all is planning on being at the NATS here in Omaha, Just wondering as i would like to meet some of you in person. Kevin.
  4. Greetings to all, cane a nice person out there direct me to what the base colore of a Star trek , K,TINGA cruiser ought to be ? I have had a debate with fellow Modeler, who claims it ought to be a warm dark Grey. and if theres help to be found here. what colore would be best from Testors Acryls. thanks Kev.
  5. I have a JOHANN 69 ROADRUNNER , i DON'T know much model about cars , and would like to get a rough estimate in its value, I would also like to sell it as well. the kit is no longer sealed but is in wonderful condition and is crisp and clean with little wear on its box, the decals are as nice. One of you Car enthusiast out here wanna help me out ?
  6. HEY EVERYONE i AM LOOKING FOR A F-16 XL. THE OLD 80,S KIT THAT WAS FROM MONOGRAM. i would like to buy , or trade for the kit. i would like to re work the kit for a what if, thanks all. Kev,
  7. HEY EVERYONE i AM LOOKING FOR A F-16 XL. THE OLD 80,S KIT THAT WAS FROM MONOGRAM. i would like to buy , or trade for the kit. i would like to re work the kit for a what if, thanks all. Kev,
  8. that tank is AMAZING MAN. !!!!!! though i am into modern.. your work is much better than my own. i myself was into collecting One Sixth scale figures for a number of years [ 20 or so lol ] before getting back into plastic modeling and love this item, I got back into plastic modeling as i was seeing myself and others work the same magic in doing one sixth scale figures as one would for Modeling as for the original topic I agree also that a Model is a model is a model. no matter what subject.. Armor SCI FI ,whatever. the skills needed to often accomplish this type of work are still used in the obsession ''er uh'' Hobby LOL i WAS ASKED by a friend who disagrees with me / us on this topic . He says a toy is a toy. and that if we want to bring toys to gatherings. and enter them in contests. that ONE OUGHT TO SPONSOR A CATEGORY, I myself would be willing if i thought there was enough interest. Kev,
  9. Hey folks , I would like opinions on this matter from those who have witnessed this sort of thing, I have seen a few shows where i have seen an item , and thought to myself '' i didnt know that there was a kit of ???? only to find out from the owner that it was a re worked and re- done toy, in this case we will say it was an Avatar Gunship. and A very neat item i thought . well constructed i will ad. very impressive work here, then i found out later that it was the Toy that had been done. it went on to win an award and get a bit of praise I now have had several conversations concerning the re-working of toys . adding details and repaints. and custom decals made for the items . In my opinion , As the same techniques go into the building of such items. [or should i say deconstruction and rebuild. that there ought to be a category at shows for said items. the conversations have been all across the board from NO its not true modeling to its still a toy, to WOW what awesome items folks are doing. I have seen several items at shows that have been done and deserve the awards they get, and have done a few myself. such as doing Dioramas for One sixth Scale Military action figures . in which many of the same modeling techniques were done as said early on here. lets hear it folks, what the opinions out there are.. Kev,
  10. A few years ago [OK its been about 20 years or so , as i recall. i saw a funny story in FSM magazine about Murphy's laws of model building. and i have no clue why, but it kinda stuck. though i do not have the story any longer and don't remember it , \ So i thought i might ask you good folks about it . is there one out there who has this still or remembers it. also looking to hear funny model builders jokes and story,s so i will begin with this one. Two Modelers were talking, and one looks over at the other and says, '' Do you believe in reincarnation Joe ? Joe looks back and says he does not, the other looks over and says that that is probably good . and tells his friend that he really hates Re Pops anyhow, [yea its a groaner lol] NEXT !
  11. BLADE RUNNER MAD MAX [cept for the 3rd film ] The day of theTtriffids Firefox the 1st Robotech movie AND MY GP,S ARE Empire strikes back Origanal godzilla [ non US, version] Rocky Horror , [yea i know but it realy is sci fi ] and lastly and best of all Battle beyond the stars. with a big thank you to Mr, Vaughn Mr, peppard and a HHHHUUUUGGGGEEEE THANK YOU TO SYBIL DANNING LOL
  12. not bad little kits. I picked up a few yesterday. and with a little work , one could have a neat little model of these ships. i know that i for one was pleased with the price here as well. not bad little kits for 5 bucks. Kev,
  13. Hi folks. a while back i came onto a cool little chart on the web that gave the FS charts and comparisons to what paints by what companies to use. I E ''FS'' 12345 = humbrol # 54321 or testors 112233 etc, this WAS a cool chart to have found and like an Idiot [no comments from those who know me lol] i did not keep it on files. however i cannot find it again . and would sorly love to have a good chart. is there one of you who might be able to help me out here. thanks Kev,
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