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  1. Jeff - The more the merrier! Best of luck to you. . .
  2. Jeff - I'm sure you'll soon get an answer from somebody in the know but in the interim don't keep us in suspense! What direction are you leaning in????
  3. These are not easy decisions but I support the EB 100 percent on this. We (at shasta scale modelers) also spent countless dollars on this program and created exactly zero new members from it. . . We even included $10-$50 gift certificates at the LHS. As far as we can demonstrate we never even created 1 new modeler let alone a club member. . .
  4. I'm confused? Can't every single chapter just add this as a category to every single contest or is this just a Nats discussion??? Is it already a common category at local chapters? If it's been a long time since you were on the forum maybe you don't realize that in the last 18 months only an average of 4.8 people have responded to a thread in the figures forum. It's pretty unlikely that one of them can change the Nats. Come to think of it who can change the Nats? Have you contacted them? What did they say? What is the next step then? Would you be content if this were the norm at every contest on the planet except the Nats or is this Nats or bust? Just curious. . .
  5. Dang Nick, you forgot to mention what a great judge you are also. . . Brian, welcome and don't give nick a second thought. . . Ask your questions and feel comfortable that most of the responses will be friendly and informative. . . Mike
  6. Just a though but I did a couple of quick searches of online videos and see quite a few that may show the information you are looking for. . .
  7. Dennis - You've done an amazing job trying to deal with a very small group that will never get it. You have my 100 percent support for any of them that you can permanently boot off the forum. It is amazing how much more enjoyable this forum is when they are gone. Thanks again Mike
  8. Eric - Thanks so much for your efforts! This looks awesome! I love it! Mike
  9. I'm no expert but I would click on My Controls above and then under "Recently read targets" I would click on "reverse the order to last entry first" or what ever it says there. . . Good Luck Mike
  10. A very amazing man and an even more amazing modeler! WOW! Mike
  11. Phil -TamiyaCon IX Best of show was a 1/350 Diorama. Thats the only one that jumps to mind. Good luck with your search. Mike edit: Don't know if you've seen it but at modellingmadness.com they have a 1/700 Diorama of the Liverpool docks that is really amazing. mfl
  12. I have missed NASCAR in modeling. The cars are so complex these days with the inside jammed full of interesting stuff and some amazing decal opportunities. Come on, NASCAR. Get off the mount and get back in the game. . . Mike
  13. Take pity on a poor plodding modeler but I have been content with my Paasche H for many years and just never felt the need to upgrade. I think maybe the time is now. I cleaned up for Christmas with gift certificates at my favorite LHS. (it was all I asked for) I think it's time to go double action and I'm wondering what's out there. My natural inclination is to grab a paasche VLS and stay with what I know, so to speak. I have a couple hundred dollars to spend so I'm guessing that limits it some but should give me some choice. Anyway, I would appreciate any advice any of you might have to offer. Happy New Year and Happy modeling! Mike
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