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  1. Greetings all, As I mentioned at the awards ceremony at Chattanooga last weekend I will be maintaining several communication methods in the coming months leading up to next year's convention: 29 July - 1 Aug at the Embassy Suites and Conference Center in San Marcos, TX. First, if you would like e-mail updates directly from me I will be sending these out as important information becomes available and confirmed (hotels, registration, etc). Many of you signed up on our e-mail distro list we had at the 2020 table in the main hallway of the Chattanooga Convention Center. For those of you who were not there, or missed the opportunity to give us your e-mail, please send me an e-mail at "director.nats2020@gmail.com" with the subject "E-mail Distro Add" and I will add you to my distro list. I will also be posting updates to two social media sites: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/IPMSUSA-National-Convention-2020-451660115577640 Twitter: @2020Nats All information pertaining to next summers convention (i.e., website) will be located here: http://www.nats2020.com. As information becomes available and confirmed I will add it to the site. And finally, I will be posting major announcements here on the forum as well as checking it (almost) every day for any questions about next year's convention. Best Regards, Len Pilhofer
  2. @sharkinman44 The website is up and running, albeit with limited information at the moment. We will be populating the site with more info in the coming weeks and months as we are prepared to announce such info (overall show schedule, seminar sched, tour sched, etc). The website is www.nats2020.com. I am currently working with the Embassy Suites to get our convention reservation link up and running. I expect this to happen in a few weeks...early September. I will post an announcement here when the rooms are ready to go live.
  3. @danWe do not have a firm date yet on hotel reservations opening but I am shooting for late August/early September. I am in touch with the Embassy Suites and the 2020 show will be assigned an event manager one year out...which will be in a couple of weeks. I will then work with them on the link for hotel reservations. I will have more details at Chattanooga and will cover this during my time on stage presenting my preview of next year's show. As far as show registration goes: we are going to get though Chattanooga first and see what worked for them with regards to show registration and then start our own process. We'll probably shoot for this late fall/winter to begin taking registrations...but that is only a guess at this point. Stay tuned here to the forums for more details as I will start a new thread once I have firm dates established. -Len
  4. With less than a month remaining until the kick-off of the 2019 convention in Chattanooga, the 2020 convention team is on-deck, warming up, and getting the initial planning underway for the 2020 convention in Texas. The IPMS/USA National Convention 2020 team (aka, Team Texas) will be on hand in Chattanooga staffing an information desk set up with details regarding the 2020 Convention and the surrounding area of central and south Texas. As is standard practice at IPMS/USA conventions we will be selling vendor tables for next year’s show at Chattanooga. We will begin to take reservations with associated table purchases at 10:00AM on Thursday, August 8th at our 2020 Convention table, which will be located in the Prefunction Area immediately outside the Exhibit Halls. The table will be clearly marked with all things Texas. During the late afternoon of Wednesday, August 7th (while the Vendor Hall is still open), several members of Team Texas will be going around to the vendors, introducing ourselves, and making sure all who are in attendance know about our plan to sell tables (given that they plan on coming to San Marcos in 2020). For those vendors that will not be at Chattanooga our website - www.nats2020.com - will also go live with the vendor table sales details above to include a contact e-mail to make such reservations. This e-mail is vendor.nats2020@gmail.com. While work on the website is ongoing, I hope to have it up, with what information we have as of August 2019, before we leave for Chattanooga early next month. For any questions regarding vendor table sales you may use the vendor e-mail above or contact me, the convention director, at director.nats2020@gmail.com. Warmest Regards, Len Pilhofer
  5. @BryanKrueger "Can you arrange a shuttle to go from San Marcos to Luling so people can eat at City Market BBQ? Heck, a loop from Luling, Lockhart, Austin and Driftwood should keep you full for the rest of the stay." We are still working on the tours for the 2020 convention and I hope to have the details ironed out by the time we are at Chattanooga next month. Our biggest challenge at the moment is finding a volunteer to manage the tours part of the convention. If a tour to local eating establishments does not materialize we will definitely have literature available directing convention guests where to go to get some of the best food (in our opinion) in Central Texas. -Len
  6. @WarthoMKL: We are going to recommend that convention attendees, if flying into the area, fly into Austin-Bergstrom Intl Airport. This is closer than San Antonio and for most airlines, cheaper than San Antonio. We are in the preliminary stages of setting up free (including it as a show budget item) transportation/shuttle service from Austin-Bergstrom to the Embassy Suites on the first two days of the show (Wed-Thu). We will post details of such arrangements to the website - www.nats2020.com - after the 2019 convention concludes. We are also going to look into a shuttle service within San Marcos during the days of the convention (Wed-Sat). This service will be for convention attendees to get from the Embassy Suites to the various overflow hotels as well as the very large outlet mall just to the south of the Embassy Suites. Again, this is all very preliminary but in the coming months I will be dedicating some time to work with San Marcos, the Embassy Suites, overflow hotels, and local transportation companies to get all this set-up in time for July 2020. Stay tuned to our website later this year for details.
  7. @Mark: Yes, we plan on having some of the history surrounding the logo on the convention website as well as some signage at the show explaining that era of Texas history (mid 1800s). In fact, during our bid presentation this past summer at Phoenix, I opened with the history of the Battle of Gonzales and a picture of the original flag as an intro to the show's theme. Thank you for the suggestion. -Len
  8. @Pete: Yes, Dick's Classic Car Museum has always been an attraction we were keeping an eye on as a potential tour. However, we just heard news a few weeks ago that it will be closing its doors in 2019. Read the story here: https://www.hemmings.com/blog/2018/08/03/dicks-classic-car-garage-announces-its-closure-and-transition-to-non-operating-private-foundation/ -Len Pilhofer
  9. @Richard: "Does that suggest that the Convention Theme will be Anything Texas?" We are still mulling over the various theme awards but they will definitely be Texas focused. We'll have the theme awards picked and I will review them at next year's banquet. They will then be posted to the website when it goes active after next year's show. @Bryan: "Will you coordinate any group tours to Lockhart or Luling for BBQ?" We are looking at tours for Thursday and Friday and at the moment they are only ideas...nothing firm yet. There are a ton of great eating establishments all around this part of Texas and if a "foodie tour" doesn't make the list we will definitely have literature available pointing folks to the best spots in the area. -Len Pilhofer
  10. Greetings all, Just got back to San Antonio from Phoenix last night - 13+ hour drive, not too bad...and I-10 is a rather pleasant and easy drive. It also helps that the speed limit is 80 mph in some of the more remote locations. I first wish to thank Steve Collins and Team Phoenix for an absolutely outstanding National Convention. I had an absolute blast and I hope we can return to Phoenix someday in the near future for another convention. I wanted to take some time to put some facts out there about our bid that was approved by the E-Board and announced Saturday night. I have been reading and hearing a few things over the past few days and wanted to help with some clarification. The date and location of the 2020 convention will be 29 July - 1 Aug 2020 at the Embassy Suites and San Marcos Conference Center located in San Marcos, Texas. I, along with other members of the bid team, are members of Alamo Squadron in San Antonio; there is no chartered IPMS/USA club in San Marcos. During our research for a suitable hotel and conference center (Thanks to Dick Montgomery for his groundwork here) we found that San Antonio is just too expensive. As it turns out, San Marcos, just a short drive up I-35, is the right size and price for our needs and the city is hungry for our business. The Embassy Suites have been a pleasure to work with - I even received a supportive call from their corporate HQ in Atlanta on the Friday before the convention - and the San Marcos Convention and Visitors Bureau is in constant contact with me. I will be sharing the good news with them later today. The most important note I can make today is that the core leadership team for 2020 is comprised of more than just Alamo Squadron. We have several members of IPMS Houston on the team as well as IPMS Central Texas. Austin Scale Modeling Society members will also be joining the team soon. While it was nice to be recognized as Alamo Squadron in the bid results announcement Saturday night our team really is larger than just Alamo Squadron...we are Team Texas...and this is how I will be referring to us from here on out. Thank you to those of you that came up to me both before the location was announced and after expressing your support for the 2020 show...and especially those that said you would help out any way you could. This is very much appreciated. I will be checking the forum from time to time for questions about the 2020 convention but I want to emphasize that for the next year, Team Texas will be supporting Chattanooga in any way possible and will be on the ground in force next summer to help out. As is practice with other shows we will not put anything online until after next summer's show is complete. After Chattanooga 2019 I will "hang-out" here on the forums on a daily basis to help answer any questions that may pop-up. My initial thoughts are to have web site and hotel reservations up in September of 2019. Stay tuned and see you all in Chattanooga on 7 August 2019 with all of your "wrong" models. -Len Pilhofer
  11. Here is a link to the slide show via our website: http://alamosquadron.com/ModelFiesta36/MF36%20Final%20Awards.pdf A very big thanks to Dick Montgomery and his data-entry/picture-taking team for making the slide show a reality. -Len
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