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  1. Italeri 1/48 UH-1D Huey Build

    I used a small 4"X5" flag. The cheap kind mounted on a straw. It is a thin nylon material. I sprayed it with the olive drab on both sides then cut out the shapes. I tried to cut shapes first but the threads started falling apart easily. The paint holds the threads together. For mounting them I placed a paint brush across the seats to give them a slight sag while I glued the front edge down.
  2. Italeri 1/48 UH-1D Huey Build

    Just finished the cockpit. The jump seats came out pretty good. Now working on the fuselage.
  3. Helicopter wish list

    I would really like to see a 1/48 scale CH-54 Tarhe (Sky Crane) I have always like the Sky Crane's ever since I saw a few in action when I was a kid.
  4. Italeri 1/48 UH-1D Huey Build

    Starting Italeri's 1/48 scale UH-1D. Have the pilot/co-pilot seats detailed. I am scratch building the jump seats. The one in the kit are way too thick and not in correct scale. Starting the canvas for the benches today. Here are some pictures of the progress.
  5. While I contemplate my next large project, I am working back on my 1/48 scale aircraft. So the first aircraft completed in 2018 is a Trumpeter 1/48 scale F9F-3 from VF-51.
  6. 1:350 USS Carl Vinson Project

    I had a friend who owns his own photography business stop by and take some hi-res professional shots. (he took over 200!) All these photo's are from Andy Schneider Photography. (click on picture to zoom in)
  7. 1:350 USS Carl Vinson Project

    Here are the final pictures. I want to make a special note to Ron at http://www.grandpascabinets.com/model-display-kits/ His display case is awesome. The fit and finish are first class. If you ever need a display case I highly recommend him. Thanks again for following me through this project. I hope it has inspired others to not be afraid to take on a large project.
  8. 1:350 USS Carl Vinson Project

    I have completed the F-14’s and mounted the aircraft to the flight deck. The model is complete. I am waiting for the display case to arrive. I will then attach the screws (propellers for the non-nautical folks) when I attach the model to the display case base and run the wiring. This project has been a challenge but a fun build. I would like to thank all those that followed this build over the past 9 months and all the comments, and critiques you have provided. Build time for this has been 777 hours. Started it on April 23, 2017 and finished January 21, 2018. The display case is on its way and should be here this week. I will post final pictures next weekend. I hope you all have enjoyed this build.
  9. Question

    The Revell kit is 1/400 scale.I could not locate any decals for the Dallas or Los Angeles class. However, The basic markings are the draft markings and the numbers. . There are many decal companies that offer USN font white numbers. If I recall Microscale has a sheet of numbers in 4 different sizes. The draft markings can be painted on.
  10. 1:350 USS Carl Vinson Project

    As I head down the final stretch of this long detailed build, The A-7E's from VA-105 and VA-37 are done and sitting on the bow. All that is left to do is the F-14's from VF-51 and VF-111. Here are the pictures:
  11. 1:350 USS Carl Vinson Project

    The A-6E's are completed and now on the flight deck. Starting the A-7E's. Just have 16 of the A-7E's and 16 of the F-14's left to do. I was hoping to finish by today but doing 1/350 scale aircraft is a longer process than I estimated. Just hit 712 hours into this project and estimate about 40 more hours to go to complete. Here are the pictures of the A-6E's on deck.
  12. 1:350 USS Carl Vinson Project

    As promised, Here are pictures of the new work bench. I had a small wooden drafting/hobby desk. Worked great for about 10 years. For Christmas my Wife bought me a new one. It's 35% larger surface area and steel supports so it is very stable. Used it the first time last night working on 1/350 A-6E's for my Vinson project. Here is what I used for 10+ years: Here are pictures of my new one. I like the tray in front. Very handy. Here is one of the new large Xacto self-healing mats: And here is it in use: Now plenty of room to build:
  13. 1:350 USS Carl Vinson Project

    Little late on latest update. Between Christmas and a minor health issue I am hoping to get back to the rest of the aircraft. Here are the E-2C's from VAW-114 on the flight deck. I will be starting on the A-6E's next after I set up my new work bench that my awesome loving Wife got me for Christmas. (Pictures will be posted later) Now on to the E-2C pictures:
  14. 1:350 USS Carl Vinson Project

    The S-3A's for the flight deck are now complete. Working on the E-2C's now. They are built just need to paint and decal them this weekend.
  15. 1:350 USS Carl Vinson Project

    Work is progressing on filling the flight deck. The EA-6B's and the SH-3's are done. So there are only 48 more aircraft to do. I also received the brass plaque which will be mounted on the base of the display case. The final position of the aircraft will be done after all of them are built. Here are the latest pictures: