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  1. Hello. This is my last model Wedell Williams 45 National Air Racers 1934, from scratch in 1/32 scale. Best regars Marcin IPMS Polska 🙂
  2. A great model 😍
  3. Hi. My last racer, Polish PZL P6, made from scratch in 1/32 scale, from National Air Racers in Cleveland 1931 More on the topic here: https://forum.largescaleplanes.com/index.php?/topic/84035-pzl-p6-1931-from-scratch-scale-132/ Best regards, Marcin IPMS Polska
  4. Hello,
    Is it possible to transfer my subject from the section of ready aircraft models to the section with relations during construction. By mistake and my ignorance I have posted a topic not where the pike and this is causing confusion. The subject  workshop of Wedell Williams type 45 scales 1/32.
    Thank you, Marcin

  5. To make the wings he used elements from a different model and plastic plates.
  6. Thanks Gil, I hope, however, that someone will help me and will go to the museum and take some photos of this plane, or maybe someone has them? Unfortunately, I can not make it out of Poland too far for a trip to the museum, I do not have so much money for such a madness. But once, who knows, it will be possible to organize such a trip, such a dream of life, see aerial museums in the USA. For now, I hope that he is a modeler who is interested in the American air races of the Golden Age and will help me. As for the idea using elements from Wedell Williams 44, he is very good, I have such ideas from the beginning. I mainly use the fuselage and maybe the engine, the wing fins and the engine cover need to be redone. in the hull also need to make many changes because in the model 45 the hull is bigger and has a slightly different shape. But quite similar, so it will be suitable for modifications. I once made a 1/32 model Laird Turner LT 14 "Meteor" with a larger model (1/30) so this time I will do with a smaller bit bigger. As for interior furnishings, it is very poor and simplified in the Williams Bross model, so it is not a good model. In addition, the hull frame in model 45 had to be significantly different because the wing structure was different and additionally had a retractable landing gear. This is how the hull construction looks like: I used two models of Williams Bross 1/32 type 44 "Red lion" for this modification
  7. Hello, everyone I have an idea for the next model, it is supposed to be Wedell Williams model 45. I intend to make the model from scratch in 1/32 scale as my other models of racing aircraft. I have some source materials that will help me during construction: I have also found on the Internet a few archival photos of this plane and photos of the replica. I have a question, do you have any pictures of the interior of the pilot's cabin, silinics chassis and other details (can there be pictures of the replica)? I tried to contact the Wedell- Williams Memorial Aviation & Cypress Sawmil Museum. They have a beautiful replica of this plane there so you could take a few photos, I am waiting for a response.
  8. I made the covering of the crochets out of thin aluminum foil. The corrugated sheet was embossed on the matrix with the shape of the wave.
  9. Hey, Today I finished the construction of my newest racer. I started work on this model at the end of September after reading the invitation of the modeling magazine "Super Model" to participate in the contest for the best model of the PZL P11 aircraft on the occasion of the centennial of Polish aviation. The individual stages of building the model can be traced here: https://forum.largescaleplanes.com/index.php?/topic/77420-pzl-p11-iii-“cleveland”-1932-from-scratch-scale-132/&page=1 The model presents the third prototype of the PZL P.11 aircraft on which, in 1932, a pilot Płk. Jerzy Kossowski raced in the "National Air Races" competition in Cleveland USA. The plane of metal, duralumin construction was unpainted. Only chessboards, manufacturer's marks, number 6-D and hand-numbered start number 217 were painted on the plane. I based the construction of the model on materials from aviation monograph no. 36 and 37 "PZL P.11" from AJpress, monograph no. 72 "PZL P.7" from AJpress, modeling "PZL P.11c" No. 2 from AJpress publishing house, MMPbooks publication "Polish aircraft 1939 instrument panels", publication in the Aeroplan magazine no.5 / 6'2011 "PZL P.11c" and the monograph "PZL P.11c" from the Topshots series of the Kagero publishing house. Figures of the model I have developed myself in 1/32 scale on the basis of the documentation provided because this aircraft was significantly different from those produced in series. I made the model from scratch in 1/32 scale, mainly from polystyrene. The exception is a wooden propeller and several elements made of metal. The engine is a Vector product (after modifications to an older version). Convex rivets come from universal Archer rivet sets. The deck clocks are the Airscale product, Yachu pilot belts, while the oil cooler comes from the Pvc model 1/11 of the SilverWings scale. The model is painted partly with Alcllad paints and partly covered with aluminum foil. Small details painted with Gunze and Humbrol paints. The pilot figurine of Jerzy Kossowski is a self-made product based on various elements of other figures. And here is the model itself: Regards Marcin
  10. Thank you Here is the link to the new "racing" project: https://forum.largescaleplanes.com/index.php?/topic/77420-pzl-p11-iii-“cleveland”-1932-from-scratch-scale-132/
  11. Hello all, My name is Marcin (Martin), i come from a small town of Swidnica in Poland. I am forty-one years old. Swidnica is a city in which the most famous pilot of the First World War was raised, Manfred Rihthofen "Red Baron". I live shortly from his home. I've been modeling myself forever because my dad built models when I was little, and then I did them with him. I belong to the oldest modeling club in Poland, IPMS Swidnica, established in 1982. I deal with modeling, mainly aviation. The planes of the "Red Baron" do not interest me completely, that is why I built the model of his Foker Dr1 airplane. I am most passionate about the history of American air races and I am building models of aviation "golden age" racing aircraft. I signed up for your forum to sometimes get help in looking for photos and information about American racing aircraft. In Poland, it is very difficult because we do not have this subject in people. I have contact with a man with similar interests from Sweden and Germany. I am now looking for support at the source or in America. I bought a few books about the aviation history I am interested in. Based on them when building models and what I can find on the internet. Here are my current models of racing aircraft (scale 1/32): Now I'm working on a new model it will be a Keith Rider R-6 “Eight ball”. I build the model from scratch, but I miss chassis photos and cabin equipment. maybe you can help me, maybe you have some pictures or drawings. The plane has survived to our times in the museum, unfortunately I do not know any person who could take pictures of these elements, and the museum is reluctant. Workshop link: https://forum.largescaleplanes.com/index.php?/topic/76856-keith-rider-r-6-eight-ball-1938-132-scale-scratch/&page=1 Best regards Marcin
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