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  1. I think you may be right Michael. Probab!y the only one is the Airfix Quickbuild kit. I can but still hope!
  2. Well it finally got aired! I was so looking forward to the story being done in period. Unfortunately it nowhere came up to my expectations. Besides running out of steam half way through, it was too much about a love story to me with the invasion theme being of secondary importance, plus the flash forwards made the whole thing a bit disjointed for me. It failed to show the Martians being wiped out by microbes. The three parter looked promising to start off, but when the sphere started to levitate, and giant machine, far bigger then the sphere started to come out of the ground (as in the Spielberg modern setting movie) the original novel plot was completely lost! If we want to see a proper version made, I reckon Peter Jackson who made Lord of the Rings, The Hobbit, Mortal Engines ad King Kong could do the novel justice. As he is the owner of Wingnut Wings maybe he could be lobbied through his company to get a suggestion through.
  3. Latest is that 206 finally made it to print! A contest issue of just photos and captions I believe. Any auto modeller interested in what has been going down at Model Cars Magazine needs to have a look in the Scale Motorcars website in the general section. Lots of interesting discussion to read up to the point where a moderator stepped in and blocked further posts.
  4. Lawrence, as an addition to your Cutty Sark requests, besides the kit instructions you are looking for there is a fine set from George Campbell from the Cutty Sark itself
  5. Any one know if there is a new Bugatti Veyron kit about to be released? Heard a rumour, but not sure if it is fake news or not. Only plastic kit I can think of is the Airfix Quick Build that goes together in Lego fashion.
  6. WOTW (3 part drama) will be airing at 9PM UK time this Sunday 17th November (immediately after His Dark Materials which is two weeks in and fantastic.) BBC has a catchup service named I player on the web that should be available to the USA. Bear in mind this catchup service only holds a programme for a week after airing. No ads on the beeb so good for a weekly download to make up the series. I will have to look up Stephen Baxter's book that ewahl recommended.......sounds good.
  7. Subscribers can look fooooooooooooooooooooooooooooorward to the next one?
  8. The BBC have recently been running a slightly longer trailer for WOTW. Still no firm aiingr date given, so still guessing this Christmas perhaps,
  9. There have been 3 recent enquiries about issue 206 on the MCM forum, and all were locked very quickly and posters referred to contact the editor Gregg Hutchings directly instead.
  10. Mark and Ron, Thanks for the feedback. Kind regards Noel
  11. As for lightening up colours, maybe the paint manufacturers should be taking this into account for scale realism. As a car .modeller plain real car colours are ok to use by me straight from an aerosol, they go off hard quickly and I do not have to mess about with an air brush and all the after care clean up.
  12. Views about paint shades and colours can go on ad infinitum. Why? Because this is so subjective to each and every user. Methuen values ,modulation techniques, air brush mixes, it goes on and on. There has been a bit of discussion on here about using auto.motive paints and whether the shade should be lighter to be 'in scale'. Well, I have used automotive rattle fans for years, and no one has ever said to me when exhibiting my models about my plain colours being too dark! My take is who needs to mess about with an air brush to lighten a colour? Guess I am getting lazy in my old age! Metallics however can look like scaled down metal flake on a model so one needs to be aware of this. Great for customs though!
  13. Another question about writing for the journal. Do authors get paid for their work like IPMS UK magazine writers?
  14. The BBC have still not given a firm date for airing war of the worlds just yet. My guess around Christmas. Incidentally, they are running a series based on Philip Pullman's Dark Materials trilogy. It is going to air on Nov 3rd in the UK. Do not know what is planned for US tv. But the BBC has an internet 1 week catchup named IPlayer, so you guys may be able to use broadband to either watch on a smart tv or a pc and either stream of download each of them within the week they sit in the UK.
  15. Interesting views on this thread, including Dak's tongue in cheek mis spelling of accuracy in the title.
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