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  1. Nick, I would imagine that the normal demands of your profession leaves little time for model making, made even worse with hospitals having to cope with the covid epidemic. I can only admire what health care professionals are doing world wide under current circumstances. All the best Noel
  2. Dave, thanks for explaining. It is interesting to see how IPMS operates in different countries. I think that IPMS UK insurance for shows that any British branch puts on and of course SMW Telford must be done at exec level and is part of each member's subscription, as no separate charge is levied at branch (chapter) level.
  3. James and Nick. Judging by James's original suggestion and Nick's reply, are you both doctors?
  4. The Hawaiian Pilot kit, a real blast from the past! I seem to remember that old Revell kiit .. being around way back in the 1960's. It seems to be one of the few that Revell have not kept re popping from time to time down the years!
  5. Does IPMS USA charge 30 bucks to set up a branch/chapter? Didn't know that. Regarding Covid, I expect that local IPMS meetings and model shows worldwide will bounce back when we all return to some sort of normality.
  6. Good to hear about modelling shows gradually making a return on your side of the pond. Hopefully IPMS UK Scale Modelworld show will be back on in November! Fingers crossed! We have all lost a lot of shows and branch/chapter meetings over this last year or so. I really miss meeting face to face with fellow modellers, so hopefully some resemblance of normality will soon return albeit probably quite gradually.
  7. There is another USA magazine named Model Car Builder edited and produced by Roy Sorenson. You guys in the States have always been far better served by long lived auto related modelling magazines down the years. So with MCM getting back up and running and Model Car Builder in production even with the loss of Scale Auto you still have two magazines. Not to mention another USA magazine devoted to truck modelling that I believe you have. I looked through the latest Fine Scale Modeler Magazine recently and the 'absorption' of Scale Auto into it comprised of just one article as far as I
  8. I'll put my house in hock for that Bugatti Chiron tomorrow! LOL
  9. Maybe the 'Juggernaut' from the Death Race movie and some of the prisoner's cars.
  10. As I have mentioned before, what we can spend on kits, paints and after market depends on disposable income after all the necessary living bills are paid. Ralph's post was really interesting about differing approaches to modelling. It is a fact of life that not all of us can afford to buy an expensive kit and throw shed loads of money at after market stuff for it. So it just goes to show that with a bit of ingenuity many everyday items can be pressed into service to detail a model. It just takes a bit longer to scratch build bits from those materials. To a certain extent many of us have b
  11. Nice figures David, I will have to check out their range and see if obtainable my side of the pond!
  12. Loads of shows have taken a hit over this last year or so, and depending on how their dates fall, some will miss two in a row. My local branch (chapter) missed out in May last year and again this year's show will not happen. Hopefully, IPMS UK ScaleModelworld at Telford will be back on in November this year. Let's see!
  13. It was so boring I fell asleep half way through. Would have spent my time better looking at modelling related stuff on here!
  14. Having looked at Artesania Latina's big wood Vasa kit on their website, they have free down loadable instructions and painting guides for their kit. Their rigging guide within their instructions is comprehensive so anyone building the Airfix of Revell kits could use this and down scale them to suit. The biggest bonus is Artesania's painting guide for the carvings and figure work on their kit that could be used as a guide for painting the plastic kits as well. They reference all the paints with their respective RAL numbers. Vasa modellers will find this painting guide probably the be
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