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  1. Glancing back at this older thread I noticed that I spelt the name of Nick Edward's website incorrectly. It is Unobtainium not Unobtanium. Things are advancing at a pace there. Look at the Britmodeller website where he is placing update information regularly.
  2. Kurt, I don't think there is a shelf life on this sort of thing. I am still using the remnants of a bottle of Klear that I bought about 12 years ago or more.
  3. Still not founf one yet. Can anyone help?I Surely someone must have an old build that has seen better days they can help me with? Please message me if anyone can help.
  4. Model Cars Magazine appears to have picked itself up under Larry Greenberg the new editor, so the future looks promising without Scale Auto and Model Car Builder around as competitors.
  5. Nice model car Dak! The figure is well done too. Who makes the figure? Is it part of a range of civilian figures?
  6. The Holloway House Quick Shine floor finish in the green container is available in the UK from Lakeland. A lot more expensive than the old Kleer. £16 per bottle but still much cheaper than modelling aimed products. I guess it is probably only 6 of 7 bucks in the states. There must be many UK and USA modellers missing the Johnson's Kleer/Future and whatever else Johnson's renamed it, so Quick Shine looks to be a good alternative.
  7. Bill, I am sure that IPMS UK would more than welcome a USA IPMS stand at Telford. I guess it would be the expense and logistics of IPMS USA organising it and booking the space well ahead of the event.
  8. IPMS UK ScaleModelworld has become the largest scale modelling show in the world. Most of us have heard the saying 'From little acorns mighty oaks do grow'. For those who don't know the IPMS started life say back in 1963 when the late Peter Elley met a small group of like minded plastic modelling enthusiasts at the Porcupine, a London pub and formed the British Plastic Modellers Society as it was initially named. Word got around abroad and interest was such that it was renamed International Plastic Mocellers Society. The IPMS USA formed in 1964 I believe in Seattle originally. From then on other branches formed in other countries. Back in the 1970's IPMS USA overtook the UK IPMS in having more members, a good magazine and an annual convention far bigger than the UK Nationals at the time. As IPMS USA was the dominant one in the 70's many still believe erroneously that IPMS is an American formed society. Fast forward to the eighties early nineties when the IPMS UK Nationals went to Donington Motor Race Course Events Hall and became on a par with the US event. Soon that venue was outgrown and got bigger and better with the move to the International Centre at Telford and now taking up the entire complex for the annual show. The US convention is I believe different as the concentration is more on the competition itself. SMW differs in that the competition is still at the heart of the exhibition, but special interest groups and local branch stands (chapters) very much showcase the society as well as the competition. Not to mention being able to handle large numbers of specialist traders.
  9. Contail stopped trading years ago. They used to make vac formed aircraft kits. I had their Bear and Bison kits but was a bit daunted as they looked like too much hard work to do anything with.
  10. Mark, De Luxe Products is a UK company who have a website. You may be able to order direct or they.may have a US distributor listed.
  11. There must be an alternative to Klear somewhere out there! It's matter of finding it. I have heard that there is another American product that is similar but not found out the brand name yet.
  12. Discontinuation of any specialist paint colour will disappoint a number of modellers. Ed made the point.of explaining why they were discontinued due to pressures of marketability of those particular colours. But like Mike said many modellers do not want to consider why their late lamented colours disappear. The manufacturer is damned if the do, and damned if they do not in this situation having to make a commercial decision. No point in getting annoyed. If one of more of the colours being discontinued are a favourite, just get some stock in from wherever you can get it from in the interim. Mike has listed what is going, so best make use of his information.
  13. If you want a decent plastic kit of the Cutty Sark the old Airfix one is not a bad kit. The Imai one seems to be the best that I have heard about, but seems difficult to obtain. Scale Warship in the UK did a set of photo etched detailing for the Imai kit. Pity they did not look at the Airfix one as there would probably been more market opportunity as the kit appears year on year in the Airfix Catalogue. Scale Warship has also done stuff for the Airfix Victory and the Revell Vasa kits.
  14. I think you must have meant Stockholm in Sweden Ron for the Vasa. I visited it once whilst on a Baltic Cruise. To see an almost intact 16th century ship preserved is an awesome sight! The Oseberg Viking Ship is in Oslo I believe.
  15. Thanks for the Tameo link Eric. It made interesting reading. The generation observation made by Mr. Tameo will be affecting all facets of the modelling industry unfortunately.
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