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  1. 1320Wayne

    Riley #33 Mercedes AMG

    If I remember I've placed two orders and both took about 3 weeks each time. I never tried to communicate through email. I belong to a Facebook group devoted to GT Racing scale models and the decal seller and creator (obviously the person who runs Slotfabrik) is part of the same group and any questions or concerns were sent through Facebook messenger. He responded pretty promptly there. His name is Folasf Osu and the exact group name is called GT Racing Scale Models
  2. 1320Wayne

    Riley #33 Mercedes AMG

  3. 1320Wayne

    Luftwaffe1/48 F-4F Phantom

    Awesome build Gil. Love the camo and technique used.
  4. 1320Wayne

    '56 Ford F-100 "Demon II"

    Very nice indeed. Superb finish and added detail. Love the flames.
  5. 1320Wayne

    NHRA Super Comp Dragster

    This is pretty much normal. Some cars run with the headers pointed up but most are aimed down. When you consider the amount of heat generated from the slicks under power the heat from the exhaust isn't a concern.
  6. 1320Wayne

    Riley #33 Mercedes AMG

    The decals are great as far as registry and accuracy but they are rather thick (no bleedthrough) and don't like to conform to contours. I used ample amounts of decal setting solution and still had a time getting them to settle into certain areas. I learned from the drivers side and went with a different approach on the passengers side by cutting the large panels into smaller components and it went much better. I also cut the stars sections into much smaller areas and that worked well. No placement chart. I used as many research photos as I could find. For instance. There are sections of white decal needed inside the open side vents. They are not included on the sheet so I made my own with some plain white decal film. The base coat that I went with, after three failed attempts at matching, was Testors Arctic Blue Metallic. Add the matte finish and it was almost perfect. Then mask off the areas for the gloss blue on the hood and sides. When you receive your decals check to make sure that the roof decal is correct. The original decal roof image had the wrong number of stripes. The guy who creates these did a correct roof piece and sent it to me separately. Unless he has changed the artwork on the original decal you should receive the extra piece with your order.
  7. Another completed build that was started over a year ago. It's an NHRA class Super Comp dragster build using a Revell top fuel kit as the base. The body and chassis has been shortened to better represent the dimensions on a super comp car. The graphics are fictitious in nature and were created on my home computer and transferred to decal film. The scoop is a resin piece that I created the master for using Renshape. And, the engine, interior and chassis is loaded with added details for wiring, plumbing, etc. If you go to my Fotki link you can see the entire buildup in pics. which also shows the change in graphics after a failure in clear coat application. http://public.fotki.com/1320wayne/my-drag-models/sportsman-cars/super-comp-dragster/
  8. 1320Wayne

    Riley #33 Mercedes AMG

    The decals came from Slotfabrik, out of Germany. They are expensive and for this particular build, very difficult to work with. This was probably the most laborious decaling job that I've ever had to do, and I've done some insane full wrap decals before.
  9. Here are the completed pics. of my latest build. It's my first official Tamiya sports car build so there were some small challenges to it. I also had a time with some challenging decals, especially the side panels so I ended up adding some subtle weathering to help minimize the flawed decal application. It was so much of a different, fun build than what I'm used to building I'm looking forward to attempting another one real soon. Oh, and yes, the paint job is part gloss and part matte finish.
  10. Gil, had another great time at the event. Your club always puts on a fantastic show which is validated by the overall turnout. I had an excellent time, as has been the case in years past, and look forward to next year. In the meantime, here is a link to my album. I took about 500 photos. So far I have about 400 downloaded. Just a few more to go. http://public.fotki.com/1320wayne/model_shows/2018-model-shows/jaxcon-2018/
  11. Another recent completed build. This is a 60 Chevy Sedan Delivery built from a Revell 60 Chevy lowrider kit and a resin body. The tires and wheel are parts box pieces and the decals are homemade on my computer. I added a touch of humor with the markings.
  12. Here's one that I just completed. This is a curbside build of Kevin Harvick's 2016 Busch Hunting paint scheme from the Fall Charlotte race. The kit is Revell's recent curbside/snap Chevy SS kit with decals provided by Pattos Place out of Australia. I added a few extra details to this build like the front splitter, kicked out the drivers side lower skirt, lowered the stance, added the shark fin on the rear decklid and made my own window net. I also enhanced the interior with a few added details and added numerous tire and wheel decals for added detail.
  13. 1320Wayne

    F-16 Tiger

    Very nice build.
  14. 1320Wayne

    Shuttle Launch

    Here's another build that is definitely out of my comfort zone, being a car builder by nature. My wife has always loved NASA space subjects, especially shuttles. In my travels I came across this Lindberg space shuttle kit for a very reasonable price. I'm not a sci-fi builder but I do know that this was not a very detailed model to build. Regardless, I picked it up and told her that one day I would build it for her. Well, that day came and as I got into it I decided that it needed to be represented a little bit better than how it builds from the kit. I basically built it straight out of the box but using numerous research photos was able to apply some paint details and slight weathering to bring out more realism. I also created my own base and positioned it to replicate a launch. I scratchbuilt the flames using card stock rolled into cones and then added putty to try and look like the flames. Then I added cotton for the smoke. It's not perfect by any means but I think it still came out alright and my wife was very happy with the final outcome.
  15. 1320Wayne

    1/72 Mirage 2000N

    Thanks Gil. The past 5 years I've been out of sync with modeling on a consistent basis as I've been an OTR truck driver. Now I'm back home and able to get back to building on a regular basis and I can also get back to attending some shows from time to time. Next up will be getting back to Jaxcon every year. See you in February.