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  1. This one is complete. Added the rigging and made a base that possibly resembles the 1933 ground cover at Wheeler Field in Hawaii. Only pics. I could find were black and white and it looks like most of the shots are dirt/hard packed sand. Had to take liberties. It looks o.k. anyways. I had fun with this.
  2. Here is another recently completed build. It's a Tamiya Jeep Grand Cherokee with a few subtle changes. The suspension has been lifted, aftermarket tires and wheels along with added rooftop components from an older Fujimi detail set that includes the mountain bike, luggage/ski carrier and some added custom graphics. I also created a front brush guard and added a winch.
  3. In the downhome stretch for getting this one completed. Most of the decals are in place. Still working on the stencils throughout. There are plenty of little stencil details to be added. They are hard to see but add so much extra detail to the finished product. Yellow wings decals are great to work with. That being said, the engine cowl stripes and the landing gear spinners were a pain to get to lay down without lots of massaging. That being the case I did have to add some spot touchups to a few areas because the decals wanted to come apart while constantly moving them around. Not perfect work but I'm still pleased with the outcome. I still have a couple of small pieces to add along with the rigging and some weathering to call this one done.
  4. Great work. Love the decal work and paint scheme.
  5. Engine assembly and detail is complete. Now I can get started on final assembly.
  6. Very impressive builds on all. Especially the helicopters. Never built one myself but I can only imagine how delicate some of the components are.
  7. A bit more progress. Fuselage is painted. I still need to add some gloss to the finish. Wings are painted and test fit. Also started working on the engine. I was originally going to build this straight out of the box but even though I'm no expert on aircraft details I felt that some of the details were a bit soft so I decided to access some research and add some extra details. The cleanup on the engine was a labor as a lot of seam lines are in all of the worst places. I also decided to replace the exhaust pieces with styrene tubing as the kit pieces were going to be next to impossible to drill out the ends. Lots of paint details as well as there are so many different colors on the engine. So far I'm happy with the progress.
  8. Here is my next airplane project. I primarily build automotive subjects so when it comes to aircraft my skill set may not be that of some better aircraft builders but I still have fun with these builds and I love the history behind so many of these builds. This is a 1/32 scale Hasegawa Boeing P 12 E biplane. It will be pretty much out of the box with added Yellow Wings decals
  9. If I remember I've placed two orders and both took about 3 weeks each time. I never tried to communicate through email. I belong to a Facebook group devoted to GT Racing scale models and the decal seller and creator (obviously the person who runs Slotfabrik) is part of the same group and any questions or concerns were sent through Facebook messenger. He responded pretty promptly there. His name is Folasf Osu and the exact group name is called GT Racing Scale Models
  10. Awesome build Gil. Love the camo and technique used.
  11. Very nice indeed. Superb finish and added detail. Love the flames.
  12. This is pretty much normal. Some cars run with the headers pointed up but most are aimed down. When you consider the amount of heat generated from the slicks under power the heat from the exhaust isn't a concern.
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