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  1. Another completed build. This one actually started over 7 or 8 years ago. Part of my crazy 2020 plan was to concentrate on finishing older started builds before starting on anything new. This started as a True Value plastic promo which I combined with an AMT Nascar kit for the chassis, suspension and engine with lots of added extra details.
  2. I'm sure that you've all heard the phrase "my eyes are bigger than my stomach"? Meaning don't bite off more than you can chew. I've always been intrigued by dioramas. The stories that they tell can be awesome. I've always felt that the best aspect of a good diorama is one that each new time that you look at it you find some new hidden detail that you missed the previous time. I finally decided, a few years back, that I was going to build my first diorama. Being a car guy it almost made sense that I would do a garage with vehicles, tools, supplies, etc. I also like nature so I
  3. Oops, this is the second time I've posted a completed build in the wrong area.
  4. 1320Wayne

    F 18 VFA-146

    Yeah, another completed aircraft build. I've said this before but I'll say it again so that everyone knows my abilities. I'm primarily a car builder. Been around cars/race cars my entire life so I know where everything goes. So, when it comes to building and detailing it pretty much comes natural. Aircraft, however, a whole different scenario. I have to do research for every build and hope that I get it right, or relatively close to right. The technical aspects of building aircraft are totally different than car/truck subjects. I am in total awe of so many aircraft builders and their abil
  5. Here is the pic. By all means share the link to where ever you wish.
  6. Gil, here is a link to my Fotki album. Just finished downlaoding the pics. https://public.fotki.com/1320wayne/model_shows/2020-shows/jaxcon-2020/
  7. Here is another 2020 completed build. This build started life as a Jimmy Flintstone resin body and interior and morphed into what you see here by utilizing a lot of scratchbuilding and kitbashing. I used more different materials on this from brass, resin, styrene sheet, old necklaces for chain, Bic pens for exhaust stacks and a little bit of 3D printed parts.
  8. Another recently completed build. This is another scratchbuilt/kitbashed creation using a resin body that I created along with a 3d printed chassis and lots of scratchbuilt, resin cast and aftermarket components. The subject matter is a phantom designed race car using homemade printed graphics along with decals from numerous other decal sheets. This was my first attempt at building a full blown detailed pro mod with a turbo setup. Lots of learning as I went figuring out all of the plumbing and detailing nuances. At first glance it may appear to be rather busy in regards to the add
  9. There are plenty of readily available kits that could be used for law enforcement decals. Revell has a Ford Expedition a Chevy Malibu and a Fox body Mustang as well as plenty of Lindberg Charger and Ford Crown Vic. police car kits still accessible. Meng has a modern era F350 truck kit and everyone knows that trucks are synonymous with Texas. If not Texas State Troopers you could also go with border patrol subject matter. They use so many different types of vehicles.
  10. Here is a recently completed build. I'm not a very prolific figure builder but I still like to dabble in them with the hopes that each next build might be better than the last. This is a Hi-tech Miniatures item of the Viking god Odinn. It's meant to be a gaming piece but I simply like them as display items.
  11. This one is complete. Added the rigging and made a base that possibly resembles the 1933 ground cover at Wheeler Field in Hawaii. Only pics. I could find were black and white and it looks like most of the shots are dirt/hard packed sand. Had to take liberties. It looks o.k. anyways. I had fun with this.
  12. Here is another recently completed build. It's a Tamiya Jeep Grand Cherokee with a few subtle changes. The suspension has been lifted, aftermarket tires and wheels along with added rooftop components from an older Fujimi detail set that includes the mountain bike, luggage/ski carrier and some added custom graphics. I also created a front brush guard and added a winch.
  13. In the downhome stretch for getting this one completed. Most of the decals are in place. Still working on the stencils throughout. There are plenty of little stencil details to be added. They are hard to see but add so much extra detail to the finished product. Yellow wings decals are great to work with. That being said, the engine cowl stripes and the landing gear spinners were a pain to get to lay down without lots of massaging. That being the case I did have to add some spot touchups to a few areas because the decals wanted to come apart while constantly moving them around. Not perfec
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