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    Beautiful, subtle, weathering and wonderful panel line work. You otta do a seminar at the Nat!
  2. I wouldn't say so. He was working until the end. How is that unfortunate? Phyllis Diller is a regular on Family Guy and the Simpsons. She plays the voice of Peter's (Family Guy) mother and of Skinner's mother on the Simpsons. Patrick Stewart plays Stan's boss on American Dad, and Mark Hamill does voice overs on Robot Chicken, and Family Guy. Voice overs are better than nothing. I think it's great the elderly stars (Hamill and Stewart excluded) stay busy when their days in front of the camera are over.
  3. His last speaking role was the cow on a Family Guy episode recently when Peter ate too many hamburgers and had a stroke.
  4. Yep. I watched it in the afternoon after school although I can't recall the story line. Too damned old! Was he not a cargo pilot who had adventures taking stuff to hostile environments and places?
  5. Wow! Talk about NASCAR shooting themselves in the foot. Do they need money that bad? Model car kits are the best source to bring young ones into the love of the sport and to build their fan base. Looks like future NASCAR kits will be considerably higher in price if available at all. Buy 'em up while you still can.
  6. Forgive me for wandering from the subject a bit. First, let me say up front this isn't intended to be a political statement of any kind. So nobody get your panties in a bunch. It's merely an observation by a qualified professional in the business. I have a relative that is a licensed electrician and he added a number of new, energy efficient florescent fixtures in my office when I remodeled not three years ago. I have already had to replace the ballast in two of them while the two fixtures in my print room are the good ol' 4' ones (I put them where the public couldn't see them rather than spend money on new ones) I have had for over twenty years. To this day they have always worked reliably and I have yet to even replace the bulbs. I'm talkin running 8 to 14 hours a day. After replacing the ballasts, I mentioned how long I have had the fixtures in my print room to him. He told me ever since the fixtures and bulbs have been manufactured over seas (most are now) the quality control and reliability has gone into the toilet (poor quality parts) to keep the price down. He spends a LOT more time replacing and repairing fixtures now compared to just ten years ago. FWIW.
  7. Before I remodeled the office, I used a standard four foot double tube shop light I bought at Wal Mart for around $20.00. It used standard length 4' florescent bulbs (the cheapest there is) and I never had to replace them in the 10 plus years it hung there. Like Gil, I just plugged it into the wall outlet. I installed it in less than 15 minutes. Great for general lighting. The lower you hang it above your work, the brighter the light (duh). You can get a magnifier light for cheap too for close up work that will swivel out of the way when not needed. Gil's right about Harbor Freight. GOOOOOOD deals there. I had a permanent two bulb energy efficient fixture (the ones with the brown, thin bulbs) installed above my work bench during the remodel so all the fixtures now match.
  8. Wow! When I read the thread line I was going to recommend an Endocrinologist. :lol: I never had that problem with any air compressor and I've used diaphragm, piston, oil lubed piston, and I now use a commercial compressor used for Flagship Models pressure casting. My dad also owned a body shop and we never had the problem either. We had a water trap attached to the line coming from the compressor (as I have now on my commercial unit), but since we had a 50 gal tank, the air always had adequate time to cool down unless the compressor was under heavy use (which it was at times). As mentioned, I now have a trap on the compressor AND a trap coming from the air line in my office. Interesting problem though. You must have lots of humidity where you live. I was also wondering if you used one of those thin, plastic hoses that comes with some compressors. If so, that may be the problem since the stiff hose is narrower than the rubber braided hoses most guys use on their air brushes. The narrow, stiff hose would not allow for any expansion and the plastic could encourage condensation. The small diameter would only exasperate the problem. A larger diameter rubber braided hose may be the cure, but you seem to have the problem solved. What diameter/type of hose did you have before, and what diameter/type did you add to remedy the problem?
  9. 2001 A Space Odyssey Alien X-The Unknown Forbidden Planet
  10. I have a Lunar Models kit of the Voyager space craft. It appears to be a very nice kit (which is why I bought it) when properly assembled and detailed. I bought it so long ago (at least 10 years) I have no idea what it's now worth or what I paid for it. It's complete and in real good shape. I went to the Lunar Models web site and it isn't listed there either so obviously it's no longer in production. I may try to sell it. Can someone give me an idea of its worth?
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