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  1. I love reading about builds of these golden oldies. An interesting contest our chapter has from time to time is everyone build the exact, same kit to see who could make the best silk purse out of an old sow's ear. Wouldn't it be great to see who could build the best of this one? Please build more of these oldies-but-goodies Ron.
  2. Now THAT'S Out Of The Box! Nicely done. I enjoy seeing these golden oldies built up.
  3. This is where investing in good quality brushes really pays off. Properly thinning your paint is also imperative for brushing.
  4. At least you got the kit cheap (hopefully).
  5. GREAT diorama. The simple ones are the best!
  6. Because scenario #1 (death by A/A gun) is intended to be horrendously gory, to be remembered by observers. Scenario #2 doesn't involve any death or gore, but tells the same story leaving the gore up to the onlooker's imagination. IMHO, that alone would make for a better dio.
  7. Interesting viewpoint here. I have often contemplated building an "execution diorama" but there two ways to look at it. I wanted to do a dio of Kim's execution of one of his relatives (sorry, I forget who) who was supposedly executed via A/A gun. Not the version showing the bloody aftermath (which I would not want to see for obvious reasons); but my version would be just before the act. That is, having the victim tied to a pole or stood against a wall, with the A/A gun about 30 yards away I guess and a small crowd of officials looking on as a "reminder" of the cost of disobeying Kim. Having said that, I KNOW the aftermath dio is not allowed in IPMS/USA competition BUT, would the "PRE-EXECUTION" dio be allowed? No blood, no gore, cuts or anything else. Just the observers, Kim on a stage with his handlers (complete with notepads), the A/A Gun and the victim .
  8. That old Lindberg kit never looked so good. Well done!
  9. Don't be so hard on yourself Lawrence. It has happened to us all. I have made plenty of mistakes in the past. Years back when I was an AC builder, I built a 1/32 scale F-4 Phantom that I was quite proud of. I took it to the club meeting and proudly displayed and discussed the build with members. After my presentation, I asked if there were any comments. A good friend of mine said the star and bars are upside down! I couldn't believe I missed something so obvious. EMBARRASSING, and everyone had a good laugh!! Most of the meeting was then spent by the group discussing mistakes all have made.
  10. Bill, Wow. You chose a really esoteric category of model to specialize in. I know what you're dealing with, as my company produces only American Civil War naval subjects. I would suggest that you checkout Shapeways (https://www.shapeways.com/marketplace/miniatures/ships). They are a 3D printing company that has many products that Shapeways shop owners sell to the public. Unfortunately, most of the products are pretty pricey, but I guess it just depends how badly you want them. The link I provided will take you right to the ships section. Good luck.
  11. For such needs, I would suggest buying a mold/resin kit and cast your own. That will prevent this problem from occurring in the future. Don't worry about copyrights. If you don't sell any and make them just for your own use, you're good to go.
  12. Sorry to hear about the masking end of the business. I wish you luck and prosperity with the new Gator's Model Studio. 👍
  13. The loooong promised 3D printed kit of the USS Choctaw ironclad ram is now available from Flagship Models. Price is $170.00 plus shipping and worth every penny. Incredible detail abounds such as iron plating, doors (with hinges and other detail), full blown photo etch sheet, 3D rendered instructions, painting guide, real Mahogany masts, detailed paddle wheels, boat davits and other parts metal cast at correct scale, not to mention the Choctaw is full hull. This model isn't intended for beginners, but anyone with experience working with multi-media ships should have no problems. If you want correct era 3D printed figures to go on your Choctaw to add some life, we can help with those as well. For all the info., check out the Flagship Models web site.
  14. Nope. This sort of thing is exactly what the category is for. Always remember (I'm sure you're aware of this) the story the diorama tells, and how well it tells it, (plus the workmanship of course) is the key. BTW, well done! The accompanying photo is a nice touch.
  15. I can never get the finish on my models to look that nice and "wet". Well done.
  16. Gil is correct about watching the amount of moisture you use. To prevent cracks, apply it in rather thin layers. Make CERTAIN the Celluclay is COMPLETELY DRY before adding further layers. If you apply layers too thick, it will take some time to completely dry. If cracks occur, you can fill them in with Celluclay before continuing. JUST MAKE SURE THE CELLUCLAY IS DRY BEFORE CONTINUING!!
  17. Welcome to building resin kits! Unfortunately, there isn't any fast or easy way to remove flash which is the biggest gripe against resin kits. I would recommend using an Xacto knife with no. 11 blade to remove the larger chunks of flash, then move to jeweler's files to clean up the final configuration.
  18. I love all those off-the-wall oddball subjects. Very nice!
  19. I agree, and to give credit where credit is due, that is as good as the NCC can come up with considering so many variations and new kits coming to market. I would suggest emailing the appropriate head judge or the Chief Judge (nationals or regional contest) for a more definitive answer.
  20. Download the national rules from the web site and look under III. SPECIAL CATEGORIES (pg 3). Your questions will be answered.
  21. Regardless what you may have heard, photo etched parts put out by manufacturers are REQUIRED by EPA regs to thoroughly clean the parts before they leave the factory. That's just one reason why PE parts are so expensive. I can only assume the same goes for imported parts as well. In other words, all photo etched parts are ready for painting or soldering right from the factory.
  22. You may consider this. https://flagshipmodels.com/collections/how-to-cds-and-photo-albums/products/how-to-cd-working-with-photo-etched-parts-by-rusty-white-11-pgs
  23. Has anyone ever determined exactly what the scale was of this kit?
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