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  1. I agree with Nick that it most likely won't happen. But without a survey taken say, every five years, how would we know just what the membership wants? It would be up to the E-board to decide what action would be taken. I.e. appoint or solicit a committee (or the NCC) to begin the process to create a potential open judging system. While that is being done, solicit proposals/ideas and discussion here from the membership. Chances are, ideas from all submissions could be collected into one solid, workable proposal. All the questions DAK proposes should be answered by any committee w
  2. THIS IS ONLY A SURVEY. Its only purpose is to find out which judging system the membership prefers and report our findings to the E-board. I want to publicly thank the E-board because they have supported this survey so well from day one. IF, IF, IF, it was decided by the E-board that IPMS/USA was going to change judging formats, that would only occur AFTER they determined the proposal was workable. If anyone out there wants to propose a medal system of judging, now is the time to start. Grab some folks who agree with you, put together a committee and get started. I WOULD SUGGEST work
  3. Many people outside the society still have the notion that we are just aircraft modellers. Why this still persists after fifty odd years is anyone's guess! This misconception is due to ignorance of the organization or just plain discriminatory behavior by poor losers, pure and simple as explained previously.
  4. "Try staying on topic, Nick " Thank you DAK. 😀
  5. To vote on-line you have to officially vote on the IPMS/USA ballot. The survey is at the bottom of the ballot. I have yet to get my Journal yet, but I was told a card would be issue that you can mail in. FWIW.
  6. " Perhaps they are afraid to admit they indulge in a so called "childish" hobby. " When I hear remarks like that, I tell them what Flagship Models made last year and the argument ends quickly.
  7. Noel, IPMS/USA is what I consider a supply-and-demand organization where the contest is concerned. There are a lot of A/C categories because they are the most popular plain and simple. As an ex-head ship judge for the society, Nationals chairman, and ex-NCC member, I can tell you our categories are based on what shows up on a consistent basis. The head judges for each category have yearly records for numbers entered as well as the type of models. When I was a head judge, if there was a consistent and potential growing number of say, Martian aircraft carriers over a three year period,
  8. I have enjoyed reading this post. Gil put it better than I ever could describing the overall devewlopment of the US and UK events. As long as display space is made available at the nats here in the US, we will see the development of the event grow to the betterment of the Society. I also believe the contest will develop naturally into a GSB or 123 event at the will of the participating membership's popular demand.
  9. IMHO, for the reasons you describe, too much or too little weathering shouldn't be a consideration when judging. The realism of the technique is what should be considered. If the modeler chooses a factory finish or rust dripping to the ground, what matters is how well (or not) it was done and how realistic (or not) the weathering looks.
  10. "...it's not perfect,... " You enjoyed building it, and that's what really matters. BTW, what's the purpose of the circular pattern on the rear of the canopy?
  11. EXCELLENT! I love this. I recall seeing many of these models in person, which is the only down side. Photos just don't do them justice.
  12. The snake texture and color is GREAT! Nice job.
  13. Okay, I can see where this is going guys. Nick, DAK has a point in that purposeful insults does not further or contribute to the discussion. Let's keep on an even keel with common courtesy and consideration for all.
  14. " Many people perceive these to BE the IPMS system having never seen a National convention." It doesn't appear that it's OUR problem. Nothing anyone can say or do will convince the unconvincible. They have their minds made up.
  15. Flagship Models' new web page is alive and open for business! Way better and easier to navigate around than our 15 year old one was. Also featured is multiple ways to pay and up-to-date shipping program. Check it out at the usual place: https://flagshipmodels.com/
  16. David, FWIW, this survey has nothing to do whatsoever with IPMS/USA switching to GSB. It is merely an informational survey that the E-board asked several members put together to provide an accurate and up-to-date accounting of the memberships' judging preference. It's been a good five years since the last GSB/123 survey was done and the E-board felt it was time for another. IMHO, it should be done every five years since the membership constantly changes.
  17. Michael, IMHO, the E-board and I have gone above and beyond to make this survey as well advertised, successful, and accurate as possible. Ron Bell contacted me to tell me that the survey had been posted on-line (SURVEY) with the election ballot. A pleasant surprise I was not expecting. The E-board guaranteed the survey would be published (a mail-in card inserted) in the April/May election issue of The Journal. The E-board gave the survey a full page in the April/May issue of The Journal explaining both systems of judging you will see at the URL I supplied above.
  18. Michael, Everything you will want to know about the survey is here: SURVEY
  19. You will receive a printed magazine.
  20. Their dealings with you so far should raise some red flags. Having said that, he sounds pretty honest in that he won't accept pre-orders or guarantee availability (which he probably doesn't know), but does communicate well. The ship modeling community is pretty small. I would suggest checking on Hyperscale ship forum, Modelwarships.com and steelnavy.org and post your question there. My advice until you hear from someone who has dealt with them....BUYER BEWARE. This is why I HATE dealing with outside vendors. Your business literally depends on them. I personally do EVERYTHING start t
  21. I am also speaking of actual circumstances. It happened twice when I was category ship head judge for IPMS/USA where I broke two ties. Point being, the answer to the problem is simple.
  22. You guys are making way too much of this hypothetical scenario. IF there is a tie in judging, the head category judge (or Chief Judge) breaks the tie. The point being, there are a dozen ways to solve a hypothetical judging "tie".
  23. Dave, I do recall the last survey, but I had nothing to do with that one. If you are speaking of the G-S-B proposal pitched before the NCC some time back; I was not involved with that team. You may be confusing my participation with the MAP that I spent over a year designing.
  24. A few observations here. There is nothing new or old about the SURVEY. It has nothing to do with changing the judging system we currently have. The E-board decided to conduct another SURVEY to keep a hand on the "pulse" of the current membership. IMHO, a SURVEY of this sort should be done every five years as the membership is an ever changing soup of preferences and people. With this SURVEY, the E-board will have current and pretty accurate info of the current membership's preference of G-S-B and 1-2-3. This SURVEY will be the most extensive ever taken of the membership since it will be p
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