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  1. I have considered many of the potential problems going to GSB would create for IPMS/USA as has many others out there, but that's for another thread. IMHO, there are answers to all the problems, but some will be learned the same way we did when 1-2-3 was used the first few times. That is, fix unforeseen problems as they arise. As I said, no one has contacted me; probably because I'm too difficult to work with. 😉
  2. I guess I am not making myself clear. There are NO proposals I am aware of by anyone. I have made it no secret that I would support the switch to GSB, but I have NO plans on the table for a push in that direction. The E-board (Ron Bell) only requested an up-to-date survey because it has been at least five years since the last one. The "1-2-3" folks you speak of are the NCC members that support 1-2-3.
  3. Dave, I encourage everyone to read the first paragraph carefully. " THIS IS A SURVEY TO SUPPLY CURRENT INFORMATION TO THE E-BOARD, NOT A PROPOSAL. " Any questions about the GSB method will need to be answered by the folks (whoever they may be) who want to propose the system.
  4. The survey is up and free to all for discussion.
  5. Interesting subject. Not something you see every day.
  6. I think any constructive remarks left by the judge(s) are meant to apply to future builds.
  7. You can find them (the model kit) from time to time on eBay.
  8. I can tell you for a fact as a past member of the NCC, that your characterization of splits and various additions and subtractions of categories is correct. We called it "spreading the wealth". IMHO, I see nothing wrong with it. It's just another way to do the 1-2-3 judging process.
  9. Attention all IPMS/USA members. Find below the official survey of the membership to ascertain preference of judging systems. THIS IS A SURVEY TO SUPPLY CURRENT INFORMATION TO THE E-BOARD, NOT A PROPOSAL. There is NO effort I am aware of to change the way IPMS/USA judges our contest. This notice is to educate, inform, and promote discussion by the membership. As part of the survey, we have provided descriptions of both GSB and 123 systems that will be included in the April/May issue with the survey card. Voting will take place via a survey card in the April/May 2019 issue of "The Journal"
  10. The only reason I watched the "Clooney" Batman movie was I downloaded it from Rifftrax for a laugh. If it weren't for the jokes and riffing in the background, I would have switched it off after ten minutes, and it was still terrible to watch all the way through. Sorry for wandering off topic, but that movie(?) was awful.
  11. Everyone please read the rules.
  12. "Use of objectionable language or images. This means no pornographic, political, racial, or religious postings on the forum. Do not use profanity, obscenity, vulgarity, or swearing -- including thinly-disguised attempts to defeat the word filters by using asterisks or other characters to replace letters. Language used on NETWORK, prime time television should be your guide when posting on the forum." No further warnings will be issued.
  13. Nick, I realize your post was tongue-in-cheek, but statement's like that are easily misunderstood and lead to flaming. I ask everyone to review the forum rules and think carefully before you post. Quick action will be taken for violators.
  14. As moderator I ask again for everyone to be civil when posting. The post has been reported for review to the webmaster in hopes this is as far as it goes.
  15. Thanks for the education on Capt Marvel. I'm not a comic book guy, so most of these characters' back stories are new to me. Incidentally, the movie John Carter sucked, but at least it makes a bit more sense now. 😉
  16. Nick, Your answer to Dave was intentionally insulting. Let's continue with courtesy for all.
  17. Thank you. I had no idea Sherline began in Australia. I agree about Proxxon as I have an excellent hobby saw from them.
  18. I also have a Sherline lathe and mill. Costly, but the best was worth the investment. I bought everything for a bargain basement price from a modeler who was getting out of the hobby. It included a ton of "attachment tools" I have yet to use. Learning every day.
  19. " You paint a portrait on canvas with paint. Or do you paint a picture on a computer screen and hit the print button. In reality thats two different things since it's two vastly different mediums being used to get to the picture. " Sorry. I disagree. Using your analogy, Stephen King is in a different class of author unless he writes all his books by hand on paper. The same analogy applies to a draftsman unless they draw all the drawings by hand on paper rather than print them out. Both are the results of advancements in their fields of endeavor.
  20. Gil, You're giving way too much credit. I doubt seriously (though I don't know for sure) a scanner was used to produce the 2" high model you see above unless the modeler had access to VERY expensive scanner equipment AND had a scale master to scan from. The question to be asked would be how many hours of skill and prep work went into entering the information into the computer. Even them I doubt VERY seriously the model above was produced in one session on the printer. Like any other model, the many parts you see were probably manufactured separately, then assembled. I say probably, b
  21. " I think we go down the slippery slope if we allow whole kits that are printed and already fully constructed right off the printer." We are still discussing semantics (assembling). What real difference does it make that the modeler assembles their model in the computer or by hand? Everything is still made, designed AND assembled by the modeler, and believe it or not, there are a number of skills and difficult potential problems associated with printing a fully assembled model in the computer (i.e. undercuts, wall thickness, etc). Rest assured it's not easier. The more complicated the
  22. First, everyone be civil, as this is drifting where none of us want to go. Just take a moment and consider your point before you post 😉 I agree with you Gil. I'm all for change if it can be done for the majority of member's benefit. The reason I appeared to be beating the dead horse, was that Noel seemed to be new to forum and didn't have the advantage of past discussions on the subject. IF someone can come up with a workable solution to a one venue nationals, I'm all for it.
  23. Okay, I'll ask it. WHO (chapter, E-Board) is going to run the event EVERY YEAR if it's in the same place? We would have to dig deep in our (IPMS/USA) pockets and hire an outside convention firm (i.e. raise prices to the event) to handle the many, many day to day duties the host chapter now does. How do you divide up the profits of the event if outside help (they charge a fee plus percentage of profit) is brought in EVERY YEAR (contracts, hotel, event rooms, banquet) to handle the hotel? Which chapter runs the event EVERY YEAR? Do they get the lion's share of the profits? How is a chapter
  24. There are a number of problems that must be tackled before the centralized nats idea could be done. It's been discussed here before.
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