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  1. 1/8 agora 427 cobra, Changed color to red. Comes blue with white stripes. Repainted wheels, rollbar and exhaust. Added a few little extra details. Repainted it red because Shelby’s comment to Enzo Ferrari was “ I can make red ones too”
  2. 1/25 monogram 1955 chevy. Great kit. No issues at all.
  3. Thank you. Yes it’s a deagostini kit. Actually it’s a rc car also. They give you 2 bodies. A clear rc body and a static display body. You have to paint both of them. I had no intention of running it si I made it as a display model. It is now sitting at the desk of DeAgostini model space.
  4. A 1/7 Red Bull F1 car. Fun build and very big. The Toyota F1 car is 1/24
  5. The Las Vegas event was fantastic. One very organized event. I do not know how one could even judge the event as all the builds were great. But someone has to win. My hats off to those who spent the time and great effort judging. I was very pleased with the results in all of my entries. Did I take first? No .. but did not throw a fit over it. I learn and just try harder. Great event , great judging. Great time and thanks to all involved. Good job guys and gals. I will try to be at the next nationals. Thank you for a fantastic event!
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