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  1. Sure, Ed, as I quoted the minutes that should be obvious. How soon is "soon"? (and the biz meeting wouldn't be an online announcement.) Dave, that may be the "standard procedure," but it has never been deliberately kept secret by the EB before, except for the last minute "surprise" bids we've gotten. There may be such a procedure now in the EBOH, but it wasn't before and the established precedent has been to not keep the membership uninformed.
  2. Apparently, everything is secret and we aren't supposed to even ask.... I'm still waiting for the "Details will soon be made available to the membership online." to be made available. Do we have to wait until after Omaha?
  3. Would the members of the steering committee be actually running the show? That was the goal with this suggestion: consistent show management year after year
  4. Back about 2006 or 7 there was an idea floated about have two standing committees with the key people needed to run the Nationals: Convention. Chair, Vendor Chair, Seminar Chair and Treasurer/Registrar. The treasury got taken over by the EB and national trophy package was offered... and that's about all the idea produced in the end. The idea was that local clubs would express an interest, then if chosen would supply most of the local manpower, including a facility coordinator as a go-between for the EB. One team would run even years, the other odd. This idea has merit facing a lack of bidders and local clubs unwilling or unable to invest the thousands of man-hours needed to plan a national convention. A permanent vendor chairman could even be implemented for a smooth year-after-year operation with largely the same vendors.
  5. It may REALLY be time to implement the Blue/Gold National Committe idea proposed 15-20 years ago.
  6. Why the secrecy? This will be the first time in years (or ever?) the bidding group has been kept from the membership.
  7. It's all here, still in the forums August 2-5, haven't seen an update yet.
  8. Tape it down and try to unwarp it with a hair dryer on low or medium. That should make it pliable to cool at the right shape. The worst outcome would be it is further ruined? Maybe a vac canopy replacement if all else fails?
  9. Even with this photo on the table or in a notebook, I would hesitate to guarantee it would excuse what would be perceived as a "flawed" or "messy" paint job. We have been trained to expect sharp lines. I say this from experience having heard judges dismissing "sloppy" invasion stripes as "poorly executed" in 2009 at Columbus.
  10. Dave, you may be correct that the W12 belongs in 103B, but don't be surprised to find in 710B!!
  11. Yeah, but it's the best I know of even if it was 40 years too early.
  12. The best resource for this used to be the Floating Drydock booklet. Mine is old and now out of print, but they've put it on a CD now https://floatingdrydock.com/books.html About a quarter down the page.
  13. Question: Would waterlining the hull be considered a major modification?
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