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  1. jcorley

    Airport to Hotel

    Does the hotel not offer the free shuttle van anymore?
  2. The new RC3 remembers Dave, but I don't recall seeing him since 2005 or so. Perhaps some of the guys in the Birmingham club have more info.
  3. jcorley

    2020 and beyond

    TJ Is it a secret or can we know who is bidding?
  4. Dave, The type of vehicle is "panel truck" ;} Looks kinda like a GMC to me
  5. jcorley

    Hobbico files for bankruptcy...

    Perhaps this will be good news in the long run, if Revell is bought by someone who sees the hobby as the main point of being in business.
  6. jcorley

    1/48 Hobbycraft T-33/TV-2D

  7. jcorley

    Hello from Marietta, Georgia...

    Roger, are you aware of the local club? They meet for lunch every Saturday at noon at Sidelines on Barrett Pkwy in Kennesaw. The club Christmas meeting is next Saturday at the usual time. I'm coming up for it from Pensacola. .. I look forward to meeting you!
  8. jcorley

    48th Scale RA-5C Vigilante Markings

    I make the brace, too! 48-801
  9. jcorley

    48th Scale RA-5C Vigilante Markings

    I have an extra I'll sell
  10. I thin with the brand thinner, but that is usually too expensive to clean up with.
  11. Looking at the website, I notice you do mostly railroad colors, which would be why I haven't seen it before. I do see that USN colors are coming. http://trucolorpaint.com/military-colors/ Are these the ship camo colors or aircraft colors? What is the formulation of your carrier? Lacquer, enamel, acrylic? TIA, James
  12. jcorley

    1/48 G3M Nell- DONE!

    And I was kinda excited for a mo, thinking somebody had announced a "real" kit!! I assume you'll have it finished for Omaha, right Gil?
  13. I discovered Brother Sebastian years before the 2011 show, and will go again this year, too. Every. Trip. To. Omaha.
  14. MM is some of the worst enamel paint on the market. Testors bought out all of the higher quality competitors, and instead of using the superior quality formulae they then owned, killed them off. The ever-shrinking supply side of the market was answered by smaller lines showing up and presenting the community with superior products, in both the "enamel" and acrylic forms. Acryl or Vallejo? I sold Vallejo at about a 20:1 ratio Model Master or Gunze or WE Colourcoats? Around 5:1 against MM each Now we also have Mig, MRPaint, and other lines to choose from. Testors did their best to run off customers thru pride, and they succeeded.
  15. jcorley

    Question for our Small Combatants Experts here.

    I have seen photos of these in the SWPac/Philippines that were either color or colorized which show the boats in the various Patrol Green schemes. Alaskan boats were gray. Any idea where this was taken?