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  1. USAF Amarillo for Air Force (i've seen some that are simply called Amarillo) LONG BEACH for USN
  2. I have many that I sell http://aaahobby.com/SSD.html The F-4 Phantom sheets have the smallest stars.
  3. as for who is running, I know a few candidates but not the entire slate. I, too, would like the EB to make the announcement soon.
  4. ARTICLE VI. ELECTIONS Elections for national officers will be held every two years. Candidates for an elected national position must complete an official IPMS/USA Candidate Form and submit it to either the national address or the Office Manager by December 31. Candidates for President must present the endorsements of twenty-five current IPMS members. Candidates for other elected positions must present fifteen such endorsements. The deadline for applying will be announced well enough in advance to allow candidates to complete the necessary tasks. During the following year, each can
  5. Most wives don't appreciate model building, and this has led to many divorces. A friend had a wive that declared "it's me or your plastic toys", to which he replied "I sure will miss you" Pick and choose your battles, Narampa
  6. Bill, if elected, I will still lurk here and occasionally post answers such as this if I have the answer.
  7. Bill, maybe it's because Nick answered correctly (I looked at my copy and he beat me to the post)and no further comment was warranted.
  8. Pieter, You might also want to ask on steelnavy and modelwarship forums.
  9. Good luck finding blueprints or even 3-views for something like this. Until something is built and flown, it's all vaporware IMO. IF you're lucky enough to get 2 concept views, you could cobble something together. This would be fairly easy, the body is roundish blo shoveled by foil. The hard part would be the service module end, but Asia isn't real yet, just have fun. I'm cobbling together a notional Lunar Gateway using ISS modules, and the 'design' has changed 3 or 4 times now!
  10. I wonder if Duke will have to click the link 700 times, once for each one he'll bring?? 😉
  11. Nick, even if that's the case, Vegas looks to be a big show! Maybe the biggest West Coast show ever. Way to go, Vegas!! And those of us who haven't booked yet (myself included) need not worry; Vega has just about the most hotel rooms of any city... there will be plenty of rooms, even if we have to drive a mile or so.
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