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  1. One year? Why once a year? We could run an experiment in the Journal: a quick survey with a QR code (and a big survey button at the top of each page on the website)... the number of responses to a series of short single-subject surveys might tell us how many people actually pay attention. Want to improve participation? Offer a $1 discount on membership renewal for each survey completed after 4 or 5 and see if the number of respondents increases.
  2. I couldn't get thru on my laptop, but my tablet worked fine... which was totally weird.
  3. Len, I also tried to book 2-5, not 6th, and the system wouldn't let me. I've gone backtwice to change the date to a Saturday checkout (not Sunday) and it still won't allow me to change it. I figure this is a Hilton issue dealing with the room block, they need to be a little more flexible - just like they were in 19 when I book for the cancelled 20 event.
  4. Good BBQ would sell more banquet tickets. Have you considered having food trucks roll up during the day? Several local shows have started doing this to rave reviews. There's not much nearby, and "up the road" and/or "across" the interstate involves a 2 mile drive which will come as a surprise to those not accustomed to one-way frontage roads, and the u-turn lanes before the lights will frustrate some.
  5. Mike, that just means that the non-block rooms are gone or on hold for special rewards members.
  6. They'd have to build locks at the various lakes on the river, too! They could always put her next to the Lex
  7. Ed, I know it's an airplane so you're forgiven. It's a Lockheed Jetstar VC-140B ... but that wouldn't stop Boeing from trying to collect trademark fees!! And don't forget about stuff in Houston: JSC & the USS Texas (refit might be finished by next summer) but it'd be neat to see her out of the water, too.
  8. Wah... can't please everybody. And what does the University have to do with this?! Does that mean we can't ever do a national in Ohio again or Alabama? (Lots of people hate the Tide and Buckeyes) Keep track of those who a whining and see if they register
  9. Would you pay me $5 to take it off your hands?🤣 Even then, I'd have to think about it!
  10. Is that just one theme, or one for each flag? Is it the only theme?
  11. Yeah, a head judge doesn't need to be driving after all those post judging beers! LOL!!!
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