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  1. Nick, even if that's the case, Vegas looks to be a big show! Maybe the biggest West Coast show ever. Way to go, Vegas!! And those of us who haven't booked yet (myself included) need not worry; Vega has just about the most hotel rooms of any city... there will be plenty of rooms, even if we have to drive a mile or so.
  2. Wayne was a legend and great teacher to anybody who cared to listen. Ditto to everything Nick says about him!
  3. CO2 is the way to go, even when I was in humid Atlanta! And a refill here in Pensacola for a large tank is about $12 IIRC.
  4. Ditto on all the hard work, been there & done that. Don't look at it as a cancellation; look at it as a very serious dry-run for 2023!
  5. Uh-oh ... that's a dangerous step towards GSB!!!! (it's been mooted now, but still)
  6. I, for one, have held off making the final portion for our group entry display. The rest is built and we designed it to be reusable for the foreseeable future. An item that is around $200 that may or may not be used this year (the durability of these things in storage is a potential issue) is a factor in our chapter's planning. There are two local chapters here, and one has already decided against sending that group's display entry as their chapter leadership has opted out of attendance for health reasons (the doctor said NO!) but it will hold for a year. I just might enter my contribution and see how it fares. For others, there is the consideration of time off work, travel arrangements (especially airfare) and other cost factors that might not be so easy to recoup at the last minute. Last-minute cancellation fees are not always consumer freindly.
  7. I agree with Gil. I think our demographic being what it is (old guyz) that this may be the smallest nationals in a few decades... too many people just won't feel safe going. I'll go, and will take whatever precautions we are instructed to take. I hope the venue/hosts/USA will have plenty of masks & hand sanitizer to hand out, as there will be those who don't think about and will be required to have one to get in.
  8. Dave, 20-23 July 2022 per the updated bid presentation I happen to have
  9. No need to be embarrassed, most people don't know about that little quirk of ours. The point was that there has been a precedent for eliminating hypothetical for several years now. My favorite hypothetical that got by the judges was a purple Braniff L-1011 about 15-20 years ago, a beautifully done Hasegawa kit that should have been moved.
  10. I this age of closed museums and social distancing, the National Museum of Naval Aviation has begun a series of Facebook Live events. They stream live at 1100CT every Thursday. This week's event was about the restoration team, and was led by the museum director, Captain Gillam. https://www.facebook.com/events/3682874228405702/ Next week's event will be about the P5M Marlin and I've heard it will be led by IPMS member Kim Sheldon. (Several of us either work there or are volunteers) Check them out: https://www.facebook.com/NavalAviationMuseum
  11. Acts of God (Pandemic) - check (unless it is proven that the Chinese manipulated the virus, then it becomes an act of war, so check anyways) civil disorder - check curtailment or interruption of transportation facilities - check State Department travel advisory - check (for foreign attendees, anyway) Any other emergency of a comparable nature beyond the parties‟ control - check At one point, I believe, the EB required event insurance. If not, the only way to cancel this would be if the facility closes. Either way, it should certainly be required in the future.
  12. I fear there will not be many European vendors this year (if any) My outgoing parcels to Europe are routed thru Miami, where there is now a single flight to all of Europe a day. All have been stuck since late February, and I am warning customers of the delay. The transportation simply does not exist for our International friends to get here. IAH has single flights to Frankfurt & Doha now DFW has single flights to Amsterdam, Frankfurt, Heathrow & Paris 6 planes a day to/from Texas, when there were about 25 at the first of the year. Even if one is lucky enough to book a flight, the entry requirements right now are too onerous for a commercial venture.
  13. Ships did away with hypothetical years ago. A planned, but never executed variant or even a totally fictional watercraft, goes into the category it would otherwise belong to
  14. Dave, I suspect that happens because the builder wants to use a built piece of armor without having to take the suspension apart to make it work on an uneven surface. JMO
  15. Here is the actual rule: Bases – Military Vehicles. Any AFV model that is displayed upon a base may have ‘basic’ groundwork; i.e., dirt, grass, roadway, a low stone wall, etc. No part of that groundwork may extend taller than the topmost portion of the body of the model; i.e., no trees, buildings, structure, chimney, water-tower etc. Any vehicle entry that has more than basic groundwork will be defined as a Vignette (see Rule 19, below), and will be transferred to the appropriate Category for judging there. Any model entered into an AFV category that is displayed upon a base, permanently or temporarily, may have no more than two (2) figures in total and the figure(s) must be a crew member; only one (1) figure may be affixed to the base off the vehicle; a second figure must be affixed to or within the vehicle model. If there are more than two figures total, the entry will be defined as a Vignette, and will be transferred to the appropriate Category for judging there. According to what you said, the head judge (Dave Khan) was correct to move them to 800s for judging. IPMS has a long history of guys trying to bend the rules and push the envelope to give their entry a perceived edge over the competition, with armor guys doing things to their bases while trying to stay out of the 800 categories. The push-back against this trend started about a decade ago and was codified a few years ago and is being enforced now, apparently. I agree with Nick & Dave (and Mr. Kahn) that they should have read the rules. Hopefully, nobody caused a ruckus when the discovered their models had been moved and located them in the 800s
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