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  1. Some guys, the ones Chris alluded to, need the ego boost. They need to feel like they win the dominence game, thus they cannot fail to compete.
  2. Thank you explaining it, Eric
  3. Maybe the guy in Missori that sued IPMS because he didn't win?
  4. That's generous. I've found tanks on the airplane table.
  5. So weird, here is what I see
  6. Maybe a disclaimer needs to printed on the bottom of every form we use for the entrants to the contest, in red, in bold, in italics, maybe even in braille!
  7. Bad paint, glue spots, seams, etc. Anything could happen to the bottom of a model during building that can happen on every other surface. This gets back to the whole 'judge the entire model' argument. Art Gerber said the main reason some guys put tanks in dioramas with mud up to the fenders was to hide flaws!
  8. If there is to be a "DO NOT TOUCH" code enforced (as some want), there's a certain IPMS/UK rule need to also be implemented; If you put your model in the wrong it will not be judged. If there is such a rule implemented, the second point I've shown would not be allowed. Moving models during judging was also said to be illegal, only moved before the judging would be allowed.
  9. What re-education was needed? I was at the meeting (in the hall, no more room inside) and heard Mark specifically say we could pick up models. Your premise is wrong. And what's up with the super large IPMS number? We should be in the mid 50,000s not way up at 60967005? I'm not blaming you for this, but did they adopt a new numbering system? Six Million plus? really?
  10. If you didn't see it, they announced a decision further Social Media Manager. She certainly sounds qualified for the job. I just hope her mediation skills aren't overtaxed!
  11. Does the EB not vote on this position anymore? I understand the original reason for this; I have been told we had financial issues partly brought on by a non-professional in the position.
  12. Mr Cook is wrong about the '80% appointed EB' Right now the only "appointed" member is Noack. Soon there will be 3 replacement officers, but even then it'll only be 37.5% (3/8) 'appointed I think appointing past officers that volunteer to serve, myself included, is only fair to the Society. After all, we were selected by our peers before and none of us have done such a bad job that we were expelled from the society.
  13. The premise of "continuing to accept the current culture of fear and bullying" is something I cannot accept. I don't think such a "culture" exists in IPMS/USA. Even reported instances of "fear and bullying" are fairly rare and totally subjective. An example I heard as RC last year was this: One member made a series of proposals at his local club. The group discusses the proposal and voted it down. This happened more than once. The reported bullying was totally subjective. Having ideas rejected by a group decision is not getting bullied, even though it may feel that way after it happens in a series of events. Everybody feels bullied by somebody at some time. This is part of the human nature as individuals either assert their established dominance. We usually choose to apply this to animals, but forget we suffer the same fate. The older sibling dominates the younger thanks to size and experience as children. The younger usually feels bullied. Most people can grow past this to become "well adjusted adults" but some carry that grudge to the grave. This grudge often makes them insecure & oversensitive and they cry "bully" every chance they cam. Other ways dominance plague society at large are dominance nice games related to territory, religion, resources or mating. One a large national scale we have drug lords fighting for dominence and the resultant widespread criminal activity. One a personal scale it leads to people fighting (even murdering) over any number of issues as they try to gain or maintain dominence over one other. The basic form of dominance games IPMS deals with is our competition itself. Modelers enter their works in the hopes they can dominate their fellow society members. This used to be more genteel with the losers often grouping that the judges are either incompetent or just plain stupid for not seeing the excellence of their masterpiece. This still happens, only now they have a larger audience thanks to social media (itself being an arena for dominence games) This doesn't create a "culture of bullying" Everything else I disagree with this premise, flows from it.
  14. I think it was opened to everybody in the hopes they would join the page, and then the Society. It hasn't worked out that way. I think only a small percentage of your 76% are the problem. IPMS got a reputation of being elitist after the 1978 Nationals and the "No model met National standards" fiasco. 45 years later, we still deal with the fallout of this.
  15. If we purge people from the current group, the howls of outrage WILL be louder than it was this past year, so that's not a tenable solution.
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