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  1. Remember when IPMS had an "Ancient Kit" category? IIRC, it was defined as any kit from a mold 25+ years old before it was dropped (lack of participation) in the mid 90s? Doing this type of category with the OOB rules could be fun once in a while. The lack of resin and etch for kits pre1975 would encourage it.
  2. IMO, OOB is the perennial headache of IPMS judges. Every year we start seeing the "how much extra can I do and still be OOB" type questions. The proper answer should be "nothing" but we have a society filled with those that have to push the rules to gain some sort of "advantage" in the contest room. That's why we have the new base rule for armor (4 or 5 years old), that's why we can't use 3D decals now, etc. I'd say kill OOB and end the issue if it were up to me and I love to build a true OOB! (Only changing the decals to get a subject I prefer over the kit subject)
  3. That model, built as illustrated, is a diorama. It fits both portions of the diorama definition: a story is being told and there are figures not in the crew (civilian blacksmith) and extra equipment. The rules are pretty clear, IMO. What your complaint really should ask is why there isn't an OOB category in every class. Perhaps once enough kits of this sort are issued there will be an OOB category added to Dioramas.
  4. Actually, the CBL says: Article VI Elections c. Each member will have a ballot made available to them with sufficient time to return the ballot by Sept. 1 of that year for counting. I understand making adjustments for unforseen delays, but under what authority can this be extended? Asking for a friend. (And Nov 1st is the date in the CBL)
  5. Oh, and other groups offer 2 days passes as well as higher prices for Friday and even more for Saturday only.
  6. I remember that, plus wasn't there something about vendors being upset because Squadron ran a shuttle bus up to Carrollton? I would be in favor of a members-only Wednesday AND only a 3 day pass for T-F-S.
  7. GA is generally abused at Nats. People that are members know it's cheaper to go GA if they a) are not entering or b) aren't aircraft modelers looking for a "free" decal sheet to be included. It's all about saving $$ for the vendor room. Scott said Omaha would not encourage GA "skipping" by not offering 4-day passes. I have long been of the opinion that if walk-up registration is $55, GA should be $15/day as it encourages the membership to register, thus lowering the risk to the sponsoring chapter. While working the GA desk on Wednesday, there were a bunch of guys buying the Family 4-day pass for their "cousins"! Was I supposed to confront them to prove relations? People saw a way to save $20 and abused it, IMO. (I'm pretty sure they weren't all related) I think we need to have a serious discussion about this topic for the future shows. GA shouldn't be ended, but "regulated" by the Society. Note: I started a new topic, moving it from the moving models topic.
  8. I somewhat disagree Putting parts on upside down, even as Tamiya instructed one to do, was declared a misalignment issue, wasn't it? Would a misalign prop be a basic craftsmanship issue? Are you now saying we should accept parts going the wrong direction on an airplane? (The Tamiya instructions aren't wrong in this case) This makes it a basic flaw (if it's even noticed (see Gil's E-2)) per your previous argument. Same discussion, different post.
  9. I worked the registrations tables most of Wednesday and filled in some of Thursday and Friday. From an 'insider' point of view, it was well organized. Every crew could use a little more experience at running a Nats. From a previous Nats ops guy (Vendor Coord 2005, fill-in Vendor Coord 2007) there were a few things that could be improved. I have repeated said the Raffle needs to be digitized!! Put the winning tickets in Excel, put the numbers on a screen and remove them as claimed. The multiple sheets with marked out numbers always gets hard to read by Friday morning. At least re-write them every day! I also heard a bunch of grumbling on Saturday that their 'first come, first pick" raffle system left 'nothing but junk nobody wants" on the stage - but you can't please everybody. (reporting what I heard many times, not endorsing it)
  10. Cam, I really liked your P-51, FWIW... but I got a "snowblind" migrane Friday and slept thru judging in my room.
  11. That URL might be around linger, Thank you, Eric.
  12. No bids solicited for 2024, the EB only takes them 2 years out. If any club is interested in hosting 2024, they should ask TJ for a bid packet, bids will be accepted in Omaha, but there can be only one winner awarded ...unless the EB finds an exceptional bid within optional 2025 date (as was done for the LV/Omaha bids at 'Nooga)
  13. I had a local guy ask me what won yesterday while I was driving home. Bob had said it'd be on the site, and sho'nuff https://496a67d2-0f98-4216-8ffc-9a91369eedd0.filesusr.com/ugd/5eeb5c_7dc50b045f524423b53a93601c3f9d07.pdf It's a large PDF, but the list is up.
  14. Phil is correct about the dates. Scott mentioned the hotels will open for reservations sometime in mid October during the bid update portion of the biz meeting. Registration will open after the first of the year.
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