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  1. Think about what you said. The only real difference your quote described is the "raw materials". I propose that liquefied resin or whatever material you print with used by the 3D printer, is a "raw material".
  2. Gil and all, Not to change the subject. This year we will be taking a formal survey endorsed by the IPMS/USA e-board to see what judging process our members prefer. It will be a VERY simple survey merely asking which process you prefer; 1,2,3 or Open Judging (G,S,B). The questions will put on the web site ,and the voting will be done via The Journal, and in person at the Nats in Chattanooga on the registration forms. NOTHING is in the works to change anything. This is merely to supply data to the e-board to give them the most current information of the membership's preference. Pass the word. The more who vote, the more accurate the info will be.
  3. It's actually scratch building in a computer. In coming years, this will need to be addressed by the NCC.
  4. I'll forward you my "how to" CD" covering the subject of making molds. It covers all the same techniques I use at Flagship for making the molds here.
  5. I haven't used a 3D printer at the library providing your library has one at all. To get a part made to the quality you and I want would require a pretty expensive printer which I doubt (but I may be wrong here) most libraries have the budget for. Moreover, a good scanner to produce complex parts isn't cheap either. Call your local library and ask what they have for public use. Even better, check your local Vo-Tech school. They are always wanting projects for their students. Why would you want to scan and print an existing part when you can more easily make a mold and cast your own? Just curious.
  6. As an ex-head ship judge, we (the head judges) had an "unspoken rule" that the modeler in the event of a category placement question, the modeler gets to choose. FWIW.
  7. ONE figure not performing any task is traditionally allowed for scale and not judged. I would suggest NOT placing the figure on the model, rather on the ground. FWIW.
  8. Nice painting and a striking likeness to the actor. Personally, I prefer the "Scrooge" musical version with Albert Finney.
  9. Do you "stiffen" the chain or let it just sway?
  10. Pete, Nick, I understand that everyone has been civil, but unfortunately, I am the "Forum Police" (moderator) charged by the web master to enforce the rules of the forum. Staying on topic is one of the rules, so all I ask is that you move your discussion to a new thread and debate away. It's an interesting subject that should be discussed further.
  11. Starting to wander here a bit guys. Let's stay on topic.
  12. I agree Dave. We used to have a modeler in our group (he passed away) who built models that couldn't "compete" in a contest, but he didn't care. Seams not or poorly filled, less than perfect paint finish, decals, etc. He built models "his" way and enjoyed the hobby as much as anyone in the club and we welcomed his contributions as much as anyone else's.
  13. Thanks for asking the flat coat question Gil. I had the same question. Really nice looking job.
  14. The 1/150 scale Revell "Vasa" is one the best plastic sailing ship kits around today reflecting the more up-to-date tooling. The Revell Constitution kits, while good quality for their time, show the mold's age and dated engineering and tooling technology. Both of which I am sure you noticed. The Vasa is also manufactured by Revell Germany (I think), which usually turns out better quality products. FWIW.
  15. Go to Shapeways.com. I had someone design the 1/192 scale American civil war figures I sell on my web site and I was very pleased. There is a whole section there containing folks who can design the STL files for you.
  16. Thanks much for the link. I placed the order.
  17. They were a client of mine some years back. If it's the same Sandle Hobbies I dealt with, they were based in Australia.
  18. Rusty White

    Bad Fairy

    Unique figure. Very nice.
  19. Go to your local PO and speak to the Postmaster. That's the head person at the local PO. Also, send a "letter" of complaint to your Postmaster. Yeah, a real type written letter. That will guarantee the complaint creates a paper trail. The government LOVES paperwork, and everything gets filed somewhere. Sending it Registered Mail won't hurt either. That REALLY grabs attention at the PO. "The squeaky wheel....".
  20. Michael, FWIW, I ship all my kits in 200 lb test corrugated boxes. They cost a little more, but I have NEVER had a return due to damage. You might try requesting a sturdier shipping box next time. As I said, it may cost a little more, but at least the box will get there undamaged.
  21. Does anyone know of any company selling the Tamiya Engraving Tools in the full set?
  22. A friend of mine has kept the instructions to EVERY model he has ever built. Why? I think he's a closet hoarder. 😀
  23. Very nice! That brings up a great potential model build for a club. Paint whatever model you choose only using red, yellow and blue ,mixed any way you choose. I'll bet it would make for an interesting comparison of the various models in the build.
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