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  1. TOO KOOL!!!!! See ya soon......
  2. YEAH!!! it is almost done, will be at the show. Thanks jimmy! I can't sleep, I can't sleep.
  3. WOW! looks very nice. GREAT paint.
  4. My wife is a retail Mang. Try to find "Glue Dots" like hot glue but you can just peal and stick!!! Be careful of suerglue because of the "hase" . I would not glue the car to the mirror. Try putting the car on a raised clear surface, and maybe slanting the mirror just a little. You can see much more, and with less hassle on the judges part. Or, put the car on dice, bolts, crome lug nuts??? Just a couple of thoughts to think about. Jimmy.
  5. Sorry WRONG MySpace page, this is the model club page. myspace.com/kvsm jimmy
  6. I am building the shops to fit in the toolbox, EASY TO CARRY, is the thought. Use the box as the walls. Sorry if you felt as if you were snoopen around. I will try to post a few pics here. Thanks Jimmy LOVE the,,,,,,,,,, beer 30, name
  7. A few pics up are on my MySpace page, as are a lot of other model pics..... myspace.com/kvsm enjoy and please tell me what you think Jimmy IPMS# 36069
  8. Anybody ever seen a workshop, speedshop built in a toolbox? Hopefully it will be done in time. 1940s shop in the bottom and a 1990 shop in the top. Easy carry handle, metal walls, what do you think??? Mooneyes???
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