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  1. pyrman

    SPRUE shots: Trumpeter's E-50

    Trumpeter's E-50 sprues
  2. pyrman

    NEW from Academy...

    HOLY recoiless rifles, Batman.....it's a M50A1 ONTOS
  3. pyrman

    Snow Plow

    Does it involved snowmen in the street? I saw a recent video were a bunch of UofWisconsin students made a bunch of snowmen in the street and a couple of snow plows came by....... Snow plow kills Frosty
  4. pyrman

    WW2 US Army Vehicle Codes ?

    Rob, are you sure that was done during WWII? I thought that was post war - I can't find any pics in my references showing it that way. SSgt Poole's Sherman bumper codes read "3 triangle 3 triangle" and "I-35" during WWII.
  5. pyrman

    The One Model I MUST Build in 2010

    Well, IF St Nick delivers it, the M61A5 MBT. If not, my Steyr Sanitäts vehicle.
  6. pyrman

    Source for steel tubing

    K&S Engineering sells a "Tubing cutter" (stock no 296), IIRC, it's about 5.00USD. It also works great on plastic tubing.
  7. pyrman

    Using PAASCHE HS Airbrush

    Try adjusting the needle. What psi are you spraying at? Are you using canned air or a compressor?
  8. pyrman

    WW2 US Army Vehicle Codes ?

    Tim, for the WWII time period, it could also read 99-394I (on the left hand side as your looking at either front or rear) star (front only). On the right hand side should be HQ-# (or ##) for a headquarters vehicle. I found a pic of a 372 Field Arty, 99th Inf Div vehicle showing 99-372F on the rear. hope this helps
  9. pyrman

    V1 Question

    Tom, Dunkelgrau (sometimes referred to as dark gray/german grey/panzer grey) should be fine, as these weren't front line vehicles.
  10. Contact Tamiya USA customer support @ 1-800-TAMIYAA (1-800-826-4922), you will need the instructions and the item number as well as a credit card - they may be able to help you.
  11. Mark, the title does say "luckymodel.com." If the item is posted as "in stock" on lucky model, it will usually take about 11 days to get to the US Midwest. If it's listed as "Available" it means that the item is not in stock but can be ordered from the manufacturer- which will take longer. If you ordered the Mr Hobby Procon, it's listed as "available." Also, the shipping method will also determine how long it will take, air is faster and "surface" is quite a bit slower, because it's sent by ship. Personally, I don't ordering anything that's not listed as "in stock."
  12. Already suggested by Mike Hanson....
  13. pyrman

    where do you guys usually go online to buy PE?

    Lucky Model They often have free shipping on PE.
  14. if you're talking about the raised "FORD" lettering, use a sharpened artists colored pencil.
  15. pyrman

    Entwicklungfahrzueg E-10 *WIP

    Thanks, Tim. I'm hung up on the indy tracks - I hate them....