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  1. Hi All - I am working on building the Heller Citroen Fourgon HY model kit. I am wanting to have it as a Vespa scooter repair/sell van. Does anyone know of any company or individuals that might make any Vespa decals in either 1:24 or 1:25 scale? Thank you in advance and have a great one!!! Happy Modeling Greg
  2. Hi Pete. Thanks a million for info. I might have to do that. No luck so far in finding actual '56. Happy Modeling!!!
  3. Thanks Mark for the reply. I believe they lost the split window in '53 but I could be wrong. Keeping my fingers crossed.
  4. Hi all - Anyone know of a plastic or resin model kit of a '56 Volkswagen Beetle? Retired firefighter finally getting back into the modeling world. Thanks in advance for any & all replies. Happy Modeling!!!
  5. Hi all. First off, I apologize if my question has already been posted but since I'm new to the forum and the IPMS, having just becoming a new member maybe you all will cut me some slack....LOL... Just kidding of course. My question is this...I just purchased a 3D printer, hoping it would help me in my modeling. Is anyone aware of sites, people, etc. that post STL files or other 3D printer files for modeling? Such as aftermarket parts for models. I'm definitely not that artistic and just a newbie when it comes to CAD programs and such. There might even be a place here in the forum for such things but being new just haven't discovered it yet. Thanks in advance for any help anyone can provide to help and point me in the right direction. HAPPY MODELING!!!
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