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  1. Jeeves

    Ghosts in the Desert

  2. Jeeves

    Ghosts in the Desert

    Thank you!
  3. Jeeves

    Ghosts in the Desert

    Thanks for looking and commenting Ed and Peter!
  4. Jeeves

    Ghosts in the Desert

    Well...I'm thinking I'm nearing the end on this one. Other than maybe some more stowage in the pick-up. Open for any advice or critique. Basic gist of the scene...with the current day Spec Ops guys reminding me of the LRDG with their behind the lines activities and scruffy beards- I thought an interesting take would be to have the LRDG side of a wall in b&w and the technical truck side in color.
  5. Jeeves

    The General

    Had to add this one to the auto collection...too iconic not to 😉
  6. Really like these old race cars after building the Moebius Hudson Hornetnot too long ago.
  7. Jeeves

    Finding The Correct Paint

    Depends on what type of paint and shades you're looking for. For acrylic paints, there are some very diverse manufacturers who tend to offer pretty much anything I've ever needed. Enamels can be more challenging considering all the restrictions...and one of the major lines- Testors/Model Master just shut some of their offerings down. What are you looking for?
  8. Jeeves

    Meng FT-17 finished!

    This is the Meng kit complete with interior and two of the three figures from the extra kit. Homemade barb wire...terrain is a mix of celluclay and Apoxie Clay.
  9. Thanks! Good to be seen!
  10. Jeeves

    Modern American armor question

    Yes that's sounds like the same thing...Meng calls it TUSK I & TUSK II but I'm looking to use the Terra Cotta type
  11. Ok...quick question and am hoping someone can help...I'm at the point on the Abrams where I have to decide whether I'm using Tusk I or Tusk II...the first looks very similar to what the Bradley has, so I'm inclined to use the II...but would Tusk II kits have been present at the same time as the M2A3 had Busk III armor? Early Google searches have not turned anything up...
  12. Congrats Dick-- I've got 10 more to go and I'll join you 😉 Good to see you too Mark- wish I could go but this summer is booked up with a trip to Gettysburg, Vermont, and Florida 😉
  13. Hello...name's Mike. I live on a horse farm just a few minutes away from the Saratoga battlefield. My wife and daughter are seriously into horses which makes my hobby of modeling a very inexpensive comparison 😉 Started building 1/48 WWII aircraft...then moved to an occasional tank in the same scale. Since then I've diversified into 1/35 and will also bring an occasional car or figure or whatever I can lay my hands on to build up my skill set. I'm a teacher and summer vacation just started so this is my busy building season. Hoping to get loads done all around a camping trip to Gettysburg and a week of training in Vermont for work...wish me luck!