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  1. Actually there's an International chapter that's headed by someone in the UK, so you have AMPS there too.
  2. Having recently attended and judged at the AMPS Nationals in Buffalo this past May, I can put a little light on some things. The awards ceremony was done a bit different with what many feel was great success. For each skill level (Basic, Intermediate, Advanced, and Master), participants were called up alphabetically. As they were called up, their awards were announced and they were given a large manilla envelope. Inside were the judging sheets with comments and awards. So unless you showed them to someone, no one saw the comments but you. If you entered more than one model in a category and won say a gold and silver out of three entries (as an example), the awards were announced, but you only received the gold medal (saves $). If you were inclined to want the medals, it behooves you to enter separate categories...but that's similar to the IPMS events I've judged where the best of the three was what was actually judged and the lesser two not considered. In the end, everyone was recognized, but in much less time as it would take to announce each category separately. Everyone I talked to (and I talked to many as I am reviews coordinator for AMPS) were pleased with how smoothly it went...
  3. In 1-2-3, there are only the three winners and everyone else walks away empty-handed. With G-S-B, you are instead modeling to a set of standards and judged on meeting at those standards as opposed to competing with one another. So you can still walk away empty-handed, but if you show a certain level of skill, the category could have a group of builders achieving bronze, another group at silver, and a very highly skilled group.at gold...instead of just three, there could be a dozen or more awarded. It's not just a participation award though...you need to have a certain skill level to place.
  4. Our friends in Stockholm wrote an excellent set of articles...about halfway down this page is the info you need... http://www.ipmsstockholm.se/home/interior-colours-of-us-aircraft-1941-45-part-iii/
  5. I think when it comes doen to it, in the field when a mission called for a drop tank, it wouldn't matter what they used...if something like the 200 gal was laying around, it would've probably been used in a pinch...
  6. Nice work- interesting piece all around. Love the last pic of all the snakes...brings some nice bits of color overall. The one looking like a coral snake would be really popping with the yellow stripes added in, but I like what you've done. Base looks great!
  7. Thanks for looking and commenting Ed and Peter!
  8. Well...I'm thinking I'm nearing the end on this one. Other than maybe some more stowage in the pick-up. Open for any advice or critique. Basic gist of the scene...with the current day Spec Ops guys reminding me of the LRDG with their behind the lines activities and scruffy beards- I thought an interesting take would be to have the LRDG side of a wall in b&w and the technical truck side in color.
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