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  1. I have a 1/48 F-16 + weapon set package for sale I was planning to do a Polish conversion, but an emergency came up and I need to sell 1/48 Hasegawa Weapons D- U.S. Smart Bombs & Target Pods 36008 Box open, sprues sealed 1/48 Hasegawa F-16D Block 52 Plus Hellenic Air Force Box, sprues open, but complete Did not come with kit decals or instructions, but does have printed Polish & Hellenic Air Force instructions and Techmod 1/48 POLISH F-16 Block 52+ decals $65.00 + shipping for the package I'm in Texas Email t55mbt@outlook.com or message Billy
  2. I no longer build plastic model aircraft, so it all has to go These are from storage 1/48 IAF Mirage III C-CJ-CZ ESCI #4047 Sprues open looks complete, decals bad $5.00 + shipping 1/48 decals Linden Hill 1/48 "Millennium Migs" LHD 48004 $15.00 + shipping Decals Carpena MIGMANIA 1/48 Mig-17 #48.26 ... Angolan Air Force 1976-2007, Khmer Air Force 1971-1975, Sri Lanka Air Force 1972-now, Soviet Air Forces 1918-1992 $10.00 + shipping HADMODELS 1/48 #48198 Hungarian Mi-24V $10.00 + shipping I'm in Texas Email t55mbt@outlook.com or message Billy
  3. I will never have time to put these together, so I need to sell them Boxes are open, sprues are sealed WWII U.S. Combat Group Set Tamiya #35080 Box is sealed $10.00 + shipping 1/35 Dragons Teeth Tiger Model Designs #1018 X2 $10.00 each or $15 for both +shipping Pzbeobwg. III Ausf. H Dragon # 9030 $15.00 + shipping 1/35 PAK Decals German/Axis allies tanks vehicles national insignia #35003 $10.00 + shipping 1/35 Trakz WW II German Tigers in Italy TX #0079 $7.00 + shipping 1/35 German Pz.Kpfm KV-1 756 (r) Trumpeter #00366 $20.00 + shipping Modern Soviet D-74 122mm Field Gun Trumpetet #2334 $20.00 + shipping Arab T-34/85 Dragon # 3571 $25.00 + shipping Type 69 II Trumpeter #00321 $10.00 + shipping Soviet 85mm D44 Divisional Gun Trumpeter # 2339 Comes with ammo $15.00 + shipping Message or Email t55mbt@outlook.com Billy
  4. I have for sale.... Panzer III L Tamiya #35215 Box is open, but sprues are sealed $25.00 + shipping SOLD Tiger I Gruppe Fehrmann, Essel 1945 Special Edition Academy #13299 Box is open, but sprues are sealed $40.00 shipped Sold If interested Email t55mbt@outlook.com or Message Billy
  5. I’m looking for the 1/35 Cavalier Zimmerit for “Elefant” or Dragon 6465 1/35 Sd.Kfz.184 Elefant w/Zimmerit Message or email t55mbt@outlook.com Billy
  6. The AFV Club IDF Shot Centurion for the Trumpeter s.FH18 15 cm field howitzer Billy
  7. I'm interested in the Trumpeter #02304 s.FH18 15 cm field howitzer
  8. I have a Tamiya M16 halftrack that's missing the quad .50's Been thinking about the Germans capturing it and replacing the damaged .50's with a 20mm flak gun Would a quad 20mm be too big?
  9. Is that a block of foam you're using to dry the wheels
  10. Is the AFV kit is #35S28 Sd.kfz 251/4 Ausf C with leFH18/40 towed gun a limited edition kit
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