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  1. Hi Robin: That article was very helpful for the tracks. I see that your in Ft Knox. I live in small town in Ky about 70 miles southwest in Greenville. Thanks for the help Keith
  2. Hi: That was a little vague. The instructions call for you to glue the tracks together. Two pieces make up one track. If all the tracks are glued together how are you suppose to bend them to shape around the wheels. Keith
  3. Hi: I am new to armor scale modeling. I am retired and 65 years old. I have built model ships most of my life. I am really looking forward to modeling 1/35 and 1/16 scale armor. I have already bought about 10 tanks to start with. I have just bought my first airbrush setup to paint with hopefully. I will probably have a lot of questions. Keith
  4. oldstampman

    tank tracks

    Hi everyone: I have a problem with the tracks that came with my Revell 1/35 scale Tiger ll Ausf. b tank # 03275. I can't seem to get the tracks to work. Has anyone else had this problem, and does anyone know of a set of tracks that will work. I have seen a bunch on ebay but have no idea if they will work. I have built ships all my life and am just getting started in armor. I hope someone can help. oldstampman Keith
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