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  1. ​Hi Guys ( Newbie Still Here ) ​I've been looking to no avail for Vallejo Model Air " White Paint " ​All I see is 17ml and nothing LARGER ! ​Question(s) Please: ​Does Vallejo Paint Co. made WHITE ACRYLIC paint in a larger bottle ? ​If so, can you guys give me a website were I can buy a BIGGER BOTTLE. THANKS GUYS
  2. schooner

    New To Airbrushing

    ​Hi Guys ( Newbie Here ) ​I'm new to airbrushing, bought a single action IWATA and not that pleased with it ! ​I was looking at: NEO AIRBRUSH DOUBLE ACTION. Tell me guys would this by O.K. for me just to do my airplanes with ? ​That's all I like to build. American and German Airplanes. Thanks Guys
  3. schooner

    Help with curling decals

    ​Hi Guys ( Newbie Here ) ​Decal question(s) I just bought Spitfire Model. Now if I see that the decals are old in the box. Where can I buy decals that fit the design of my plane ? Thanks Guys
  4. schooner

    What Two Colors Make Camouflage ?

    ​Hi Guys (Newbie Here Still) :smiley24: ​​I'm trying to figure out what two colors make-up the Camouflage Colors that made me Spitfire real looking ? ​Colors like: Sandy Brown, Tan, or Drab Green, Forest Green I don't know ? ​Is there a paint set specifically for Camoufage ? HELP GUYS !
  5. ​Hi Guys ( Newbie Still Here ) :smiley24: ​​What do you guys use to separate your colors when you camouflage you planes ? ​Have you ever heard / or use this product: Parafilm M ? ​If not what do you guys use to separate the Brown/Tan from the Olive Drab/Green on your planes ? ​Thanks Guys For always being there to help this ol' guy with YOUR HELP. ​GOD BLESS ​schooner :smiley16:
  6. ​​Hi Guys ( Newbie Still Here ) :smiley24: ​​What material do you guys use camouflage ​​​to your airplane ? ​I ran across a product called: PARAFILM M ​Have any you guys ever heard of this STRETCHABLE
  7. schooner


    Thanks 4 the correct facts. GOD BLESS
  8. schooner


    Hi SkyKing THANKS 4 helping out and putting on the right track. YES the primer is rough. I have all the grades of sandpaper to use. Another question about your user name: SkyKing. Why I ask is I don't how old you are I'm 76 However, years ago on TV before Google, Youtube and all the sort of stuff. As a young kid I use to watch (in black and white) the TV show called SKYKING. The hero flew a single engine plan and solve crimes. Is that were you got your user name ? THANKS AGAIN 4 ALL YOUR HELP GOD BLESS Schooner :smiley16:
  9. schooner


    Hi Guys (Newbie) Just finished spraying primer out of rattle can. Do I have to go over it with sandpaper? If so, what grit do I start with & end with. Thank ALL your great guys 4 helping me out in the past & hopefully in the near future.
  10. schooner

    What's That Antenna WIRE?

    Hey Guy Where in the world do you buy these items. And how do you CONNECT it to the airplane ? Z GOD BLESS YOU schooner 😎
  11. Hi Guys (Newbie Here ) Can you please tell me what's the height & length of scale size 1/444 ? I.E. Is it smaller then 1/72 scale size ? Thanks Guys
  12. schooner

    What's That Antenna WIRE?

    Hey Guys THANK YOU 4 your suggestions to me the Newbie, about those THIN ANTENNA LINES. I will use your suggestions. Thats what makes this Forum Great, because of guys like you helping new modelers like me. THANK AGAIN GUYS :-)
  13. schooner

    What's That Antenna WIRE?

    Hi Guys Where do I get that THIN ANTENNA WIRE? That's attached to the back of the cockpit and leads to the tail? Plus; How in the world after you guys tell me where 2 get that THIN WIRE,but how do I ATTACHED IT TO THE PLANE ? WHEW! I hope you guys understand this fumbled- up explanation? Thank you guys 4 always helping out this new Comer. GOD BLESS YOU ALL Ray a.k.a. schooner
  14. schooner

    What's The BEST ?

    Hi Guys (Newbie Still Here) I'm looking 4 a good ACRYLIC spray paint that really does need thinning if possible. What do you guys think is a Good All Around Acrylic Spray Paint. I'm looking to commit to a good Acrylic Paint I wait 4 your expert appinon.
  15. schooner

    Tell Me WHY ?

    Hey Gil Your right on point again Man that a lot info to absorb. So I wanted to be a modeler !. . . Lol