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  1. ​Hi Guys ( Newbie Still Here ) ​I've been looking to no avail for Vallejo Model Air " White Paint " ​All I see is 17ml and nothing LARGER ! ​Question(s) Please: ​Does Vallejo Paint Co. made WHITE ACRYLIC paint in a larger bottle ? ​If so, can you guys give me a website were I can buy a BIGGER BOTTLE. THANKS GUYS
  2. ​Hi Guys ( Newbie Here ) ​I'm new to airbrushing, bought a single action IWATA and not that pleased with it ! ​I was looking at: NEO AIRBRUSH DOUBLE ACTION. Tell me guys would this by O.K. for me just to do my airplanes with ? ​That's all I like to build. American and German Airplanes. Thanks Guys
  3. ​Hi Guys ( Newbie Here ) ​Decal question(s) I just bought Spitfire Model. Now if I see that the decals are old in the box. Where can I buy decals that fit the design of my plane ? Thanks Guys
  4. ​Hi Guys (Newbie Here Still) :smiley24: ​​I'm trying to figure out what two colors make-up the Camouflage Colors that made me Spitfire real looking ? ​Colors like: Sandy Brown, Tan, or Drab Green, Forest Green I don't know ? ​Is there a paint set specifically for Camoufage ? HELP GUYS !
  5. ​Hi Guys ( Newbie Still Here ) :smiley24: ​​What do you guys use to separate your colors when you camouflage you planes ? ​Have you ever heard / or use this product: Parafilm M ? ​If not what do you guys use to separate the Brown/Tan from the Olive Drab/Green on your planes ? ​Thanks Guys For always being there to help this ol' guy with YOUR HELP. ​GOD BLESS ​schooner :smiley16:
  6. ​​Hi Guys ( Newbie Still Here ) :smiley24: ​​What material do you guys use camouflage ​​​to your airplane ? ​I ran across a product called: PARAFILM M ​Have any you guys ever heard of this STRETCHABLE
  7. Thanks 4 the correct facts. GOD BLESS
  8. Hi SkyKing THANKS 4 helping out and putting on the right track. YES the primer is rough. I have all the grades of sandpaper to use. Another question about your user name: SkyKing. Why I ask is I don't how old you are I'm 76 However, years ago on TV before Google, Youtube and all the sort of stuff. As a young kid I use to watch (in black and white) the TV show called SKYKING. The hero flew a single engine plan and solve crimes. Is that were you got your user name ? THANKS AGAIN 4 ALL YOUR HELP GOD BLESS Schooner :smiley16:
  9. Hi Guys (Newbie) Just finished spraying primer out of rattle can. Do I have to go over it with sandpaper? If so, what grit do I start with & end with. Thank ALL your great guys 4 helping me out in the past & hopefully in the near future.
  10. Hey Guy Where in the world do you buy these items. And how do you CONNECT it to the airplane ? Z GOD BLESS YOU schooner 😎
  11. Hi Guys (Newbie Here ) Can you please tell me what's the height & length of scale size 1/444 ? I.E. Is it smaller then 1/72 scale size ? Thanks Guys
  12. Hey Guys THANK YOU 4 your suggestions to me the Newbie, about those THIN ANTENNA LINES. I will use your suggestions. Thats what makes this Forum Great, because of guys like you helping new modelers like me. THANK AGAIN GUYS :-)
  13. Hi Guys Where do I get that THIN ANTENNA WIRE? That's attached to the back of the cockpit and leads to the tail? Plus; How in the world after you guys tell me where 2 get that THIN WIRE,but how do I ATTACHED IT TO THE PLANE ? WHEW! I hope you guys understand this fumbled- up explanation? Thank you guys 4 always helping out this new Comer. GOD BLESS YOU ALL Ray a.k.a. schooner
  14. Hi Guys (Newbie Still Here) I'm looking 4 a good ACRYLIC spray paint that really does need thinning if possible. What do you guys think is a Good All Around Acrylic Spray Paint. I'm looking to commit to a good Acrylic Paint I wait 4 your expert appinon.
  15. Hey Gil Your right on point again Man that a lot info to absorb. So I wanted to be a modeler !. . . Lol
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