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  1. I dunno about their magazine and whether it's been cancelled or not but I do like the forum. There's a lot of very talented builders over there and I learn all sorts of stuff. That's pretty much my "go-to" site for learning on auto models.
  2. Wow!! Very unique build and well played out.
  3. Nicely done David.
  4. Man you got ALL the good out of that kit!! VERY nicely done Gil.
  5. Took almost 3-1/2 years to get back to you Gil but hey.....I made it. Thanks.
  6. HOLEEE SCHMOKES!!!! That thing rocks the friggin' house!!!
  7. I've heard nothing but good stuff about these kits from numerous builders as well as reviewers. You've done one bang up job on this one GIL! Thumbs up all the way!!
  8. Cleanly built F-84 Ron.
  9. Beautiful build Mark!! Despite your troubles it looks like you came out top for the win.
  10. It has been forever and a day since I've last posted on here. I apologize for the long absence. I have since finished this build but wanted to post the completion of it here. I will be posting some more as there are some good folks here. I started out with these two kits and a Pro Street vision between the two. I've always had an eye for Revell's "Street Demons" series back in 1983 but I don't really care for the gasser look that a few of 'em had...……..this one in particular. In staying with the theme I set out to change things up a little bit in the way of a slight color change up
  11. Gotta love the General Lee! Good show Mike!
  12. Just to let everybody know.............I am still working on this one. I've got the chassis mostly finished up except for the brake rotors up front and the exhaust system. I've also gotta tweak the toe in setting on the front end to keep the excessive toe in look from happening on the front wheels when fully assembled. I narrowed the rear axle to get the wider tires underneath the rear fenders and lowered the front suspension a good 1/8" to make it an even drop all the way around. I did acquire the only PE piece made for this kit which will help the front end out ALOT. Sorry Revell.....
  13. This kit comes with a blown 426 Hemi but I don't like that nasty scoop coming up out of the hood. My aim is to fill in the hole in the hood and to change the induction up on the engine a bit. Gonna go with a Ramcharger 426 instead:
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