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  1. Thanks Mark. This build literally tested just about every skill I had as a modeler.
  2. Thanks Mark. I built the 1/25 scale MPC version myself as a kid. This one here is the Revell 1/25 scale Pro Modeler Charger kit using the decals from an MPC General Lee offering. I was going to build the MPC version till I looked closer at the kit. It just simply no comparison to the Revell kit. Light years ahead of the MPC in terms of detail, fit.....hell everything.
  3. When I started this build I had no intention of building the General Lee as everyone knows it. I am a Charger fan long before I am a "Dukes" fan but still like the look of the General Lee so I hope I don't hurt any GL purists out there looking on. I built one as a kid and have always wanted to have a second shot at it. Only this time I got to add my own touches to it. I started with the stance. I didn't like the high stance of the Lee at all so I set out lowering a bit all the way around. I also went with wider wheels from the AMT Eckler Corvette kit and used a set of tires(which I turned int
  4. You're doin' alright Mark so don't worry about what people are thinkin'. You're sharing and while doing so you're gonna get better at this. Negative self talk will turn into a negative self perceived outcome every time. Just do what you're doing, ask questions, watch others and learn. You WILL get better with every passing build. That truck looks great man.
  5. Exceptional build in every way Carlos!! Your efforts are to be commended.
  6. Hell yeah it is. Each update just keeps getting better and better.
  7. Dude.....that is looking SHARP now!!!
  8. Thanks Dave and Carlos!! 'Preciate the very kind words fellas.
  9. I can certainly understand and appreciate that Carlos. I needed a few quick builds last year to restore my damn sanity while building on the Maverick. Man that thing like to have killed me. lolol
  10. I'm really liking this kit from what I see of your build. I built the Hasegawa version a few years back and that kit wasn't near this one in terms of details. Progress is stellar so far.
  11. First....let me go into the actual car. I've been wanting to build a Maverick for a VERY long time but there aren't many kits to choose from. The best offering (and this isn't saying much) is the Jo-Han kit. I was fortunate to get mine from someone on another forum for the mere price of $50. These kits are running around 300+ bucks nowadays so 50 bones is a friggin' steal. Then there came the matter of subject. I was looking for a car to build....you know....a pattern. Nothing struck my fancy for the longest time until I found Dyno Don's car. Man....I was smitten! Just an evil lookin' car! So
  12. This has really taken on a great appearance with all the detailing and decals Carlos!! Wow man!!
  13. Thanks Bob! There's a whole different WORLD of AM items available for scale autos. One can have LOTS of fun building them now with all that's available. I'm guessing yes on the collet chuck. We have a machine shop on the plant that helps me out with this kind of stuff.
  14. Oh HELL yeah!! Looking forward to more Carlos!!
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