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  1. Coverage looks good on both and these builds are looking great so far Gil. Nicely done man.
  2. Thanks Mark. 'Preciate you stoppin' in buddy! Thank you for your comments as well Mark. There were two firsts with this car. When I was 14 it was the best gloss I'd turned out to date. And then again some 31 years later it was again....the best gloss I'd ever achieved on a car. I stripped the original gloss and decals from the body and obtained a new set of cals and glossed over the molded body color for the second time around. Hell must've froze over or something because the gloss just went on......and that was it. It was perfect....no dust....no wet sanding and no polish. It just wo
  3. Thought I'd bump this one back up to the top for some of the newer viewers. This is my favorite all time auto build largely because it's one of my surviving original builds that I "upgraded".
  4. LOL! 'fraid not Mark. It aint all that hard to get finishes like this once you get a method that works for you out bud. After my Challenger build I spent the better part of 3 years chasing that same finish that I got by accident.
  5. You've got your hands full with filling those gaps in but it's still doable if you take your time. I usually use super glue for filler but only let it cure out for one day before attempting to sand or sculpt it with sanding sticks, files or the x-acto. Looking forward to this build.
  6. I haven't built an F-16 since I was a kid but I've always wanted a crack at a 1/48 scale kit of it. I'll be looking for your thread.
  7. That is a very well detailed build Stuart. Great work!!! Tamiya decals have a reputation for being way too thick and hard to work with so I can see where they were a source of frustration on this one. Aftermarket decals such as EagleCals or Peddinghaus are alot thinner and alot easier to work with.
  8. Oh HELL yeah!! I'll be watchin' this one!!!
  9. I've been wanting to build this car for the last few years and figured that now might be a good time to break it out. There's not much in the way of AM for this kit so it was the perfect one to do an OOB build on. The only things that were added was an "AC Delco" decal on the oil filter, a Hot Rod Magazine in the passengers from seat with a picture of an older T/A on the cover and I robbed the dual outlet exhaust pipes from the Revell 2000 Camaro SS kit. Just couldn't build this car with the single outlet exhaust system like it came from the factory with. The kit wasn't too bad but
  10. Turned out pretty dang nice Dak.
  11. I hope so. I really get alot out of that magazine
  12. Right???!!!! I was really done with them when they started "selling" the flyer as a magazine. That.....pretty much cut my ties with them when they did that because I did still buy from them here and there before they tried that. I liked the flyer but I wasn't going to pay for it.
  13. I haven't ordered from these guys since about 5 years ago. Service sucked then and I never gave them any more chances. I'm not surprised at all that this happened.
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