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    Old age forced me to turn in hockey for Disc golf and board games.

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  1. Wow, that's a name I haven't heard since AFW!
  2. Thanks. Yes, this is a really good build. Would highly recommend it. I was shocked at the performance of the stickers. Initially laughed at them and was measuring to cut tape when I decided to give them a shot. While the tiny cooling fins on the engine panel were a bit much and I figured the complex angles of the canopy would be as well. Think the most stressful thing was the astromech dome.
  3. Done out of box, even used the included stickers save the canopy and the yellow starboard engine panel. Model Master light grey overall with Vallejo washes and powder streaking. Be safe.
  4. Been building since I was 9 so I had cooler toys than the neighbor kids and it has stuck with me off n on over the decades. Both grandfathers were pilots in WW2, grew up on their stories, guess what I build the most. Will put some stuff up soon. Be safe.
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