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Retired US Army lieutenant colonel in July 2011. Began ROTC in August 1982 and enlisted in the Army National Guard as a combat engineer vehicle crewman in August 1983. Served as an M48A5 tank crewman from 1985 until commissioning in 1986. Entered active duty as an armor officer and trained as an M1 Abrams tanker in 1987.

Served in a variety of armor, cavalry and logistics units throughout my career. Commanded an M60A3TTS tank platoon, executive officer of an M1A1 tank company and executive officer of an armor battalion headquarters company. Commanded an M1A1/A2 heavy tank company and commanded a headquarters company of a forward support battalion in the First Cavalry Division.

I've qualified on M48A5, M1IP, M60A3TTS, M1A1, M1A1 Heavy Common, M1A2, M3A1 Bradley and M901 ITV vehicles.

Served as the Operations Officer of a computer battle simulation center.

Served as the Commandant of an Army maintenance training school.

Served as the Mobilization and deployment/re-deployment officer for Fort Knox at time of retirement.

Served 24 years of active duty and 28 years of total military service.

Modeling interests are in modern US armor and sci-fi modeling. Main interest was 1/72 scale armor until age effected eyesight. Still build 1/72 scale, but also 1/35 and 1/48 scale armor because they are easier on the eyes.

I truly hate painting, especially airbrush clean up; therefore many 90% completed projects await their day in the paint booth. If I can, I'll grab spray paint and try to finish up. Results are often mixed.

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