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  1. Thanks! These modified submarines were overshadowed by the emerging nuclear powered submarines in the late 1950’s-early 1960’s. In fact, it would take more than ten years to build enough nuclear powered attack (SSN) submarines to fill the numerical gap that the Guppy boats filled in the early postwar era. I have one more Yankee ModelWorks/Tom’s kit of the heavily modified Guppy III class to build. This is a model of Clamagore, a Guppy III museum ship at Patriots Point, SC.
  2. This model is USS Becuna, SS 319, after conversion to GUPPY IA configuration. The early Cold War Guppy program (Greater Underwater Propulsive Power) modified existing WWII fleet submarines for increased speed, more advanced sonar and added a snorkel. Lessons from the advanced, streamlined German Type XXI class were studied and adapted. This was a response to the Soviet Union’s postwar submarine building program (Project 613, NATO Whiskey class). The WWII Balao & Tench class conning towers were enclosed by a streamlined sail covering, having a bridge on the lower level and enclosing th
  3. Really a nice job on the conversion! I had a chance to photograph the real thing at Pima Air Museum, and you captured it exactly!
  4. Very nice and really interesting to see it in the folded version. Having been around 2 or 3 of these at museums, I have always marveled at their landing on slant deck converted Essex Class carriers. How big is this model in terms of inches?
  5. Very nice job on the model. Excellent work on finishing a decent kit. Nice touch to add the after market propeller. I have a set of 3D printer propellers on order from “Mulsannemike”. He has created a series of very accurate propellers. These include Ohio class, Sturgeon J- propellers, and 3 variants for the different LosAngeles class submarines. Florida was never in combat. She was an early Ohio class SSBN conducting deterrent patrols with Trident ballistic missiles for many years. She was one of a handful of SSBNs that were converted to SSGN, with her Trident missile tu
  6. The model still looks great, despite the painting challenges! Interesting concept spacecraft. Some of those 1000 layers of paint will burn off during reentry
  7. Great job and the finish is superb. Maybe Atlantis Models has those Aurora molds and will reissue the kit. Or maybe they were lost in the train wreck... I had an opportunity three years ago to walk around a B-58 at Pima Air Museum in Arizona. They also have a B-36 and two B-52s. Took several hundred photos with a Nikon DSLR. Unfortunately the finish on their B-58 was faded from sitting out over the years. I think they work through and refurbish them every few years. The 36 looked very nice. Again, a really nice job on an older kit from my childhood! Tom
  8. Let me know, we can set up a Dropbox for the photos.
  9. Rick, I have a lot of Nikon DSLR 25 Mp photos of Discovery, as a complete walk around. Some photos were taken from about 7 feet away. And, yes, she is scorched, you can see the streak marks. Tom
  10. Rick, I just checked Amazon, and unfortunately the LM book is out of print. I paid $32 for it, and it is now going for 10X that price!! Ouch! If you need any particular views, let me know. I have a 25 Mp Nikon and a scanner. I can make you copies of pages. Tom
  11. Very nice (re)build of an old and mediocre kit. Did you use the Scott Sullivan “Virtual LM” book as a source? I find it great for the details and the subtle differences between the earlier H and later J series LM. Extremely well done; congratulations! Tom
  12. I recently completed a build of a 1960's era Russian Golf II ballistic missile submarine. This kit is the Polar Bear Models Golf II resin kit. Polar Bear operates out of Severodvinsk, Russia, and makes virtually all Russian submarines in resin. I This kit is a bit of a challenge, as there are prominent seams that run the length of the submarine on both the deck and the keel. Removing/filling in without destroying details is....interesting. There are some other areas of the model assembly as well that can be perplexing, to say the least, but with some planning, skill and patience you can obtai
  13. Great job on the F7U “Gutless Cutlass” model! I’ be seen a couple of these at museums, and you have captured the unique look of this aircraft.
  14. Wouldn't be the first time that a submarine kit disappeared from a manufacturer's list. Hobby Boss had a 1/350 Golf ballistic missile sub listed a few years ago that never materialized. (2020 update- it’s finally out!!) The Alanger kit was a Delta IV, not a III. The Zvezda K-3 is a November class (Project 627) SSN. If you can work with resin, there is a Russian outfit in Severodvinsk that makes highly accurate & detailed Russian submarines of many types in 1/350 scale. He sells on Ebay and the prices are decent; service is excellent. Currently he has Delta I, (Project 667B
  15. The best source for visual information on the Balao class is: http://navsource.org/archives/08/pdf/0829295.pdf Also, photos of SS-377 in all configurations are available at Navsource (http://www.navsource.org/archives/subidx.htm). It is under the Fleet Submarines heading. It is unclear from your posting: do you want to build Menhaden (SS-377) in the "as built" configuration or in the Guppy II postwar conversions? Depending on your answer, there are a few points that differ for each. If you are doing the "as built" fleet boat, from Nautilus your only choice is the Icefish conning to
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