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  1. That is a real nice model. The figures make the presentation. Excellent Sir.
  2. I have the sheet for his aircraft from the accurate miniatures release. I think it has markings for all his a/c. Trade you for an Airfix 1/72 P-40E (yes the old one) or older Revell 1/72 kits Let me know. David thevidgoo@gmail.com
  3. HI Gil, Thanks. I agree a standard OD-NG is kinda bland for us older modelers. I'm glad I found the decals.
  4. Thank you very much Mark. I really appreciate you comment.
  5. This kit was going into the dumpster and the hobby shop owner asked if I wanted it. It had been started with tube glue. The cockpit and nose guns were firmly glued in place. Yet I took this and another 1/32 kit home. Having never built one before I was looking forward to seeing what I could do with it. Lots of filler was used and in the case of the nose gap I used a plastic card shim. With all sanding most of the raised detail was lost. So I re-scribed the kit and it was not that hard at all. I knew I could not get a good natural metal finish with all the scratches on the plastic. So on went the OD and NG. The stripes were easy to do since the width in 1/32 was very close to a roll of Tamiya tape. Painting the wings was easy, but the booms took a bit longer. The biggest problem was getting the stripes aligned. Decals were hard to find for this scale and I settled on a print scale set from one of favorite eBay dealers. The decals were very thin and folded over easily and I lost a couple. I found a photo of the actual aircraft and I noticed the nose cap is a different tone in black and white photos. I could not get a definitive answer if they painted or just natural metal. The decals did not have the inboard letters on the rudder assembly so I cut out a mask and painted it on. It is out of box, or rather out of the dumpster.
  6. Phones have done a disservice to modelers simply because most don't know how to use them correctly when photographing models. Instead of backing away from the model and zooming in most just get close and end up with distorted images of their work. One can take good model photos with a phone but the use has to back away and then zoom in on the models. This gives a more normal perspective.
  7. Excellent work! Are you using an adapter on the camera? I like the black and white photos.
  8. thevid

    Airfix Stug III G

    And one more. I filled the lower hull with lead pellets to give some heft.
  9. thevid

    Airfix Stug III G

    Some more images
  10. thevid

    Airfix Stug III G

    Airfix Stug I've built this kit several times. This is the latest version; I suppose it should be painted dark yellow. It is out of box except for the machine gun, which I later learned were stored inside. I used to staple the tracks together but I did learn by trial and error that one can glue the tracks with brute force using superglue (CA glue) and a pair of needle nose pliers. Glue the two ends together with superglue and with a firm grip hold down the ends with the pliers for about 30 seconds. It works. On the kit the level of detail is quite good for such a tiny model and with careful and delicate weathering one can bring it out. I used the yellowed kit decals which worked well. The road wheels are a bit of unusual in that some seem to have slightly different detail. I think it's due to the age of the tooling. Well here's my little Stug ready to save a squad of infantry.
  11. Thank you Carlos. I was too chicken to paint it like the box art. You mean Panther's were'nt in North Africa? What? Inconceivable.
  12. Thanks James, you are not kidding about the boxart. Check out the link I posted in the general modeling forum regarding Box art from the 50s and 60s. Or this one by Mike Machat:
  13. Thank you Mark! It's one of my favorite schemes as well. I'm going to do another P-40E in the same scheme with USAAF markings.
  14. I really enjoyed looking at these builds. Of course the Monogram is my favorite! Don't you remember back in 1960s that model companies all had dark green and green for the top color and light blue for the underside for German aircraft? Boy was I surprised to learn that there were indeed other colors. What did you add to the Monogram kit besides the wheel well?
  15. I was surprised at the fit of the parts, especially the wing-fuselage joint. I did not have to use putty at all. It is a credible representation from Airfix. It was made 20 years after the real one flew. Now here we are almost 60 years from it's issue. What are the latest kits of this aircraft available? I think MPM made one but that's all I know.
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