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  1. Ha! Yes indeed. If you ever saw the movie Contact with Jodie Foster there is a scene celebrating the event and it was exactly like that in Roswell. In this YouTube video the scene starts at 1:40. The couple in the photo were offering hypnotic help for those that had been abducted.
  2. There have been tremendous changes in molding tech but in the end it's the builder that determines the outcome. If I build one of those new kits with 10,000 parts I know I will not enjoy it and will probably lose half of them before I'm done. 🙂
  3. Here's a simple out of the box build of Hasegawa's kit #MB-021. Only thing I did was add a clear plastic windshield and fill the fuel tanks with lead to give the model some heft and allow the tires to sit evenly. In the background is Airfix's control tower and Academy's B-17g. Photographed with a Nikon 950 coolpix. I think it would be an easy fix to replace the overscale headlight protectors with stretched sprue. I'll try that next time.
  4. That is a fascinating instructional model. It better than any exploded (no pun intended) drawing. Well done sir.
  5. I have a problem gluing the wheels so that the flat part sits correctly. It I use CA glue it sets to quickly and if I use something else it does not set at all. Any suggestions? Thanks, David
  6. Thanks. Unfortunately I was unemployed at the time and had to sell many of my builds including this one. But I'm sure I have others in the stash.
  7. I remembered your post and while checking my stash I came across The Roswell UFO kit which I bought in Roswell, NM in 1996 at the 50th anniversary of whatever happened that day. Unfortunately it is kit no. 555. Sigh. Anyway here's a photo of Testor's display at Roswell. It was a very unusual and fun event with media from all over the world. All one had to do was paint a donkey with green paint and you would be published worldwide.
  8. Thanks Marks, I appreciate it. Now to build the FROG and Lindberg versions and I'll have all of the early Ju88s done.
  9. Thank you Ron. I really appreciate it.
  10. thank you Gil. It's a long way from the bare plastic, gloss black (props and wheels) and silver (landing gear)painted kit I made decades ago.
  11. Wow I did not realize that Airfix had a very early Gladiator. That's really neat. I enjoy your Aurora kit builds. Well done sir.
  12. this is Matchbox's kit of the Me110 and is built out of the box with only changes being the decals. It was first released in 1976 and unlike earlier Matchbox releases this kit has mostly fine panel lines unlike the deep engraving or earlier kits.
  13. Thank you Gil. I built four vintage Me262 kits together, Matchbox, FROG, Heller and Hasegawa. Here they are. From top to bottom: Hasegawa, Heller, FROG and Matchbox.
  14. Thanks Mark! I have several copies in my warehouse (it's beyond a stash at this point) but I had never built it because of modeler's syndrome. You know, "I have to get this resin set, it's not accurate" etc, and all the little traps we set for ourselves. Once freed of that, started to enjoy modeling again.
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