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Found 20 results

  1. Hi All, Here is a build of a vintage 1975 Tamiya Ferrari 312T. This was actually a great kit considering the age, there were several fit issues but back in the day they weren't using computers so that can be expected. This is such great subject matter as I am a huge Ferrari fan! I hope you enjoy this build. Rick
  2. Hi All, Here is another recent build. The old faithful P-51D! This build is done in real aluminum skin. Took about 200 hours due to the real metal, that always adds about 100 hours onto the build time lol! Hope you like her. Rick
  3. Selling the last released (July 2020) detailing sets of Metallic Details: - Jet nozzles for aircraft model SR-71 Blackbird (Testors/Italeri) in scale 1/48 - $61.60 Set contains resin parts for detailing jet nozzles. - Jet nozzle for engine F100-PW for aircraft model F-16 (Tamiya) in scale 1/48 - $17.60 Set contains resin and photoetched parts for detailing jet nozzle. - Engines for aircraft model B-17G (HK Models) in scale 1/48 - $39.60 Set contains resin and photoetched parts for detailing engines. - Detailing sets for Cockpit for aircraft model F/A-18C (HobbyBoss) in scale 1/48 - $17.20 Set contains resin and photoetched parts for detailing interior. - Detailing sets for Exterior for aircraft model F/A-18C (HobbyBoss) in scale 1/48 - $17.60 Set contains photoetched parts for detailing exterior. - Detailing sets for Landing gears for aircraft model F/A-18C (HobbyBoss) in scale 1/48 - $22.00 Set contains photoetched parts for detailing interior wheel bays and landing gears. - Detailing sets for Ladder for aircraft model F/A-18C (HobbyBoss) in scale 1/48 - $4.85 Set contains resin and photoetched parts for detailing escort ladder. - Detailing set for aircraft model Airbus A320neo (Revell) in scale 1/144 - $14.30 Set contains resin and photoetched parts for detailing of exterior for aircraft model. - Detailing set for aircraft models L.1049G, C-121C (Revell) in scale 1/144 - $18.70 Set contains resin and photoetched parts for detailing of exterior for aircraft models.
  4. Paul

    Tamiya P-51D WIP

    Hello fellow modelers! I'm branching out from science fiction builds and trying a WWII piston powered plane, the P-51D. I'm also using the Eduard Zoom PE prepainted cockpit detail set for this model, but I'm not very impressed by it. Don't get me wrong, Eduard makes great PE, but I probably won't be getting the prepainted stuff again. I've had to mask parts of it and the paint peeled right off leaving bare metal beneath it. Fixable? Sure. A pain? That too. The cockpit is pretty well done - I did some light chipping with silver and an oil wash of engine grease over the zinc chromate green. That was my first time using an oil wash I made myself versus a pre-packaged enamel wash from Tamiya. I don't think I'll ever go back, as you have so much more control over consistency and transparency. Plus the oil works as a filter, and doesn't dry splotchy like the enamels always seem to. I plan on hitting the cockpit with some matte clear tonight, then buttoning up the fuselage when that's all dry. If you've got any tips, tricks, or constructive criticism I'm all ears (eyes?).
  5. Selling some of my collection of plastic kits. This is just a small sample... more to come later There are lots of data entry and research to do to get it in Excel Price (negotiable) + Shipping I can send pictures of box conditions when asked....
  6. Ki 84 Frank of . i like my WW2 Japanese aircraft with a factory fresh finish versus the worn/scuffed looked. Eduard PE cockpit, Eduard Canopy mask, True details resin wheels, WEM Colourcoats enamels, .3mm lead pencil for panel lines, Testors lacquer spray Semi-gloss.
  7. ju52junk

    F4U Corsair

    F4U Corsair. Eduard PE cockpit, Eduard canopy mask, Quick Boost resin exhausts. True details resin wheels. Aftermarket decals. Vallejo paint.
  8. Nakajima Gekko. Eduard Cockpit PE, Eduard canopy mask, True details resin wheels, WEM colourcoat enamel, .3mm lead pencil for panel lines, Testor model master lacquer spray semi-gloss.
  9. Tamiya's 1/48 N1K1. Eduard PE cockpit, Eduard canopy mask, Vallejo paint. Used a lead pencil for the panel lines. I wish Tamiya would use a duller red for the Hinomarus.
  10. Hello friends This time I show you an infantry vehicle of the US Army, it's M2 Bradley. Manufactured from the Tamiya brand at 1/35 scale with an exterior finish of camouflage and detailed on the inside with hinged rear door. https://youtu.be/p6uWBMPZQSE Greetings and I hope you like it
  11. Hello friends, here I bring you another German vehicle. The Panzer Kampfwagen IV Ausf.D made from the Tamiya house at 1/35 scale. The kit has included 3 figures which have been made included in the model. https://youtu.be/ab0IKGWWHsQ Greetings and I hope you like it.
  12. Hello friends, on this occasion and for a long time with enough desire I present you the T34 / 76, a medium tank of Soviet manufacture. Made of the Tamiya brand at 1/35 scale. It's the only Russian vehicle I have and I hope it's the first of many. https://youtu.be/FjFHh2L_3rI Greetings and I hope you like it
  13. Hello friends Here I bring you one of the best unions between sportsman and machine. The machine or rather the motorcycle is a Honda and the athlete definitely had to be Valentino Rossi. He dominated the 2002 season and achieved the 2002 and 2003 championship over the RC211V. This model manufactured from the Tamiya brand in 1/12 scale, one of my first models made. Greetings and I hope you like it
  14. Hello friends The Tiger I was the first tank to be equipped with an 88mm cannon which proved to be formidable on all battle fronts. I had to have it in my collection, from the Tamiya brand at 1/35 scale. Greetings and I hope you like it
  15. Hello friends I set out to show you one of the most beautiful motorcycles in history. Logically it had to be Italian, it's the Ducati 916. Its aesthetics marked with a multi-tubular chassis, a mono arm swingarm and double exhaust outlet under the tail was a novelty in its release to the market. The model is Tamiya brand 1/12 scale, is detailed inside because its fairing is removable. Greetings and I hope you like it
  16. Bennetts

    Tamiya Char B1

    I built the Tamiya Char B1 out of the box and it was one of the easiest kits I have ever built especially for the amount of detail. I decided to paint it in the the experimental camouflage of Fantasque and used Echelon decals for the name and number markings. I think this has been the most fun build I have done in a long time actually regretted the finishing because wanted it to last longer. This is a rare feeling for me usually thank God that is over feeling.
  17. Turning to Tom Walkinshaw Racing (TWR), Nismo began developing a prototype of the R390 GT1, named to follow in the tradition started in the 1960s with Nissan's R380. The first decision for Nismo and TWR was the choice of engine. The previous Skyline GT-R LMs had used the trusted RB26DETT Inline-6 motor, but the design was old for a racing car, employing an iron block which added weight, and had a high center of gravity. Nismo instead chose to resurrect an engine from the Nissan R89C, a racing car from the Group C era. Its engine, the VRH35Z, was a 3.5L V8 which used an aluminium block, as well as having a lower center of gravity and a better ability to be used as a stressed member over the RB26. Thus the engine was upgraded and designated VRH35L, and would produce approximately 641 hp (478 kW) at 6800 rpm. For road going versions, the engine was detuned to 550 HP. For 1998 the R390 was modified, most notably in the extension of its rear bodywork to create increased "luggage space" in order to satisfy the ACO, a new rear wing for racing models (production road cars had no wing), and the addition of a rear diffuser for improved downforce, after all three cars failed scrutineering at the 1997 event and had to be modified in order to be allowed to race. This subsequently led to overheating problems for the gearbox, and ultimately their failure during the race. Thus the "long tail" version was created, which boasted increased downforce thanks to the extended rear bodywork. This is the 1/24 Tamiya kit of the car, and I chose to replicate the car as it appears in Test Drive LeMans. The body shell is Tamiya Metallic Blue over a base color of Silver Leaf. Paint was polished up with 3200 thru 12000 grit MicroMesh abrasives, and given a final polish with Meguiar's Scratch-X. Mesh was added for vents and grills, and kit decals were used as well as a few sponsor decals from Studio 27. Lots added in the engine bay -- Thermostats were added to the radiators and exhaust system, as well as shielded cable, spark plug wires and fuel lines from Detail Master. Transmission fluid box and tail light wiring is from Model Factory Hiro. Exhausts were given a bit of burnt metal powder pigments of scalding blue and furnace orange. Driver electronics are fully wired from the comm. boxes, to temp gauges, to front lights. The front brake air ducts were scratch-built from parts-box leftovers.
  18. The disadvantage of spray-painting in North Carolina is being at the mercy of the weather - it recently got warm enough to paint, and I got a few body shells done, but with so many Pine and Oak trees, I now have to wait for pollen season to wrap up. Next on the agenda is a Revell 70 Chevelle SS 454, a Polar Lights Hawaiian Charger funny car, an MPC Donnie Allison stock car, an AMT 55 Nomad, and an AMT 62 Corvette gasser. BIG PLANS I SAY......BIG PLANS! For the Nomad wagon, I used Tamiya's new Orange Metallic with a Gunmetal roof. Everything in between will be all chromed out. I plan to morph this ride into a sweet custom surf wagon with some sick wheels and fat whitewall rubber and a slightly lower ride, but a couple of details were holding me up >>>NO surfboards or camping supplies...so I broke out the DAS air-dry clay I got from Askew-Taylor in Raleigh, broke off a few lumps, warmed it in my hands, laid it out and hit it with my steel pipe like I was making biscuits. I cut out several boards and fins and curved them a little to dry like that. Had to make them larger and thicker, since I knew I was gonna have some carving & sanding to do later to make them convincing. (I started out using sheet balsa for the boards which worked OK, but too thin for 1/25 scale). So far I have 1 clay board smoothed & sanded, and 1 Boogie Board completed. The boogie board was painted gloss light blue, ankle strap attached, and random areas touched with clear acrylic and dusted with baby powder for remnants of a day at the beach....plus it smells good too Also finished some beach towels & a firewood bundle. To be continued.............
  19. Hello! I am looking to liquidate a military collection that was acquired from an avid hobbyist after his passing. I have over 2500+ line items of models for sale. All models will be sold at a reasonable price with calculated shipping based on your zip code. Discounts also for buying multiple kits or in bulk!! Everything is priced to sell and offers will be considered! Please contact me here, or by email: kelkermarketing@gmail.com I look forward to helping you find your long lost kits! When I get excel file completed, I will try to attach to this post! Thanks so much in advance for your consideration, Britt Evans Ebay listings are under tag: micha-vever
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