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  1. Loren Perry announced yesterday that GMM's ship line of photoetch details has been sold to Squadron. Stock on hand, masters, instructions, and similar intellectual property is being packed for shipping to Squadron in Georgia. The products will appear on the Squadron website in the near future and will continue to be trademarked as GMM. The announcement indicates that Squadron will continue to use the same etcher so GMM's quality will remain. GMM's railroad lines are not included in this sale Loren had previously announced his impending retirement and intention of closing Gold Medal Models. He had stopped taking orders earlier this week Brandon Lowe of Squadron will be at the Nats and you can get all the gory details there This is all-in-all positive news.
  2. Mike - your posting is lacking context. In the full text, Jamie explains that rising production costs are not offset by the poor sales of these colors. The cancellation of these is quite understandable, and many have alternates in other product lines. It would be great if it were otherwise, but it appears to be a sound business decision As with many others, we have faced multiple challenges as a business over the last few years. Uncertainty, increased administration and so on caused by Brexit, increasing raw material and base product prices, difficulties sourcing materials, vast increases in tin costs and difficulties with escalating costs of shipping flammable liquids have brought additional strain to the business. We have managed to contain most of these concerns by making small changes to pricing (only when applicable to new stocks) and rewarding our customers (free gifts last December). However, as a business we do have to evolve to the changing circumstances and as such as have taken the decision to discontinue 61 less-popular colours from our range. Typically, we only discontinue a colour when new research deems it inaccurate or when we are not happy with the quality of the product. This time however, we are streamlining our range to enable us to maintain better stocks of the popular colours. The colours we have discontinued remain accurate colours, however they are very slow sellers and we must accept these products are poor use of our limited cash, production capacity or storage space when we restock.
  3. Make it like a real one. A U-shaped bracket tall and wide enough to accept the wheel. I originally thought of sheet Evergreen, but on second thought some heavy duty aluminum, like a pie tin, may to just as well. A punch of sheet styrene on the top to replicate a swivel bearing. The caster wheels are a slice of Evergreen tube of desired size. In larger size you may need a piece of sheet styrene to close them in. Axle is some wire or Evergreen rod. I wouldn't try to make them functional.
  4. This acknowledges that there may be structural parts that would be outside of the single media criteria that may be used. Rivets, polycaps, screws or other mechanical fasteners, metal weights, etc. They are typically structural/internal and not for detail purposes
  5. Add neither and it will, else no it goes to the standard category. One of the goals of BKB are to do away with the 'what can I add and stay within the rules' questions.
  6. From the prior mentioned US Archives with "USS New Jersey" + "Panama Canal" in the Advanced Search box. Original picture is zoom-able so you can more easily see the halyards & rigging Again a zoom-able image. In the Gatun Locks Look at the light effects on the paint color. The Haze Gray varies from almost white to a medium gray. Transit time through the canal is about 9 hours so the lighting will vary. There is a 1968 video (west bound) showing a foot to spare on either side while in the Miraflores Locks More from Archives, manning the rails. Check the rust at the overboard discharges.
  7. James, which FD booklet are you recommending, the Missouri Plan Book? Its a good reference for the Missouri in August, 1945 but will not fill the bill for a modernized Nuevo Jersey, as the Tamiya. I reviewed the popular press books in my library and those listed at FD (Classic Warships, Squadron, Windward, Doyle, ShipShape) and there was not one on the New Jersey. IIRC there was someone on SteelNavy talking about a book he was working on, but also IIRC it was reminiscences, interesting reading but not a lot to model with. What might be a good reference, but will take some time, is the US Archives online photo system. I stumbled upon a large number of photos of the NJ transiting the Panama Canal enroute to her museum site. There was a good set of pictures sitting in the Miraflores Locks on the Pacific side. The photographer got many from the same vantage point. At catalog.archives.gov put into the search bar "USS New Jersey" refine the search as necessary with "Panama Canal".
  8. In prior iterations of the Rules & Categories the Ships Class had both Out-of-the-Box Single Media and OOB High Tech categories. The Single Media rules became the template for the general BKB rules as put forward. Within the Ships Class, High Tech was eliminated and Single Media became BKB. The prior rules allowed for waterlining an entry because there are a preponderous number of other waterline ship kits and there are some modelers who prefer to keep their fleets looking similar. I allowed for that. The converse of adding a lower hull is not allowed. Since it is possible that a modeler began an OOB entry before the BKB rules were released I would consider that to be grandfathered in. Drilling gun barrels is and was allowed. No problem there. Drilling and cleaning up lattice work is similar and would also be akin to thinning to scale thickness. But always remember the more you do the more you can do something that affects the craftsmanship standpoint. And I always remind modelers that we do not judge bases; be it revetment for an aircraft, a muddy field for a tank, or a water scene for a ship. You get no extra credit for your work in the standard categories. If you want to have your base work evaluated enter in the Vignette/Diorama class
  9. According to the product description these paints are reduced (thinned) with Acetone, Naptha, MEK, MAK, or Xylene; according to the product Q codes. Cleanup with MEK or Acetone Definitely not benign acrylic paints
  10. Mike, go read their Material Safety Data sheets and product descriptions. They are Alkyd Enamels, they are a solvent-based enamel. Their front-page web text is wrong
  11. Contact the local contest coordinator to inquire about the availability of a power drop
  12. The examples which I have given are ship-related and I have given my position with respect to BKB as it relates to the Ship class. I do not want to get out too far ahead of Mark, Jim, or any of the other Head Judges. However, there are problems with reading the rules as an absolute. The individual Head Judges must be given an amount of latitude. I give you the Eduard weekend edition P-51D kit reviewed in today's Hyperscale. OMG! the kit includes a PE fret with 5 numbered parts. Disqualified! Now, go to the Eduard website and pull up the instructions. You will see that parts PE1 and PE2 are scribing templates. The instructions have you filling several access panels and since scribing lost panel lines is allowed, I take this as an acceptable use of PE. The PE is not a final detail on the entry. The remaining PE parts are several options for RWR stub antennas on the vertical fin. If you don't use them, it is still a single media entry within the spirit of BKB. If you do use them, go play in the regular categories. You can also see why providing the instructions is important. I always attempt to use the term "kit" as the items to be assembled and "entry" as the completed item on the table. YMMV Ed Grune NCC Head Ship Judge
  13. That’s it in a nutshell. I have the Takom/Snowman 700 scale Gearing on the bench right now. It comes with both injected MK37 radars and PE ones. If I stay with the injected parts I’m golden for BKB. If I use the PE I go to the regular category.
  14. My position is, a model kit which contains PE, resin, cast or turned metal, 3D printed, and/or other material parts for which there are analogous parts in the majority material of the kit, the kit MAY be entered in a BKB category if ONLY the analogous parts are used. If there are NO corresponding analogous parts, the kit may not be entered in a BKB category. Choosing to enter a kit in a BKB category is up to the individual Example: If your battleship kit comes with both plastic main gun barrels and turned gun barrels and you choose to assemble the kit using the plastic gun barrels it may be entered in BKB category. If you choose to use the turned barrels or the kit does not contain plastic barrels it may not be entered in BKB. Providing a copy of the instructions is still a requirement for BKB. Your attention is directed to the next to the last paragraph in section III.1 "All Class Head Judges and the Chief Judge will have final say as to what is permitted for any BKB entries within their Classes." Ed Grune NCC Head Ship Judge
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