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  1. I would love New Orleans. The WWII museum there is fantastic. Base the convention at the Higgins hotel just nextdoor. To be realistic, any East Coast convention situated north of Richmond would be just too expensive, both in venue costs and in hotel room night charges.
  2. I got booked at the Embassy after seeing Scott's post, for Wednesday thru Sunday. I booked with Hilton Honors, then called the Honors program to get the room rate changed to the convention rate. Don't know if that will futz up the room block count, but I have a confirmation number.
  3. Is the vote count underway? Will the accounting firm of Dewey, Cheatum, and Howe put the results in a mayonnaise jar on Funk & Wagnalls’ back porch? Inquiring minds want to know.
  4. The extra awards which are currently provided for splits, etc. are part of the number of awards which are contractually required to be provided by the local committee Additional trophies awarded for ties under this approach are over and above the contracted number Ed Grune - NCC/Head Ship Judge
  5. And once again logistics raises its ugly head. How many extra trophies must the organizing committee purchase above those they are contractually required to provide, to meet this? 10%, 25%? Who will pay for them? Can you sell a sponsorship for something that may not happen? Well, we have these extra trophies on hand that have a date on them …
  6. Refer to Rule II.15. The crane which extends above the turret top would cause the entry to be placed in the vignette/diorama class. There Rule II.19 would take effect, the four crewmen would place it in the small composition/vignette category. Note that there are no Out of the Box categories in the Vignette/Diorama class. So no, it would not be allowed.
  7. And to close the loop with Rusty, those category numbers and rules I cited were new (2020) changes which Manny Gutsche proposed and were incorporated
  8. SciFi & Gundams are covered in the National Rules & Categories VI Space & SciFi 605 - StarTrek & StarWars 606 - Gundams (from kits) 607 - Mecha 608 - Other Vehicles/Vessels 609 - Scratchbuilt & Conversions The Rules specifically discuss the categories: "Category Definitions: ● Star Trek & Star Wars subjects (Category 605): Only spaceships and vehicles from Star Trek and Star Wars media. ● Gundam subjects (Category 606): Only characters and vehicles from the Gundam media multiverse. ● Mecha subjects (Category 607): Powered sci-fi robots, armor or machines, with limbed features or humanoid construct. Such models may contain or display an operator figure as long as it is not the dominant part of the model; mechanical features should predominate. Otherwise an entry will go in the appropriate Fantasy or Sci-Fi Figures category." Now, how closely a local or regional contest hews to the National Rules and Categories is always up for discussion. In the face of "new" genre arriving on the local scene it may be advisable to follow the NCC's lead. The organizing committee may be overwhelmed by new categories one year to be met by a famine the next. Try the new categories for a few years and see how they are accepted.
  9. Back in the day, 99-ish, the committee for the 2000 Dallas convention discussed limiting the attendance on Wednesday to registered members only. It was felt that day-tripping non-members, those who blame and defame IPMS, were accessing the show and shopping at the vendors to the possible detriment of the paid members. This was seen as a perq for members to and an incentive non-members to join and register. Oh No! We're not showing who we are and what we do! On Wednesday afternoon only, all were free to attend on Thursday/Friday/Saturday? Oh No! The vendors will miss a half day of sales! No, the registered members will still be there with their open wallets. Due to pushback, largely from outside of the organization, Members-only Wednesday didn't happen.
  10. May/June arrived in Texas today (wish it was the weather, not the magazine). President Noack acknowledged that the convention may be in the books as you read the issue.
  11. Yes, Tony's and my paths had been criss-crossing for several days. We both went through Memphis and Nashville, and both had been to the Jack Daniels whisk(e)y distillery before ending up in Chattanooga. Toured the civil war battlefield and rode the inclined railway down to the bottom of the hill to get some ice cream. There I saws this chap wearing a Lancaster bomber t-shirt and I figured that he had to be one of us modelers. I struck up a conversation and found that he was one of IPMS-UK's members. Our paths crossed again several more times over the next few days. Last I saw of him he was walking away after winning one of the Tamiya P-38 raffle kits. I wrote Tony suggesting some stops for a 2020 trip part of the San Marcos, TX tour. Learning that Tony liked to indulge a bit, so I started him off in Fredericksburg, TX. It is the best wine producing area in Texas (Texas wine? Pffft you say!) Also some bourbon and rum distilleries. Fredericksburg is the boyhood home of Admiral Nimitz and the site of the Museum of the Pacific War. It is an excellent stop I got him through Houston and NASA to New Orleans. New Orleans; music, food, culture, and the home of the National WWII museum. From there, through Mobile Alabama and the museum at the USS Alabama then on to Pensacola and the naval air museum. But, like I said, the world changed. If you can work it out, plan on 2023 when IPMS-USA is going to try San Marcos again
  12. Rusty - in the past few shows ships had about total 200 entries. Aircraft class might have that many in one category (say 1:48 fighter). Bill Devins established a system where he had judging team leaders designated at the start of the show. They would start looking at the entries on Wednesday afternoon and begin creating their splits and shuffling things around. I’ve picked up some of Devins’ pre-registration ideas for use in ships. Jim Clark is continuing Bill’s processes. Unfortunately I have been forced to miss this years show. My wife came down with break-through COVID on Sunday. I followed her on Tuesday. Hit me kinda hard. I got regeneron yesterday and feel much better The NCC had been working on alternate judging due to COVID, as well as succession plans. I had a backup, just hated to drop the mess in his lap on late notice.
  13. You must be a national member or a member of a foreign branch to enter a model or judge. You do not have to be a member to attend. You pay the daily access rate. It’s 15 dollars this year. Day pass attendees don’t get the swag bag given to registrants. We have 3000+ entries in 9 classes/130 odd categories. Takes a while. A couple of years back I met Tony, the IPMS UK competition secretary. We were on the civil war battlefield above Chattanooga. I corresponded with him and suggested some sites of interest through the South when he came back to SanMarcos TX. Then the world fell apart
  14. That’s the difference between a 1 day show and a 3.5 day show. Modelers register their models and they place them on the table Wednesday afternoon, Thursday, and Friday to 5pm when registration closes. Judging start at 7pm on Friday. Judges sweep the categories each day to do splits (1:48, Allied, in-line engine versus round engines). We also sweep for incorrect placement (a 4 engine bomber in a 2 engine category). It saves time on Friday night. Some don’t get caught until then, possibly causing a couple of categories to be re-judged (the moved from and the moved to). That’s why the judges work to get splits and moves done early. Starting at 7pm, it’s not uncommon for the rank & file judges to finish after midnight. Head judges after that. And an unknown fact for most, the contest recorder’s people have just a few hours to prepare the awards list, script for the awards MCs (the legendary Bill & Aris), take photos for the awards show and for the journal, and prepare for the placement of the awards when the model room closes. Oh, and get some sleep too. They are shooting for 3pm Saturday to have every task done.
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