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  1. To follow up on DAK's comments and try to put some numbers to the logistical effort that GSB might bring. First of all, we need to acknowledge that all of this is moot if there is no support for GSB. If and when the membership's initial desire for a GSB system is approved, committees will be formed to to come up with the actual procedures and criteria for awards. These procedures and criteria will be presented to the NCC and EBoard for their comment/approval and finally to the membership for their consideration. Only then will things proceed toward implementation. Now to the numbers. AMPS in their website identifies that they have on the order of 500 entries at their national convention. They also say that a four person judging team is able to score 8 to 10 entries an hour. After the judging sheets are turned in there is still additional work done by the chief judges and their assistants to validate the scores. The IPMS Nats is four to five times larger than AMPS with regularly over 2000 model entries. Using the AMPS judge rate, it will take a minimum of 200 to 250 team-hours to judge our contest. To complete judging within the five hours of 7pm to midnight on Friday night as we now do, we will need 40 to 50+ four-person judging teams (160 to 200+ people). After the completion of the judging there is still more work to be done by the head judges and the administrative staff. Eileen Persichetti and her team regularly spend most of Saturday tabulating the results. So what is the approach? Continue with Friday judging? Judge the models as they are entered, perhaps impounding them until they are scored? Daily judging while the contest room is open, Nightly judging after the room is closed? These are all processes which will be considered, but it is not just a simple proposition. The human capital impact needs to be considered.
  2. Except, there is no category Ships: 1/400 and larger in the national competition. 1:350 refers to 1/450 to 1/101 405 - 1/350 Destroyers, Escorts, Corvettes, and other small ships (except boats) ... where larger commercials were originally split off from While the Titanic was not a small ship, neither is it an aircraft carrier, battleship or cruiser, nor was it a boat. It may be a submarine, but they are designed to surface at least as many times as it sinks.
  3. Due to lack of participation. Prior to last year’s show I warned that the category was in danger of being deleted if there was not more entrants. There were less than three entrants in the last couple of years. The category was an experiment requested by some of my judges an entrants. It ran longer than the 3 year trial it was initially given, but never caught on. Commercial entries will roll back into the categories they were originally split from. Ed Grune NCC Ship Judge
  4. It may be enterable in the Group Build category. There is no limitation on the numbers of participants in a group. Participants should, however, be members of IPMS. I have seen single group build entries, particularly in cars, where one person paints the body, another details the engine, another the interior, etc. The spread of the scope of work was equivalent. Your entry may be limited as the bulk of the scope of work is one person while a second’s contribution is minimal. Ed Grune NCC Ship Judge
  5. Hi Joe Rule I.3 states (emphasis is mine): "Prior Winners. Models that have won First-, Second-, or Third-place, or Outof-the-Box awards in any category of any previous IPMS/USA National Model Contest may not be entered in any subsequent IPMS/USA National Model Contest for awards, except as provided in Section II, Rule 19 (last sentence) and Section III, Rules 5--7. Previous award winners can be used as noted in Dioramas, Collections, Triathlon and Group entries. Models that have won an award as part of a Collection, Triathlon or Group entry may also be entered individually in subsequent National Contests. However, models that have won individually, and as part of a Collection, Triathlon or Group entry, are not eligible for subsequent National Contests." Note that there is no exception for Juniors moving up to Standard categories in subsequent years. There is the qualifier in Rule I.2 that a Junior entrant may choose to enter any or all of his entries [for that year] in the Standard categories. Your son's model, and I am assuming we are talking about his excellent Perry frigate from the Omaha show, may be entered for an award as part of a diorama/vignette (II.19) or as part of a Trathalon, Collection, or Group Entry (III.5-7). It may also be shown as a Display Only entry. I hope this answers your question. Ed Grune NCC Head Ship Judge
  6. Austin-Bergstrom International Airport (ABIA) is 11 minutes from San Marcos (per Google maps). San Antonio is 49 minutes. There should be a SuperShuttle available to take you to/from ABIA to San Marcos Embassy Suites for not too much money. Depending on your departure country and airline you may not be able to fly direct to ABIA, but you should be able to pick up a connector through from Dallas/FtWorth (DFW), Dallas Love (LUV), or Houston Bush (IAH). United, American, Southwest, Alaska, Delta, plus code share partners service ABIA
  7. Err, Umm! Del Rio is about a 3 1/2 to 4 hour drive to San Marcos, TX where the 2020 convention will be held. San Antonio is only marginally closer. IPMS San Antonio's ModelFiesta will be held there on February 16 of this year Thats not bad considering you can drive for 8+ hours and never leave the State
  8. Yes, the judges are briefed before entering the contest room on Friday evening, but there is no Judges Handbook. What is most often referenced during the 'What Judges Look For' seminar presented during the convention is the 'Modelers Guide to IPMS Contests', often called the Competition Handbook. While the handbook is available in some classes, it is not provided nor considered required reading by the judges before or during contest judging. The handbook may be found on the NCC page on the IPMS/USA website at this link: http://ipmsusa.org/national_contest_committee/competion_handbook.shtml The preface material on the webpage is instructive: "This Handbook is designed for the use of modelers everywhere, competitors and non-competitors alike. For competitors, it outlines the basic principles that guide IPMS model contests. For judges, it outlines the standards and objectives that make for fair, effective, and efficient competitions. For all modelers, it is a single best reference on how to look at models objectively: to know what to look for, to know what others are looking for, and to learn how to set personal standards of satisfaction and accomplishment."
  9. Been there, done that. 2018 Rules Paragraph II.2. Concurred and unchanged for 2019
  10. Liberty Ships were designated EC2-S-x. E indicated Emergency Construction. C2 was the length code, S - Steam, and x the builder. My hull of my fathers ship, the USS Oberon (AK-56/AKA-14) launched in early 1942, was rather indistingishable from a Liberty. While she was build originally for MARAD, her hull code was C2-S-F (for Federal Shipbuilders of Kearny NJ. Of course there were differences between EC2- and C2- ships, most of them being internal or construction expediency. Deckhouses and goalposts varied with the assigned mission. For example, the Oberon had strengthened cargo handling booms to allow for heavy cargo such as LCMs and tanks. The Oberon also had a streamlined funnel, while other C2- and EC2- had an oval or round funnel. Building yard considerations In plastic, 1:350 scale, there is the Trumpeter Jeremiah O'Brien or John Brown kits. Iron Shipwright makes a Liberty in resin & brass. Toms Modelworks used to as did l'Arsenal. Thats about it in a larger scale. In 1:700, again there is the Trumpeter kits, also PitRoad in plastic. There are several resin producers, including NNT and HP. To get to a civilian post-war C2, remove the guns and gun tubs. Adjust the deckhouse as desired and IAW references, enclosing the bridge as needed. Again, funnel per references or desire Paint, probably a black hull with white deckhouse. Add steamship line colors to the funnel
  11. Texas Roadhouse for steak? Eeewuu! You're not from around here are you son? Lockhart is less than a half hour away toward the east. Black's Barbeque, Smitty's Market, Kreuz Market. Some of the best 'que in the state. Often ranking at the top of the 'Texas Monthly' semiannual best barbeque edition. https://austin.eater.com/2016/6/16/11954976/lockhart-texas-barbecue-where-to-eat
  12. The convention hotel in Chattanooga is the Marriott. There are several other hotel chains in the downtown area. For the eclectic there is the Choo Choo where you can stay in old railroad sleeper cars
  13. Membership has its perks. That reminds me of back in the run up to the 2000 show in Dallas. We were proposing limiting the admission on Wednesday afternoon to IPMS members only. Why should a person who does not think highly enough of the organization to join up be given the opportunity to get into the country's largest hobby shop ahead of someone who does support it. OMG! You'd have though that we were banning the use of Xacto blades in modeling
  14. The NCC is attempting to be proactive regarding 3D printing technology as opposed to reacting to what should we do when someone suddenly walks in and drops a 3D project on the table. 3D printing technology is evolving and maturing. What we saw in 2017 may well be obsolete in 5 years. We intend to review 3D rules each year based on inputs from the membership. To your questions: If Shapeways designer ETS-35 completes a Hotchkiss H-35 using his 3D parts that he has designed and enters it in our competition it will be considered a standard 1:35 armor entry. It is commercially available from Shapeways. Per the rule it is not considered to be scratchbuilt. it will be judged against the other standard entries using the existing craftsmanship criteria. The same can be said if you purchased the kit, completed it, finished it and brought it to the competition. The designer/scratchbuilt question is moot in this case. Parts are parts, be they 3D printed, resin, brass, white metal, turned metal, etc. Using 3D technology to enhance a kit detail is acceptable. Is there an available tank model on which these 3D piece parts could be added to make a new version? I'm not an armor guy here. This would be considered a commercial conversion. Note the rule caveat about a conversion requiring a significant change in configuration. if a model is scratchbuilt using standard materials (i.e. you built the tank body from sheet styrene) and used 3D printed roadwheels that could be considered a scratchbuilt entry as there is an allowance for minor items (wheels, guns, etc.) We have not seen the condition where a designer builds a complete complex model which is not otherwise commercially available and enters it as scratchbuilt. If it happens the NCC will address the situation. An option may be to have a 3D category To your comment to Gil regarding using 3D parts as masters for resin kits, that has been done for several years now. Several resin ship manufacturers do this. The printed parts are cleaned up and refined to remove the printing artifacts and used as masters for resin casting. The completion of the kit still requires the manual skills typically associated with modeling. Ed Grune Head Ship Judge National Competition Committee
  15. SanMarcos is located midway between Austin, TX and SanAntonio. Its location as a convention site for us makes economic sense. It is a short drive to either of these cities and the museums/facilities they offer. Fredericksburg, TX and the Museum of the Pacific War/Nimitz Museum is a short drive. Houston (NASA, USS Texas) is a bit more. The IPMS chapters in Texas have committed their assistance in putting on the show. SanMarcos has an Embassy Suites based convention center, for your better half there are several outlet malls nearby Air access via either Austin/Bergstom airport or SanAntonio International
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