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  1. So, is OKC Metro providing the post-show debrief and feedback on judging which Mark Persichetti (NCC) described in his March/April Journal article? If the forms are not in-hand, the R6 Coordinator (Sean Glaspell) can provide them, as can Mark or other NCC members
  2. March/April was received about 2 weeks ago, 20 miles south of you
  3. Thanks for the heads up. I just bought some for Thursday (8/19) also. Show is dark on Wednesday, Friday evening is judging, and Saturday is awards (such as they are). My wife and I are looking forward to it
  4. There is no requirement levied, pro or con, in Rule III (and following) regarding bases. Nick addresses bases under II.14 [and II.15], which if you are not in compliance with, will move you out of the armor categories to vignette/diorama where there are no OOB awards. Under armor OOB specifically, you may block off a visual sight line through the bottom of an open sponson - and I would imagine by extension blocking under/through an engine grill. Add antennas, drill out guns. Use what came with the kit -- no aftermarket guns, stowage, or incidental details. Look what won previously in
  5. Trumpeter's Jeremiah O'Brien or John Brown Liberty Ships will fill the bill as tramp steamers. After the war many were seconded to commercial maritime operators. remove the gun tubs and paint in house colors and you are good to go for a civilian subject. They are plastic in 1:350 and 1:700 scales. PitRoad made some 1:700 scale versions as AKs. There are also resin & brass kits of Liberties from L'Arsenal amd Iron Shipwright in 1:350 Loose Cannon made some 1:700 scale resin & brass C-1, C-3, and C-4 subjects as well as some tanker and interwar subjects. They may be a lit
  6. But perhaps stick a piece of tape over the 'Captured SdKfz ... ' plaque on the front of the base. It confuses the story you want to tell. You are capturing all of these figures at 'a moment in time', but your SdKfz was captured long enough ago to have US markings field applied. The half-track is the centerpiece, but the story is the men.
  7. Penn & Teller show at the RIO. This linked site and others show that there will be shows thru June. Does anyone know if Penn & Teller will be performing in August? (Asking for my wife).
  8. My wife and one of her girlfriends are talking about a post-pandemic family trip for July 2022 to Orlando. What are the dates of the convention in Omaha so I can get it on the calendar before they firm up the trip dates?
  9. Just to square the circle on this, Edgar Seay, Jr or Junior as he was known among friends, passed away yesterday (2/19/21) after a long illness. He was 79.
  10. The OP may be talking about the "Latest Issue" posted on the IPMS home page, May/June issue with McFadden's redneck houseboat on the cover. I have received two issues since that one, the latest just this week.
  11. Their IT department was in-house. When they closed the doors the webmaster left with the only copy of the website password.
  12. Registering also gets you the swag bag which day-trippers don't get. Pin, decal, brochures, etc. You may be able to buy the decal sheet from a resale vendor after the show for an additional 10 to 20 bucks.
  13. Don’t laugh, a club I was associated with in NY, at the monthly meeting when members would stand up for their show & tell, they would start as ‘ My name is Ed, and I’m a modeler’.
  14. Digging through my photos to update my new desktop, came across this of the Hallmark Disney Christmas Ornament from a few years back ... That's a USofA dime for scale. The Nautilus doesn't look out of place among other 1:350 sub models on the shelf
  15. 1). Paper or masking tape belts are fine. What is not allowed are manufactured belts 2). Rigging & antennas as shown on instructions or box art are allowed. May be either stretched sprue or wire 2a). Adding piping or brake lines to an OOB built us not allowed, whatever the material. Aftermarket decals/alternate markings are always allowed Jim Clark, head AC judge, was supposed to be looking at the AC OOB rules in light of the multi-media included in many modern kits (vis Eduard Profipak vs Weekend) Perhaps aligning them similar to Ships Single Media/High Tech
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