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  1. EFGrune

    Stripe Decals

    Fantasy Printshop from the UK makes a set of missile warhead/motor bands. Check their catalog for other colors. Ive made the purchase of a single set from them and it was rather painless. With the exchange rate of less than 1:1 it may be a good time to look there
  2. NCC's final report on Omaha will be going to the board soon. The short answer is that in Omaha BKB entries comprised 10% of the total entries (2713). By comparison 2021 in Vegas the OOB entries accounted for 12% of the total (2680). The change is not significant, but will be monitored. If the change becomes significant the entire OOB/BKB concept may be evaluated for deletion Ed Grune -- NCC Head Ship Judge
  3. Well, a half hour away is the location of three of the best BBQ joints in the State. Lockhart (no. not the IPMS President) is the home of Kreuz, Black's, and Smitty's. No trip to central Texas is complete without some real barbecue, cut to order in the pit room and served on red butcher paper. No sauce, or sauce on the side if you must!
  4. The Texas isn’t being pulled out until later this month or sometime in September, hurricane season allowing. They’re going to have to completely re-bottom her, plus structure. Can’t say that will be a quick - or cheap - job. Summer 2023 is unlikely. There are still negotiations as to where to put her once repaired. Beaumont is the latest to enter the fray. I fear that Beaumont may be on par or a slightly worse location than the current location in LaPorte. Orange, just next door to Beaumont, lost the destroyer Orleck which was even built there. No reason to go there unless to specifically to visit the ship. And few other reasons to go to or through Beaumont - other than driving from Houston to Baton Rouge. I think the speaker of the state house is from Beaumont - so the fix might be in. Putting her in Galveston, Port Aransas, or elsewhere on the mid-coast might be better choices (IMO) for long term support. Lots of beach and/or cruise ship visitors. Or my other option — dredge the Trinity River and put her in Dallas They say a boat is a hole in the water into which you throw money. A ship is a bigger hole.
  5. The 1:1 truck guys have a reference for several shades of Mack Green dating back to 1937 https://paintref.com/paintref/make/green_Mack.shtml Knowing your subject year, you can probably work backwards from one of these color chips on this page. To my eye there is some blue in it, making it a deep-dark teal
  6. If you are planning on driving to next year’s convention in San Marcos, TX, plan ahead and add a couple of days to your itinerary. About 2 hours west of San Marcos is Fredericksburg. It is the site of the childhood home of Admiral Chester Nimitz and is the home of the National Museum of the Pacific War. It is a wonderful museum with a good collection of hardware. IMO, the description of the roots of the war – the conflicts between Japan and China -- are better explained than at other museums such as the WWII Museum in New Orleans. There are also good food and drinks in the area. Fredericksburg is the capital of the Texas Wine Trail. There are numerous wineries, breweries, and distilleries in town and along highway 290 toward Johnson City. While the San Marcos convention will be offering a Fredericksburg tour, it really takes several days to do the area well. Perhaps that is why the museum’s entry is a two-day ticket. There are a number of hotels and B&Bs in the area. Speaking of Johnson City, it is the site of LBJ’s Texas White House. The last time we were there, the buildings were closed and undergoing conservation but driving tours and access to the grounds are available. Out back of the home is the Boeing Jetstar, Air Force One-half, that was used to fly into the ranch. If your significant other is a fan of Chip & Joanne, and all things Magnolia, Waco is about two hours north on I35. Plan ahead to keep SWMBO happy and allow you free rein in the vendor room at the convention. In addition to their Silos, Waco is also the location of the Texas Ranger and Dr Pepper museums and Baylor University. There is construction on the Interstate in Waco which the State says will be finished ‘soon’. (We’ve been waiting for 27 years for ‘soon’ to come.) About an hour east of San Marcos on I10 in Schulenberg is the Stanzel Model Aircraft Museum. Stanzel was one of the major manufacturers of wood and tissue flying aircraft models in the first half of the 20th century. The museum is at their former plant. The museum is only open M/W/F and Saturday so plan your trip accordingly. If you are entering Texas from the northwest at Amarillo, divert a bit south to the Palo Duro Canyon. It is located, appropriately, in the city of Canyon. Palo Duro is the second largest canyon in the US (see, everything in Texas isn’t the largest!) The eroded cliff formations called “Mexican Dresses” are spectacular. While in Canyon, check the Panhandle-Plains Museum on the campus of West Texas A&M University. It covers dinosaurs to pioneers, oil to wind energy, Route 66, and the High Plains. My wife and I found it very interesting and were there until they ran us out.
  7. Youtube video from Squadron TV, Loren Perry reminisces on how photoetched brass details for models came to be. Loren won several IPMS awards using the then new process of photoetch details. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ufr_GoWt6es Loren Perry has recently announced his retirement and has sold the ship product line of Gold Medal Models to Squadron Hobby. Brandon Lowe at Squadron is committed to retain the quality of the GMM product and will continue to use the same etcher as Loren has been using
  8. Ships did well, within the cyclical numbers seen in their OOB-Single Media Only category in recent years. It is my understanding that Aircraft and Autos were also well supported. The complaints among the armor modelers seemingly were that multimedia kits (i.e. those with PE, turned metal, and/or resin bits) entered in BKB were moved to the standard categories leaving the categories perhaps 'under subscribed'. The chief complaint was that the awards for these categories could have been better used as potential splits in some of the standard categories. See comments above about not modelers reading the rules. In the past the NCC Contest Recorder has produced a final report to the eBoard which contains, in eye blurring detail, the number of entries in each category as well as trends in category participation. The NCC uses that information to identify trends for categories to be added, deleted, or changed. New categories are typically given a minimum 3 year run to see how well they do, and are not a flash in the pan. At the NCC meeting in Omaha, one of the lessons learned from a trial run at a local contest as well as at the Nationals was that 'Basic Kit Build' was perhaps too esoteric and the working title 'Single Media Only' which was used while the rules changes were being considered should be going forward. It is more descriptive of the intent of the changed categories. This will be discussed at an upcoming zoom meeting
  9. Yeah. The NCC had an informal get together on Thursday before judging and one of the topics of discussion was Omaha room block reservation ‘feature’. One solution discussed was adding 10 rooms to the local staff & board block. That got Eileen’s pen working taking notes Len, did that suggestion get flowed up to you?
  10. The number given to the head judges as we sat around over a beer following the best-ofs was 2808 making it the third largest on record.
  11. Ship judges at Omaha after completing the Best Ship decision
  12. Mark Persichetti was saying last week that the Colorado (2013) show was looking like they were going to have a large shortfall in the required convention room nights at the hotel. The hotel staff worked with the local committee to get some attendees who were at the hotel but not in the convention rate block accommodated. They also got some people from overflow hotels rebooked into the convention hotel. They still came up short and it was going to cause the rent on the convention space to go from 5 grand up to 13 grand. The local committee bought 12 room nights at the hotel that went vacant to save the 8 grand upcharge.
  13. I have contacted my judges named Steve and have alerted them to your forum post and to respond accordingly Ed Grune NCC Head Ship Judge
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