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  1. Registering also gets you the swag bag which day-trippers don't get. Pin, decal, brochures, etc. You may be able to buy the decal sheet from a resale vendor after the show for an additional 10 to 20 bucks.
  2. Don’t laugh, a club I was associated with in NY, at the monthly meeting when members would stand up for their show & tell, they would start as ‘ My name is Ed, and I’m a modeler’.
  3. Digging through my photos to update my new desktop, came across this of the Hallmark Disney Christmas Ornament from a few years back ... That's a USofA dime for scale. The Nautilus doesn't look out of place among other 1:350 sub models on the shelf
  4. 1). Paper or masking tape belts are fine. What is not allowed are manufactured belts 2). Rigging & antennas as shown on instructions or box art are allowed. May be either stretched sprue or wire 2a). Adding piping or brake lines to an OOB built us not allowed, whatever the material. Aftermarket decals/alternate markings are always allowed Jim Clark, head AC judge, was supposed to be looking at the AC OOB rules in light of the multi-media included in many modern kits (vis Eduard Profipak vs Weekend) Perhaps aligning them similar to Ships Single Media/High Tech
  5. Photos in Stillwell's Arizona book (1941) do not show a ladder fore or aft sides of the funnel. Kagero's 3D drawings of the Arizona show a ladder from the platform at the level of the observation platform, in several breaks, to the top of the funnel. This ladder os on the forward side of the funnel. There are also ladders shown in Kagero leading to the observation platforms midway up the sides of the funnels Above these platforms, on their roofs, are gun tubs. While no light guns are shown, there are deflection pipes shown. Above these platforms are "monkey bars" which would
  6. They WERE moved, some dragged kicking and screaming.
  7. The scale associated with OO gauge is 1:76. Many other of the old Airfix and Matchbox armor kits were listed as either 1:76 or OO In the model railroad world gauge refers to the distance between the rails
  8. What’s happening with the chapter awards for the 2020 year: Website, Newsletter, Member, and Chapter of the Year? Being announced this year or will they be deferred to next year too?
  9. In Mark Persichetti’s article in the current issue of the journal he indicated that the active membership at the time of the election of officers and the GSB question was 4020.
  10. I think Phil Perry is working on a bounce-height test for that category🤥
  11. I'll speak to the judging issue. The NCC is working on a plan to have the teams of three doing independent evaluation and each member produce a ranked list of their top 5 or 6 entries in a category. The lists will then be merged in a form of rank choice voting to determine final placement. Detais are still being worked out. There were other options; popular vote and single person judging were discussed and discarded. As of last week, all of the NCC judges have indicated that they are planning on attending. However Eileen Persichetti has said she will not be going . The effort
  12. Things may be coming to a head. Tarrant county (FtWorth/Arlington) has just implemented a mask policy which will expire 3 August. That puts all of the big cities (perhaps except Lubbock where there are more cows than people) under a mask wearing policy. governor Abbott has also just cancelled elective surgeries in Harris (Houston), Bexar (San Antonio), Travis ((Austin) and Dallas counties. He didn’t want to shutdown but 10% infection rate was his red flag. Passed that a day or two ago
  13. Judge Becerra’s order also directs businesses to develop and implement a plan to ensure that patrons comply with mask use. Penalties may be borne against the business, not the individual who declines to wear a mask A person who declines to wear a mask may be denied entry to a business. Business licenses/occupancy permits may be pulled if egregious. At least 17 bars in the state have been closed by the ABC board for failing to follow distance requirements since this weekend
  14. Point of information. As of Tuesday morning (23_June) there is no statewide mandatory mask order. Governor Abbott has expressed concern about the infection and hospitalization rate, but has declined to issue a statewide order.
  15. You would probably help them better by buying one or more trophy packs. Decals, pins, and typical swag bag items are cheap. The cost of putting these sorts of things on are often in the awards. They are obligated to provide upwards of 180 trophy sets, all awarded or not. Heck, we found un-awarded 2000 Dallas convention plaques when we cleaned out MAL Hobby last year
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