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  1. EFGrune

    2020 and beyond

    The convention hotel in Chattanooga is the Marriott. There are several other hotel chains in the downtown area. For the eclectic there is the Choo Choo where you can stay in old railroad sleeper cars
  2. EFGrune

    A few questions

    Membership has its perks. That reminds me of back in the run up to the 2000 show in Dallas. We were proposing limiting the admission on Wednesday afternoon to IPMS members only. Why should a person who does not think highly enough of the organization to join up be given the opportunity to get into the country's largest hobby shop ahead of someone who does support it. OMG! You'd have though that we were banning the use of Xacto blades in modeling
  3. EFGrune

    3-D printed models prohibited?

    The NCC is attempting to be proactive regarding 3D printing technology as opposed to reacting to what should we do when someone suddenly walks in and drops a 3D project on the table. 3D printing technology is evolving and maturing. What we saw in 2017 may well be obsolete in 5 years. We intend to review 3D rules each year based on inputs from the membership. To your questions: If Shapeways designer ETS-35 completes a Hotchkiss H-35 using his 3D parts that he has designed and enters it in our competition it will be considered a standard 1:35 armor entry. It is commercially available from Shapeways. Per the rule it is not considered to be scratchbuilt. it will be judged against the other standard entries using the existing craftsmanship criteria. The same can be said if you purchased the kit, completed it, finished it and brought it to the competition. The designer/scratchbuilt question is moot in this case. Parts are parts, be they 3D printed, resin, brass, white metal, turned metal, etc. Using 3D technology to enhance a kit detail is acceptable. Is there an available tank model on which these 3D piece parts could be added to make a new version? I'm not an armor guy here. This would be considered a commercial conversion. Note the rule caveat about a conversion requiring a significant change in configuration. if a model is scratchbuilt using standard materials (i.e. you built the tank body from sheet styrene) and used 3D printed roadwheels that could be considered a scratchbuilt entry as there is an allowance for minor items (wheels, guns, etc.) We have not seen the condition where a designer builds a complete complex model which is not otherwise commercially available and enters it as scratchbuilt. If it happens the NCC will address the situation. An option may be to have a 3D category To your comment to Gil regarding using 3D parts as masters for resin kits, that has been done for several years now. Several resin ship manufacturers do this. The printed parts are cleaned up and refined to remove the printing artifacts and used as masters for resin casting. The completion of the kit still requires the manual skills typically associated with modeling. Ed Grune Head Ship Judge National Competition Committee
  4. EFGrune

    2020 and beyond

    SanMarcos is located midway between Austin, TX and SanAntonio. Its location as a convention site for us makes economic sense. It is a short drive to either of these cities and the museums/facilities they offer. Fredericksburg, TX and the Museum of the Pacific War/Nimitz Museum is a short drive. Houston (NASA, USS Texas) is a bit more. The IPMS chapters in Texas have committed their assistance in putting on the show. SanMarcos has an Embassy Suites based convention center, for your better half there are several outlet malls nearby Air access via either Austin/Bergstom airport or SanAntonio International
  5. EFGrune

    3-D printed models prohibited?

    The subject of 3D printed models was discussed during the NCC meeting at last year's convention. Examples of 2017 state-of-the-art models and details were shown. Both during the NCC meeting and afterward, the opinions of various modelers who are familiar with 3D technology were solicited. The general consensus of opinion was that since the process of making a 3D model does not typically employ the "manual skills" of modelbuilding (cutting, sanding, glueing, etc) they are not scratchbuilt models, and may not be entered in scratchbuilt categories. 3D printed detail parts may be used. They are considered to be just like resin, photoetch, or other such material. A conversion using 3D printed parts is considered to be a commercial conversion as opposed to a scratchbuilt conversion. A totally 3D printed model may be entered in the appropriate category. 3D kits were present at last year's Nationals, in the ship and spacecraft categories (of which I am aware). Ed Grune, Head Ship Judge IPMS-USA National Competition Committee
  6. EFGrune

    Vermont Aiir Natiional Guard

    Draw Decals and XtraDecal (Hannants) both make decals for Green Mountain F-102 TwoBobs and Speed Hunter make decals for their F-16s Try googling 'Green Mountain Boys aircraft decals'
  7. EFGrune

    Looking for Revolutionary/Colonial Marine figures/busts

    Flagship Models offers some War of 1812 Marines http://www.flagshipmodels.com/zencart/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=12&products_id=110
  8. My wife and her sister are planning a 2019 vacation. What are the dates of the 2019 show? Need to get it on the calendar before their plans come together.
  9. EFGrune


    Joplin FX, out of somewhere in West Texas, did a non-authorized knock-off of the Disney 20K Nautilus. The hull shape was there, but the rakers were separate and the ends of the teeth were rife with bubbles. Solid resin, no interior. Difficult to impossible to light up the distingtive 'eyes'. After several years of attempts to fix the teeth it moved from the shelf of doom to File-13. A few years back Hallmark made an authorized Christmas ornament of the Disney Nautilus. It lights up with onboard batteries. It looks good with other submarine models on the shelf
  10. EFGrune

    Accurate detailed plans wanted for WW2 Willy's Jeep

    Go to jeepdraw.com. They have a complete set of drawings of everything on a WWII era jeep. It is intended for Jeep restorers. You may have to join and pay for the services. Also check the forums on G503.com, This is all things Jeep, again intended for the restorer.
  11. The National Competition Committee has finished updates to the categories and rules for 2018. The updated documents have been sent to the host committee and the IPMS webmaster to be put up, but there are a couple of items I wanted to share. 1) Commercial Ships (406). This category has been under subscribed for the past several years. It was established on a trial basis to see if there was interest. Unless there are a significant number of entries this year the category will be eliminated. 2) At the request of several of the ship judges there is a new category 'Ship Vignettes' in the Diorama/Vignette class. This is in addition to the existing Ship Diorama category. A vignette is a entry in which the whole of the presentation, model and base, is judged. A vignette differs, for our purpose, from a diorama that there is not a story. A ship vignette is a 'slice of time' or an environmental setting. Think of a ship taking green water over the bow or kicking up a roostertail wake, or just sitting at anchor over a reef. A ship vignette may be one or more ship/boat subjects as long as the individual subjects are not interacting with one another. Two ships on the same base sailing along is a vignette. Two ships interacting, firing on one another or performing UNREP, is more of a diorama. I hope to see support for this category. Again if there is no support it will go away
  12. EFGrune

    Categories and rules...when?

    2018 NCC Rules & Categories are going to the host chapter & IPMS webmaster today. No major changes, clarifications to diorama criteria and preplanned split terminology
  13. EFGrune

    Hobby Shops in Texas

    DFW -- don't bother, unless you have had your eye on something at Squadron for which the shipping is prohibitive. You can order via the website & pick up at the warehouse lobby. You save the shipping but have to pay sales tax. Otherwise your choice in the DFW area for armor is HobbyTown or Hobby Lobby.
  14. EFGrune

    3D copiers

    3D details are just like any other aftermarket detail item. Complete 3D kits are just like another kit but in a different/new medium. Above all consider the basics ... Construction; Flash, sprue gates, seams, alignment Painting; brush marks, overspray, even-ness of coat There may be a problem with the graininess of the 3D part substrate as far as the paint goes, but how was it handled in the basic construction? Decals; alignment, silvering
  15. EFGrune

    New ship Out of the Box rules and categories for 2016

    The rule for category 425 specifically includes a reference to the general rules III.2.A-E. Rule III.2.C states that rigging and antennas may be added to an Out of the Box entry. So, yes you may rig a multi-media entry per the rule