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  1. In Mark Persichetti’s article in the current issue of the journal he indicated that the active membership at the time of the election of officers and the GSB question was 4020.
  2. I think Phil Perry is working on a bounce-height test for that category🤥
  3. I'll speak to the judging issue. The NCC is working on a plan to have the teams of three doing independent evaluation and each member produce a ranked list of their top 5 or 6 entries in a category. The lists will then be merged in a form of rank choice voting to determine final placement. Detais are still being worked out. There were other options; popular vote and single person judging were discussed and discarded. As of last week, all of the NCC judges have indicated that they are planning on attending. However Eileen Persichetti has said she will not be going . The efforts to crunch the numbers to produce the results in time for the awards may be difficult. I suggested that Mark Persichetti say what our plan B was going to be. We'll catch flak one way or another. Perhaps better before than during & after. Ed Grune -- NCC Ship Judge
  4. Things may be coming to a head. Tarrant county (FtWorth/Arlington) has just implemented a mask policy which will expire 3 August. That puts all of the big cities (perhaps except Lubbock where there are more cows than people) under a mask wearing policy. governor Abbott has also just cancelled elective surgeries in Harris (Houston), Bexar (San Antonio), Travis ((Austin) and Dallas counties. He didn’t want to shutdown but 10% infection rate was his red flag. Passed that a day or two ago
  5. Judge Becerra’s order also directs businesses to develop and implement a plan to ensure that patrons comply with mask use. Penalties may be borne against the business, not the individual who declines to wear a mask A person who declines to wear a mask may be denied entry to a business. Business licenses/occupancy permits may be pulled if egregious. At least 17 bars in the state have been closed by the ABC board for failing to follow distance requirements since this weekend
  6. Point of information. As of Tuesday morning (23_June) there is no statewide mandatory mask order. Governor Abbott has expressed concern about the infection and hospitalization rate, but has declined to issue a statewide order.
  7. You would probably help them better by buying one or more trophy packs. Decals, pins, and typical swag bag items are cheap. The cost of putting these sorts of things on are often in the awards. They are obligated to provide upwards of 180 trophy sets, all awarded or not. Heck, we found un-awarded 2000 Dallas convention plaques when we cleaned out MAL Hobby last year
  8. Len, what does the San Marcos Embassy Suites see as the 'new normal'? There was a report on tonights NBC Evening News which they reported on sanitation and distancing procedures at hotels, centering their report on Hilton Hotels (parent company of Embassy Suites). blob:https://www.nbcnews.com/2646adf9-0a9c-4d55-938c-ed1096842501 No bellman at arrival, online check-in suggested, wearing masks required, one-person elevators, do not touch the stair railings signs, no buffets, no room service, distancing marks on floor, enhanced cleaning of public spaces, but limited room cleaning and in-room amenities. The Hilton Clean-stay program on their website says they will be rolling out their procedures soon. What does Embassy Suites say they will be doing the end of next month?
  9. Mark Young, the National Newsletter Distribution guy, has a link in his latest newsletter blast. https://mcusercontent.com/2ce6b9ff003945e52c05b12b0/files/5d7ad952-ee80-445d-a3cc-f235eeb67532/Tamiya_Paint_Mixes.pdf ou should also be able to access it via your local chapter's national newsletter point of contact
  10. Looking for an Alliance Modelworks 1:350 scale US Navy hatches photoetch set. OOP and not available from the usual suspects. I have found a set of plans of the USS Sphinx (ARL-24) conversion of an LST at the Library of Congress/Historic American Engineering Record https://www.loc.gov/pictures/search/?q=Drawing: va2038&fi=number&op=PHRASE&va=exact&co =hh&st=gallery&sg = true I'm in the process of converting the AFV Club LST to the Sphinx. The hull halves, aft deckhouse, a couple guntubs, and minor details are all that will be left. The rest are sheet plexiglass and styrene strip and sheet. I have started using the Alliance hatch set and would prefer to not change manufacturer & style in mid-bulkhead.
  11. As I understand, should the organizing committee cancel the convention while the city/county is open for business, the organizing committee will forfeit any deposits and are contractually liable for agreed to charges (tours, etc.). In addition they have already bought t-shirts and trophies with 2020 dates that are a lost expense if the show is canceled for any reason The city/county/state can close at anytime. Expenses, deposits should then be refundable. Our local show, Scalefest, was postponed about 6 weeks out We had sold 2 vendor tables, due to vendor uncertainty. We need about 80 tables to cover the hall rental If we canceled outright while the city was open we would default our deposit plus be liable for the whole hall rental We were given the option of rescheduling up to a year out without loosing the deposit. Unfortunately the Nats dont have that option to reschedule
  12. There is already a contract in place with Vegas for 2021. If not a contract, there is likely some agreement with Omaha for 2022. How good are the IPMS’s lawyers?
  13. Hey I really like these rodeo belt buckle style awards for category and best-of awards.
  14. There are four designated overflow hotels which will have shuttle service: Holiday Inn, Holiday Inn Express, Candlewood Inn, and Country Inn & Suites. Farther afield, across I35 (south of convention center) there is Homewood Suites and Baymont. Also Homewood Suites and a Days Inn. Same side of 35 but across Guadalupe from convention center there is a Wingate, Hampton Inn, and comfort Inn. You may want to bring up Google Maps for San Marcos and search area for hotels
  15. I'll throw my opinion to the problem. For a definative answer check with Dave Kahn (head armor judge) and/or Mark Persichetti (head judge). I have tried to get the NCC ahead of the 3D printing issue before we are met with the problem of a major 3D project dropped on the table and what do we do now? First of all - parts are parts, be they plastic, resin, metal, wood, paper, or are 3D printed. Paragraph I.4 addresses 3D printed KITS, not parts. A totally 3D printed kit may not be considered as scratchbuilt, even if done at home by the CAD designer. It may be entered in the appropriate standard category. Paragraph II.3; the use of 3D printed parts disqualifies the entry from being considered using scratchbuilt parts, rather they are considered as commercial parts. Even if they are printed & used by the CAD designer. Paragraph II.5 identifies the criteria for armor conversions, either scratchbuilt only (228) or kit-bashed/commercial (229). Categories 200-C Closed-top AFV through Korea, Allied. Generally a safe choice as long as the subject is a real-world thing. Real-world conversions do not have to be entered in a conversion category. 228 AFV Conversions Scratchbuilt. Not a valid choice since 3D parts are not considered scratchbuilt. 229 AFV Conversions Kit-bash [Commercial] Conversions. A safe choice since 3D printed parts are considered 'commercial' parts. 821 Hypothetical, Kit-bashed/Scratchbuilt. If your entry is a hypothetical, non-real-world subject this is the place for it to go. This would of course invalidate the 200-C or 229 choices above. This category is for both scratch-built and kit-bashed (i.e. commerical) entries. Ed Grune -- NCC Head Ship Judge
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