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  1. Greetings fellow modelers! I'm currently working on Tamiya's fantastic Spitfire Mk. I kit in 1:48 scale. I've also installed a motor/speaker/circuit board inside that I picked up from Magic Scale Modeling. It syncs the startup sound of a Merlin to the motor, runs for a bit, then powers down. It's totally plug and play too, which made it very easy to rig up. To hide the power cables going to the battery box, I've decided to make a small vignette or diorama of a grassy airfield. Since the Spit will be starting up, it makes sense to me that the scene should include a few figures and a smattering of ground equipment. To that end, I was able to locate and purchase an Airfix Battle Of Britain kit that includes: ten figures an Albion 3-Point Fueller a Bedford WMD light truck an oil bowser trolley accumulator an ammo cart wheel chocks There's also a Hawker Hurricane in there, but that's a project for another day. In my vision for this project, an RAF pilot is scrambling into his waiting Spitfire while the engine starts up. There's a great "pilot getting into the plane" figure and a ground crew member helping him along. The questions I have are these: Would the Spitfire be plugged into the accumulator while it's starting up? My guess is yes. Where? Would the Spitfire be started before/as the pilot is entering? I'm just curious if it's even a plausible scenario. Would the fuel truck be just hanging around nearby along with some of the other equipment? If the bird is already fueled and taking off, maybe the truck doesn't make the cut into the piece. Is a grass mat the best way to go for a base or would a dirt/mud base with static grass applied on top make for a better presentation? I'd have to get a static grass applicator or lots of those little stick-on grass tufts. I'm open to any help you fine folks can offer. If something I've done looks wonky from a historical perspective, let me know! I'm not a rivet counter, but I also don't want to have the pilot texting on his iPhone as he takes off to fight for the skies of London. If we ever get out of this pandemic, I'd love to enter it at a show. Thanks!
  2. Paul

    Tamiya P-51D WIP

    Thank you all so much for your kind words!
  3. Paul

    Tamiya P-51D WIP

    Thanks Chris! I recommend the kit, for sure, but if you're looking for a more detailed cockpit, you will probably want some PE or something. It's a bit plain.
  4. Paul

    Tamiya P-51D WIP

    Ok, stick a fork in this build cause I'm calling it done! I decided against doing a panel wash on this one, because I was too afraid I'd screw up the paint even using an acrylic wash. To be honest, I'm not sure it really needed one anyhow. Looking at the photos, there are a few decals I may treat with Mr. Marksofter to try to take care of some slight silvering, and I do need to fix one of the gear bay door position. But those are minor things that are more repairs than adding to the build. Overall, I'm fairly pleased with how this came out, especially since it's my first (completed) aircraft build and my first extensive bare metal finish. I like the lightly weathered look it's got, and I think it'll make a decent addition to the display case. Thanks to you all for the encouragement and advice!
  5. Paul

    Tamiya P-51D WIP

    Thanks Gil! I was looking for something that would make me look like even more of a lunatic, and I'm sure sticking tape to my forehead will fit the bill! 😂 It's a fashion choice!! Luckily, I'm half Italian so forehead oil is never in short supply. (Ew.) I changed my mind and decided to mask off the blue and repaint some of the problem areas last night. I think it looks a lot better! Now the question is - to Aquagloss or not to Aquagloss (before decals). I'm on the fence. I know the decal solutions can mess with the Alclad paint, but I thought application with water and then just a controlled brushing of any setting solution should contain any issues. Then again, what's a gloss coat hurt? Never used this particular one before but I do love their lacquer glosses. I believe Mark said he doesn't apply a clear coat, since the paint is smooth enough on its own. 🤷🏻‍♂️
  6. Paul

    Tamiya P-51D WIP

    Ok, I masked off the blue for the nose, and even after days of drying time for the Alclad, I still got some real roughening of the surface when I pulled off the Tamiya tape. I'm going to try polishing it tonight with some of micromesh, but next time I'd definitely clear coat the entire thing with Aquagloss before any masking. I'm going to press on without a clear coat when I do the decals, to see how they react. I think as long as I keep any setting solution off of the bare paint I'll be okay.
  7. Paul

    Tamiya P-51D WIP

    Dave, thank you! I will check this out for sure.
  8. Paul

    Tamiya P-51D WIP

    Well, the mistakes last night did rear their ugly heads on the fuselage paint job but it could definitely look worse. Sometimes I struggle with frustration trying to be perfect or match the level of someone like you, Mark, but I am pressing on! I’m disappointed the tape I used to mask the wing root left a line on the wing. Maybe some of those micro mesh cloths will help - I just ordered some. If not, weathering and decals may lend a hand concealing any really bad bits. I think the overhead shot shows the different shades of aluminum pretty well. Any tips on masking the blue nose? Thanks again for all your advice. It’s super helpful. I appreciate all the time you’ve put into your replies. It just goes to show we modelers have the best community around!
  9. Paul

    Tamiya P-51D WIP

    Thanks Mark! You were not kidding about edge of your seat action in that episode. I knew he got a kill before he had his gear up but the whole story is so much more than that. I put down the aluminum on the wings. It didn’t come out perfect but it’s a good first attempt. I used some Tamiya polishing compound on it and I must not have washed it all off well enough as there is some discoloration. The bottom starboard wing is growing a beard by the looks of all the little dust hairs on it. It’s funny the mishaps you have during a build and how they teach you things. Like, don’t fill the cup of your airbrush and have it spit up out of the cup and onto the unmasked area if your build. 🙄 And, don’t skimp on tape or you will get overspray onto the fuselage. I’m hoping it won’t be too noticeable when the build is done, but hey... it’s my first plane. They’re tricky, but I like ‘em.
  10. Paul

    Tamiya P-51D WIP

    Wow, Mark, that's some excellent work! You're seriously talented, and I bet you're a fantastic judge. I'm a sucker for box art, so I'm trying to replicate the Petie 2nd bird flown by Captain John Meyer. I think the blue nose will look really nice when it's done. My plan was to use Alclad paints, which I'm fairly comfortable with and which give excellent results (in my opinion anyhow). I will paint the fuselage highly polished aluminum to get that shine, and then use dull aluminum on the wings to try to lend that "painted silver" look. I'm sure I'll end up using some clear over the metallics for the decals; do you think I'll need to hit the dull aluminum wings with matte after to dull the clear shine? I appreciate the input!
  11. Paul

    Tamiya P-51D WIP

    Well, my arm is sore from polishing, but I will say the black base came out fairly nice. There are a few pebbly spots, but that just means MORE POLISHING!!!
  12. I picked up one of these from the Small Shop and I like it. It allows me to get very close cuts so I don't have much of a nub to remove. For what nubs I do have, I generally use a diamond file and in a few swipes it's clean. If the part is especially small or hard to file, I'll put the part in a parts bender on the flat side and clamp it down so it doesn't !!PING!! and get eaten by the carpet monster. Just my two pennies!
  13. Paul

    Tamiya P-51D WIP

    I feel like being in isolation I should bet getting more done, but real life is not respectful of how dedicated I am to my hobby. 🤷🏻‍♂️ Here're two more WIP photos where it actually starts looking like a plane.
  14. Thinking about masking that canopy to get the framing as nice as you did has made my eye start to twitch uncontrollably. 🤪
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