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  1. Hi All, I am looking for a clear photo of Tim Upson-Smith's Svoboda DK10 Tractor. Our photo of this tiny model is out of focus and we are looking or a better image. If you have one or know Tim, please let me know. John
  2. The San Jose club started in March 1964. Is that the oldest extant club?
  3. Jorge, Not to worry. The January/February issue might only be leaving the printers now. It should be in your mail box soon. John
  4. I'm working on the same kit. Nice job with that pesky seam around the collar.
  5. Hi All, I do not have enough images of this diorama for the contest issue of the Journal. If any of you have several high resolution images of this that I can use please PM me. Thank you, John
  6. Sorry, Steve. We have not changed our mind. I will email promptly. John
  7. Where's the like button? Are the white stripes done with a brush as they appear?
  8. We take photos of the winners from the judging sheets. So unfortunately we don't have a soft copy of anything that could be posted. The chapter, newsletter, etc awards are announced by the person at the podium at the time so there is no slide or text given to us to post. The Journal will have all that junk... eventually.
  9. I'm going to wait for the B. Hopefully that will not be far behind.
  10. Wow, Gil. That looks great.
  11. This looks great, Gil. I'm looking forward to seeing it complete.
  12. Nice work on the B-45! That kit is, er... large. I'm going to need a new curio should I ever get around to ruining, I mean, building mine.
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