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  1. Thanks for this link to the kit review and build posting. Great info. I will refer to this many times I am sure. Phil Scala
  2. Sent the pdf this afternoon to your email. Hope it is what you want. Build on brother! ps
  3. How do I get them to you? Email? Is there a way thru this site? pdf work? I will scan tomorrow and as soon as I have your contact I will send. I have a lot of the 1/12 old sets. I bought these kits when they were new and just released. l have the inst. for the kit when first released and I have them for the re-release with PE parts. Much the same just some extra graphic for the PE parts. You pick, I send. Glad to help a fellow traveler doing 1/12, not many of us. phil
  4. Going to build the Italeri of above soon. They provide lots of screws and nuts for construction. My question, original construction of 1:1 would have been bolts and nuts rather than screws? Frame and running gear would have bolted up as opposed to large screws? Where visible I want it to look original. Fussing about little detail I guess. Thanks for the feed back. Phil S
  5. I have the original instructions. I can scan and send. They are marked up with my notes. Let me know. Phil S
  6. Hey to all. Rejoin after absent for around 40 years. I am a car builder. I did the other stuff long time back, now 1/12 and 1/20 cars. Mostly F1 stuff. Now building kits bought 40 years ago, the original issue Tamiya stuff. I will have questions about all the new after market stuff we never had in the goo old days. Maybe I can share info also. I know a bit about painting and airbrush work. Hope all are well and projects going forward smoothly. Phil
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