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    Aircraft, civil and military from 1930 to 1955. Interviews with former professionals from this era have made it come alive.

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Aircraft Modeler, 1/48" and 1/32" scale. I've been a member of IPMS since 1981, and a member of IPMS North Central Texas (Dallas) from 1982 through 2004, and served as a judge on Local, Regional and National IPMS contests during that time period. Due to business reasons, I moved to the Austin, Texas area in 2005 and due to the hours I work it is difficult to attend some of the Austin Scale Modeler Society meetings. My interests are aircraft from 1930 through 1955, civil and military, (The Golden Age through the Jet Age). In the 1950's I grew up in a neighborhood that seemed to to be the center focus of takeoffs and landings for late piston engine fighters (last of the Naval Air Reserve F4U Corsairs, and F9Fs from NAS Dallas), B-36s, F-84s, and F-86s from Carswell Air Force Base in Fort Worth,Tx, and DC-6Cs, 7s, and Connies from Love Field, Dallas,Tx, and not to mention the Piper Cubs, Stinsons, and Beechcrafts from nearby Red Bird Airport. How could I not be interested? Around 1955 I built my first kit, an Aurora 1/144" B-17. My father was head of Contract Administration at Chance Vought Aircraft (Later LTV) since 1929 and knew a lot of the test flight, engineering and manufacturing personnel he invited over for dinner when weekends weren't so busy. I also worked for 20 years in the Aerospace business and had the priviledge of knowing retired Aerospace professionals (and some of the others I had known as a kid) who made that era come alive. To this day I remain keenly interested in that 25 year period of aviation history.

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