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  1. Thanks for replying Ron. Trying very hard but the seat is being persnickety. It won’t come off easily. What I am trying to do is work my way up the gap and at least try to minimize it from the top to where it makes contact.
  2. Thanks for replying Ralph. I guess I’m just amazed that this problem was reflected on the box photo with an obvious fix shown. This is certainly a first for me, albeit without a huge experience sample 😀 These forums are awesome!!!
  3. Gil and Mark, Thanks for weighing in on this issue. I’ll work to close that gap by bending the pad. The seatbelts will probably lay down nicer when that gap Is gone also. Stuart
  4. Gil, thanks very much for responding. While I was trying to resolve this problem I found many images of the completed model online. All of these photos show that same triangular gap. In fact, this photo shows that gap left empty by the person who built it. Do you think Italeri made a production error and decided to release as is? The photo on the box that I inserted in my first post clearly shows that gap filled with a material of different color and texture.
  5. Kevin and Ron - thanks for responding. I ended up in the Tools, Tips & Techniques forum and have posted updates there. It has been a learning experience for sure. I have used a model saw and handheld Dremel as well as wet sanding with sandpaper. Getting everything to a tight fit is difficult. The first figure is completely assembled and here are some photos. I am in the process of assembling the USAAF WWII Pilot now. Painting is hard and I posted in the other forum this morning.
  6. As I finish my 1/16 Sopwith Camel Diorama I decided to tackle this model. Both painting all of those knobs, toggles, switches, etc. and applying some very tiny decals has really challenged me and the result is cool, albeit from a comfortable distance, which is how it will be viewed so I get it. I have mixed brush and airbrush painting on large parts that should have all been done with the airbrush but I'm still getting used to using to it. I can certainly see a marked difference in quality since I have not mastered a light hand when brush painting large surfaces. I included a close up of the seat to ask some advice (you knew it was coming). There is an intentional large gap at the top of the cushion(?). This is not an error as shown on the photograph on the box where you see a change in texture/color. However, the instructions are completely silent on this and I struggled for a bit trying to figure out how I could have screwed it up before I looked closely. I've come to the conclusion that I should fill the gap with putty and try to model/paint the texture (I'll need good luck for that). Does anybody have other thoughts? Also, any advice on how to improve painting the details on the panels would be most welcome. Thanks for looking.
  7. I wanted to post an update of this 1/16 WWII RAF Pilot. I have completed most of the base colors following a chart from a model kit. Now it is time to paint the face and hands as well as shadows and highlights on the uniform; buttons, buckles, etc. There are also several places to "touch-up" because of my heavy hand. I have read several tutorials about shadows and highlights. Ditto for the face which in fact seems to me to be the hardest part if you have no artistic ability like me. As such, anything to add would be greatly appreciated. Comments, no matter how critical, would be most welcome. Thanks in advance.
  8. Thanks Mark. I have seen the many photos available online, etc. Unfortunately I don’t do well looking at colors on a computer and translating that into a specific paint. The Tamiya instructions are probably the most specific I can find. Appreciate your weighing in. Stuart
  9. Very cool looking Spitfire. 13 years, I’m impressed you never let it go. Can you tell me what color that is for the underside? I don’t think I have seen that before.
  10. Thanks for responding Mark, I’ll try some sanding before I prime/paint. I’m using the colors shown in a Tamiya model that I built. Does a color chart for WWII RAF pilots exist out there somewhere? Stuart
  11. Thanks very much Gil and Jean-Marc. There is a USAAF pilot to assemble and then paint. I also ordered some grass sheets to make the base for the diorama. A sign will be necessary. I appreciate your viewing and commenting on my posts.
  12. Thanks so much for responding. I found the German WWI pilots but ultimately failed to find British or American WWI pilots. My search ended when it seemed a design submitted to a 3D printer would be necessary. Thus the reason why I punted 😀
  13. I wanted to post the assembly of the first figure for my diorama. Ron‘s fantastic idea of doing this like in the museum was not incorporated because I already bought the pilot figures ☹️. This is the RAF pilot and I will assemble the USAAF pilot next. I also added a picture of the pilot standing next to the plane. He’s shading his eyes because there is no skin on the plane and the sun is shining through the framing 😀. By my calculations, this guy is 6‘3“ tall. That seems big for pilots but this is a 1/16 scale. As always, comments, and critiques would be very welcome. Two pilots admiring the old warbird.
  14. Well I got all the pieces assembled. When I joined the legs to the torso, it slipped so they’re a bit off center. You can see it clearly on the rear view. Also, I used CA glue to attach and it looks like I got a bit heavy in areas where I can see shiny stains on the figure. Hopefully, after I prime and paint these won’t be too obvious. Any comments or critiques would be welcome. I’ve got one more to assemble.
  15. Mark - I did find videos beforehand that clearly emphasized the use of a mask. What I didn’t expect was the strong odor that accompanies the dust ☹️. Also, I came across the word “gate” that allowed me to narrow my search on removing those huge blocks of resin. I used the tools noted by Dave and did a fair job getting the pieces ready to assemble. It takes some work to do this. Thanks so much for responding. I always enjoy viewing your aircraft posts and appreciate your responding to my questions. Stuart
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