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  1. Thanks so much for the response.
  2. I was able to find some videos of building this model. Unfortunately I have not found any including posts, etc. that discuss the need to grind and smooth the areas with protrusions. There was a video of a person unpacking the 1/200 USS Missouri and the hull looked perfectly smooth, unlike this one. Is the need to deal with these areas expected and therefore not discussed? Thanks. Stuart
  3. Now that sounds like a great plan. Have a Thunderbird F-4E and a Blue Angel F-4J. That would be really cool, the two sitting side-by-side, thanks! And, this way I can delay the F-4J purchase until my wife gets over my latest spending spree. Stuart
  4. I do have the Tamiya 1/32 F-4E and was originally planning to build it per the kit. I love that camouflage look. I also did not know that the Navy never flew it. I had a much older cousin that flew for the Navy, he’s probably turning over in his grave right now. Thanks for the responses guys, I’ll start looking for the F-4J. Were you serious about the trade thing? The F-4E is unopened. Stuart
  5. My boys gave me a Blue Angels poster for my birthday and I noticed the Phantom. I purchased a Phantom kit a while back so I changed my mind about how I was going to finish it. I was going to paint this in a Vietnam era scheme but now I want to finish with a Blue Angels scheme so I impulsively bought a decal set at the correct scale. However, it turns out that I bought an F-4E Phantom II kit while the Blue Angels used an F-4J Phantom II according to the poster. I don’t think a google search will help me with my questions. Will the decal set fit nicely on my plane or will there be significant modification required? Does anyone know of a paint set for that “era”? I haven’t had any luck but I hope you guys know where to point me. Finally, is this blasphemy?😀
  6. I am starting to assemble the instrument panel and have to apply the decals to the clear part. Should I treat the clear part as I do a wing surface for example? Decal set and then solvent? I wasn’t sure if this would make the clear part foggy. Thanks!
  7. Oh cool, thanks! I know I was a bit uneven with the application but I thought that might add to realism. On to the P-51!
  8. Actually, the original ended up in the middle. Stuart
  9. It took a while but I finally did it. Original engine at the bottom. Used lamp black artist oil with Mona Lisa thinner. Please provide your thoughts as this is the first time weathering for me.
  10. Thanks very much for posting the link. I’m reading the article now. Looks like a mosquito with the same paint scheme as I picked. Stuart
  11. Thanks Mark. Now I understand the complicated masking for canopies 😀 We had dinner with an artist last night and he showed me a trick for making straight lines with a liner brush. Stuart
  12. Those are really cool looking. I’m going to have to stick to brushes for now. Just so I’m sure, you don’t bother with masking if you’re brushing, only if you’re using an airbrush. I’m always looking, much to my wife’s chagrin, to improve the tools I use.
  13. Good morning, i have read several threads in other forums and watched a video but I would like to hear this forum’s take on this. Painting guides show perfect smooth lines at curves an I have yet to get that right. Stuart
  14. Yes it is! I almost gave up after ruining the engine on the very first plane I tried to build (P-51D). Happily I followed advice given on these forums. Put that one on the shelf, opened the Spitfire and started asking questions. Five models later I’m ready to build the P-51, my favorite. I bought a new engine sprue on EBAY and am starting from scratch. Stuart
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