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  1. Awesome idea, thanks for the suggestion and the kind words! I wonder why folks would build this one with the bomb bay closed.
  2. Thanks for the comments and suggestions, they will be well heeded in the future. This is the first model (my fourth in total) that required such an elaborate (at least in number of pieces) construction of a wheel/tire. I actually enjoyed it as the pieces fit so nicely and the paint filled the joints so I was quite happy with the result. I am anxious but patient to see this model finished. It’s too bad you have to lift it up all the time to see the really cool details 😀 Stuart
  3. I wanted to post progress photos of my build of the Tamiya 1/32 Mosquito. It would be great to read comments on how I can improve. Several photos were posted in the “techniques“ forum where i received very productive comments and i have put an aircraft weathering how-to book and some weathering products on my wishlist for Xmas. There is a specific issue that i wanted to discuss (although there is nothing i can do about it now). The wheel/tire assembly consisted of many pieces in order to mimic the flat spot at ground contact. I took great care in putting all of it together. However,
  4. Thanks for all of the ideas. I have to think about wether it will ultimately support weight. I provided this photo of the unbroken piece. Zoom in and you will see a similar shaped piece on the other side of it. It seems this would have been something to provide lateral stability of the gear which won’t be necessary for a static model. The weight should go through the rod and up into the stout vertical supports. The mud flap system was an independent assembly, at least in the model. This is making me think of my 35 years as a bridge engineer so it would be great to hear alternative
  5. Thanks so much for responding. The piece is barely .5 mm in diameter. I tried gluing back together but as soon as i tried to attach it just broke again at the weak spot. You are right, it doesn’t support any weight. I ended up putting it in place in two pieces and it seems to be holding, albeit a bit bent. Thanks again! Stuart
  6. Good morning - the first photo shows a broken piece that happened when trying to complete a wheel assembly. The left wheel in the third photo was a success. The piece is so flimsy. Should I punt and just write this off as another mistake? I would love to hear thoughts on how you would proceed with this. Thanks, Stuart
  7. Thanks so much for the kind words and i appreciate the input. I do love building these planes and plan to do so as long as my brain and hands let me. Retirement and Covid have finally provided the impetus to start. This mosquito I’m finding to be the biggest challenge so far. It’s going to take me a while but i plan build the P-51D next. What a beautiful plane that is. I thought about painting stripes in lieu of decals and i think that’s the only way to fix the F-14 decal debacle. One thing that’s hard to see in the photos is that the figures are very shiny. I found a video ab
  8. As you can see I have problems with decals (the stripe on the Spitfire) and reality (the closed canopy on the F-14 with the ladder attached) - is that possible? 😀
  9. These are the other planes i have worked on. The large decals on the F-14 ripped immediately and i need to remove them and finish the flat black markings.
  10. These are photos i took yesterday. Please comment on everything 😀 I don’t use an airbrush and struggle with getting a good finish. Thanks so much for your help.
  11. I would like to post photos and get feedback. the model is the 1/32 scale Mosquito by Tamiya. I've got the cockpit and engines built. should i post them here? I'm a little nervous about doing it since there will be many mis-steps but i really want to get thoughts on how/where to improve.
  12. Lots of legos (3 boys) and empty delivery boxes 😀. Thanks very much for the suggestions. Stuart
  13. Okay - the model allows you to display the engines so I'll assemble and paint after. thanks!
  14. Thanks very much for the response. sorry for not being specific enough. i understand the sub-assembly (the engine in this case) should be painted prior to attaching. my question is this. the engines on this model consist of many pieces (some quite small with tiny joins), all painted semi-gloss black. so do you assemble all of the many pieces of the engine and then paint them? or do you paint the pieces before cutting from the sprue? Stuart
  15. Good morning, Working on an airplane model and there are several steps where all of the individual pieces are painted the same color (for example the two engines that have to be assembled). Perhaps a simple question for you: should i paint after assembly of that step or on the sprue. i ask because some of the tiny connections cannot be easily masked (by me). I would love to hear thoughts on this. thanks, Stuart
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