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  1. Thanks very much for the “recipes” Pete and Gil. Lot’s to consider to make the engine look more realistic. Stuart
  2. Thanks for the prompt recommendation , I tend to dive right in 😀
  3. I only have used acrylic paint and water to clean my brushes so I’ll look for a wash online. It looks like there’s lots to choose from. I do see that the majority of them seem to be enamel so cleaning brushes will be different. As always, thanks! Stuart
  4. Thanks Gil. I appreciate all of the advice provided by you folks on fixing the issue PeteJ - are you thinking of a specific color wash? I’ll also do some research about it. Bought a book on weathering aircraft but still waiting for it. Stuart
  5. Just wanted to show you my progress on the model. I’m going to display the engine on the dolly next to the finished plane. As usual would love to hear comments and suggestions. thanks, Stuart
  6. So I used Vallejo Acrylic Putty to (try and) fill the gaps. I went through 3 cycles of apply, wait 20 minutes, trim, wait 24 hours, sand. I think I made a mess of it. There are two photos attached that are from the same view as the first two I posted. There are some areas that look pretty good and more that don't. I think I failed the go real slow advice. Also, on the first pass I put way too much on it. Getting the excess off made a mess right from the start and I had to sand too far beyond the gap. The last two passes I did a much better job of application. Saving grace, a good leng
  7. I really appreciate the kind words and most of all the patience with my incessant need to ask for clarification on provided responses. Per usual I will print out the responses providing experienced insight and recommendations to my ever thickening notebook. Once I had the opportunity to restart this hobby the best thing I did was join this organization and post on these forums. I am very happy with the Mosquito. I got very excited when I found a YouTube video with the exact paint scheme I chose for this one. What a beautiful plane and I think I did it justice. As I noted I am sta
  8. I hope you guys don‘t think I was rude but I did not know these additional responses were posted. I did end up fixing this, it looks a bit jury-rigged but only if you get real close 😀 I will do some homework to see if I can set notifications when folks post responses to my questions. Don‘t want anyone thinking I am ignoring someone taking their time to help me. Love these model planes. Stuart
  9. Ordered some stuff recommended here and I’ll start working when I get it Saturday. The ribbed areas have me worried most, not sure i could ever replicate that profile. I’ll see it to the end but if it doesn’t go well I can always display it with the engine installed (cowardly but practical 😀) and still build a tow vehicle with an empty dolly. Thanks so much to everyone for the advice and recommendations. I appreciate the patience with my questions. Stuart
  10. Thanks very much, I worked really hard on doing this one. I will definitely look into the decals you noted. I’m working on the F-16 next so that’s where i will focus my search. Stuart
  11. Thanks so much for the technique, I’ll have the opportunity to try it out soon, I’m sure.
  12. Thanks for the kind words, i really enjoyed this one. Decals continue to be frustrating for me. They went on nicely when I built the Corsair but not so much on this one. I have to start trying the solutions that are sold at hobby stores but I don’t see how that will help the tiny ones. One thing for sure is I’m having a great time trying. My goal is too have one plane from all of the major wars, all at the same scale. WWI and Korea need to be filled in.
  13. Thanks so much for the clarification, I’ll get to work. Not going to lie though, had to look up FOD.😀 Stuart
  14. I apologize for not completely following your first suggestion. When you say cover with covers do you mean some sort of thin strip of plastic to “hide” the gaps? I’m still new to this. I do have a Tamiya modeling putty but I was not sure if it was appropriate for a small gap. Thanks so much for responding so quickly, very much appreciated. Stuart
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