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  1. I called Precision Enterprises today and the fellow was very nice. He told me that there is 10-feet in a bag and the cost was $15 + around $5 shipping. Given the 10-feet I only ordered one bag. Unfortunately they only have the one size so it seems it may be a bit undersized for the 1/32 scale I am building.. Thanks for the reference, Stuart
  2. Thanks Gil, I’ll give them a call on Monday and will post back with how it goes. Stuart
  3. Thanks very much for the reply Gil, it helps greatly. I have some homework to do. BTW, I searched for Wonder Wire and could only find something by Playable Art, some kind of twisted/spiral wire. I’ll keep looking but is there a brand name I should look for? Stuart
  4. So I’ve decided to finally build a WWI plane for my collection. I am close to the point where the instructions show interior rigging (see photo). There was a great thread here about rigging biplanes but I am still at a loss. The interior framing of this model is made up of incredibly thin parts and I do not see how to drill any holes to pass the rigging line though. As usual, I was hoping that someone might have some words of wisdom. Thanks in advance for any advice. Stuart
  5. I‘ll start looking into a single action device but I have to figure out how to vent it. My father-in-law used an airbrush for retouching photos and had quite a huge fan/vent system to get it outside. I‘ll do some research on that matter. Thanks Mark.
  6. Thanks very much for the comments and suggestions Mark. I have tried several different brands of paint (and even brushes) to see if I can find the paint “sweet spot”. Also, I do thin certain brands of paint according to recommendations I can find on the internet. I only use acrylics and water for thinning. Perhaps I need to invest in an airbrush 😀 BTW, the models you post here look pretty masterful to me! Thanks again for all your help. Stuart
  7. Gil, Thank you very much for taking the time to comment on my build. This is exactly what I was hoping to hear, ways to improve the finished product. I will definitely make all of these changes where possible. I’m not sure I can remove the decal but if not I’m hoping to find an exact duplicate to place on top of the existing one. I have to find a way to fix it though, its disrespectful and I’m embarrassed to say that I never noticed this. I’m going to go back and check my other models to see if I did this on any of those. Looking at the overhead view you can see that I still need practice brush painting these huge models. Is there a competition category for brush painting? If anybody else has more comments they would be greatly appreciated. I’m considering “next steps” and would love to know how the models would stand up. For example, I know that the lack of weathering may be a negative but wonder about highlighting panel lines. Is this a “necessity” for competitions? I promise you that I will not fall into the the “the bad” or the “the ugly” categories described in the current issue of the Journal 😀 Thanks again Gil! Stuart
  8. I finished the F4E recently and would appreciate your thoughts. This one was fun to build and I love looking at Phantoms. Thanks for all the help.
  9. Gil, Given my little experience with model building I usually do not chime in on these build threads. I just want to say that your work here is incredible. Whoever you are building this for will, I am sure, be absolutely thrilled. Stuart
  10. Good afternoon all, I wanted to post updated progress on the F-4E. As you can see I had to fill the spaces at the top of wing/fuselage interface. The space is nicely filled, I’m happy with the profile. Any recommendations for smoothing out the excess just above and outside of the interface on the fuselage and wing? I’m worried it is going to mess up the painted surface. Stuart
  11. I am finishing up my 1/32 scale F-4E and its the first model by Tamiya that I have built that did not come with specific paint masks for the canopy. The two rear sections are fairly straight forward given the even edges but I am still having trouble figuring out how to get precise shapes given the curve of the glass. The front section has a curved frame. Do any of you guys have a method for creating “complex” shaped (or even simple shaped) masks using the canopies provided in the kit? Stuart
  12. I too restarted this hobby about 18 months ago after 30 years lost 😀 My models are far from competition worthy but the forums here have been incredible in answering questions and providing advice. Everyone has been very patient and forthcoming with recommendations. If you can find my F-16 thread in the “Aircraft” forum you’ll see what I mean. I hope I understood your question correctly and strongly recommend you use these forums as you restart building. Stuart
  13. Thanks to everyone for the very kind words. I do love how the F-16 turned out (I put you guys through the wringer on that one) and the detail on the underside of the Mosquito makes it one of my favorites. The P-51 and Phantom though are planes I’ve been in love with since I can remember. When the pilot told me about the target practice that was the first time I had heard of it and I agree it is sad. BTW, I looked through the instructions for the Trumpeter Avenger last night and found out some significant research will be needed to paint the interior parts. I found the conversion chart for the brand/color of paint referenced but yikes! No color chart at all? Stuart
  14. Thanks very much Mark, you’ve been a tremendous help to me (and my models😀). You and all of the other experts who participate in this forum have been gracious and patient with my questions. I was at Oceana and watched a legacy flight with an F-18, P-51 and Phantom, what a wonderful sight. When one of the pilots in our area told us they used Phantoms for target practice my heart sunk 😒 Stuart
  15. So far I have built the Tamiya 1/32 scale of the F-16CJ Fighting Falcon, P-51D Mustang, Spitfire Mk. VIII, F-14A Tomcat, Mosquito FB Mk. VI, F4U-1A Corsair, and am underway on the F-4E Phantom II. Rather than a WWI plane I think the Trumpeter 1/32 TBM-3 Avenger is next, my first steps away from Tamiya. It will be my first painted with only 1 color.
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