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  1. Chris, thanks for the kind words. I’ve gotten lots of help from these forums. Not show ready but I’ll keep building them.
  2. Ron, thanks so much for taking the time to describe your method. I have read posts about stretched sprue. I’m not going to lie, I’m a little intimidated by it but will definitely take time to fully digest your recommendation. Can you explain what you mean by “PM you”?
  3. I wanted to post some very messy progress photos of my first attempt at rigging a biplane. I decided to start with the Kaydet. I used 0.4 mm floral wire. This converts to 0.015" at 1/32 scale equivalent to 0.48" (12.8 mm). How does this look from a scale perspective only. As you can see I've made a real mess of the job and am going to have to do a lot of cleanup at the locations of the wire ends. One piece bowed. Markings on the model where wire ends need to go have been few and far between. Perhaps I covered them up when I painted. Therefore this was done by sight from the plans and when I looked at it the second time I found several mishaps. I must ask if you use some kind of "jig" to hold the pieces in place while the glue cures. That is the cause of the mess, constantly reapplying CA to the ends of the wires and holding them in place long enough to "stick". I finally tried small pieces of putty to hold the top end of a wire and fix the bottom end with CA where required. This was a mistake since removing the putty in order to apply CA takes more than enough effort to pull the pieces off. I may actually just pull off the wires I have attached, cleanup the model, and start over. they come off very easily. Any and all thoughts would be most welcomed.
  4. You’re too kind Mark. It wasn’t all sunshine and roses, especially when we inspected wastewater treatment plants 🤢
  5. I do have some Tamiya spray paint and primer that I bought for the P-38. I’ll do that one next. One more question - how deep is your display case to fit that bomber? Stuart
  6. We had an open-end contract with the Navy at PNAS. I think we made 10 trips there from Baltimore and every time saw something very cool. We designed the V-22 Ground Run Stand to facilitate testing the Osprey and watching them do that sent shivers down my spine. We also climbed all over the trusses in one of the hangars and got to watch them testing prop engines. Unfortunately I also got a speeding ticket on the base but that's okay since that was the day we saw the Osprey. Just as cool, while we were designing a bridge replacement at Quantico we saw them practicing with the Osprey during our inspection of the existing bridge.
  7. Hopefully an irrelevant question once I finally get an airbrush. Thanks Gil.
  8. Thanks for the detail Gil. I assume this won’t work well when applying coats with a brush? Stuart
  9. That looks incredible Gil. I can’t tell, did you drill holes or make depressions to accept the wires? Stuart
  10. Those look great Mark, as usual. Do you ever build 1/32 scale models? Lessons learned on liquid mask, I was just getting ready to purchase some to try it out. How do you get such smooth curves in your color scheme with an airbrush? Can't you just buy a replacement canopy on EBay? That's how I bought a replacement sprue for my P-51. I would love to add a Harrier to my collection. I'll never forget when we were inspecting a runway vault at the Patuxent Naval Air Station and a Harrier pilot decided to take a look from above at what we were doing, very cool, I felt like a groupie. Stuart
  11. That is one beautiful impressive model. Congratulations on the display case as well. I do have a beginner question about the panel lines. Can you be a bit more explicit about your choice of method? I read that you used a pencil and you make it sound so simple. How long did it take you to finish the lines? Stuart
  12. Thanks very much Gil. I love the color scheme of the Kaydet. The yellow took a lot of patience but I think it paid off. I read several posts about rigging and many modelers use the stretched sprue method. However, I'm intrigued by the thin floral wire idea and will probably give that method a try in this case.
  13. Thanks very much Mark. These forums have been massively helpful. I will definitely look into the airbrush models you noted. The choice of 1/32 scale for my models was one that effectively eliminated any of the WWII bombers that I would love to build. As Gil noted in his recent post of that incredible model he just finished they are massive and would not fit into my space constraints. Stuart
  14. Just wanted to show you the latest additions to my 1/32 military aviation “museum”. When I look at the models y’all post it makes me pause - but what the heck. I still have to rig the Stearman Kaydet Biplane (ICM) and the Sopwith Triplane (Wingnut Wings). The ceramic wire I purchased is too thin for the 1/32 scale. Recommendations? Both of these models went together well. The decals provided with the Kaydet were very troublesome and I had to use paint to “fix” a few of them. They take quite a while in the water. The TBM Avenger (Trumpeter) was the most challenging model I have built (of course there have only been 11). The color markings in the instructions were inconsistent to say the least. I had to use online model paint conversion charts to determine the color and the codes in the plans appear to sometimes refer to one brand of paint versus another. For example, if I went by the code in the instructions I would have painted a detail “tan”. However, every photograph I could find online showed this particular detail interior green. This happened a total of three times in the plans. Also, the photo etched parts along the “seam” of the folded wings were very tough to attach and I could not get the wings to seat cleanly when unfolded. Thus, the folded wing display. I had to do a lot of dry-fitting and sanding in several areas of the build. Great news for me though, the boss has approved the purchase of an airbrush so those ever present brush streaks will soon be a thing of the past. I’ll have to do a lot of research on the best airbrush to start with. Recommendations are always welcome. As always please feel free to critique. Hope you don’t mid but I also added the current status of my museum.
  15. I called Precision Enterprises today and the fellow was very nice. He told me that there is 10-feet in a bag and the cost was $15 + around $5 shipping. Given the 10-feet I only ordered one bag. Unfortunately they only have the one size so it seems it may be a bit undersized for the 1/32 scale I am building.. Thanks for the reference, Stuart
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