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  1. Thanks for the very kind words......but DANG.....time and a new perspective just made me realize that I weathered it except for the NEW PROP hung on the front end........just....DANG! Gil
  2. Excellent looking model of a lesser known variant! I've always felt the Hurricane overall gets the short shrift most of the time in the tall shadow of the more storied Spitfire. That's a great tribute to the harder working Hurricane for your collection! Gil
  3. Ruined? Naaahhhhhh......you're just at the beginning of a journey that most of us started many years ago. You're not screwing up anything we've never screwed up. You simply want to get the results you see others have, but remember they have way more experience than you have. It's a good goal, as it'll make you push yourself to be better. But, never let what others may think control your building or suck the fun out of your hobby! If you sincerely think you bought a couple of models a bit too complex for now, box them up and try to pick a few to get under your belt before you come back to the
  4. You've got some very good advice above...but this also raises a subject that you'll have to tackle at one time or another: detail painting. The guys are right....good paint and brushes are the key. If you don't have some very fine tipped brushes, go buy some. Make sure they have clear protective covers to help the points last longer. NEVER dip ANY paint brush all the way in the paint, only go about 1/3 of the way...you don't want much (if any paint) getting up into the ferule, as the accumulating dried paint up in there will spread the bristles and ruin its shape over time. Never "scrub"
  5. Superb rendition Ron! I really like the shadow shading on the bottom color. And now you'll find (as I did) that you have to be careful of the rigging that runs from the middle wing to the fuselage EVERY time you try to pick it up! Gil
  6. You might try searching for some dry transfer lettering, such as used by architects. These can be found at any large art supply store (especially on campus) and come in a lot of fonts and sizes. Black is very common, but white ones can be used as masks by painting the black, applying the white letters, painting your underside color, and then using tape to pull the numbers back off. If you don't have a good store near you, you might try searching on line. Hope this helps! Gil
  7. Welcome Dave! Glad to hear you're returning to a hobby we all love to let suck our time and money away! As pointed out, there seems to be several clubs not too far from you. Fine scale Modeler magazine covers all genres of modeling, and they have a web site and Face Book page too. Below is the link to our IPMSUSA FB page....many local clubs also have websites and FB pages, and you can be a part of any that interest you without having to live near them. https://www.facebook.com/groups/ipmsusa/?ref=bookmarks I highly recommend joining a local club if it's practical, as not
  8. Welcome Miles! Glad to have your here with the rest of us misfits! GIL
  9. That "hot" discoloring on the engine exhaust areas came out really nice! GIL
  10. IPMS had a Face Book page where you can be a part of us as an "on-line" club....here's the link: https://www.facebook.com/groups/ipmsusa/ Gil
  11. Nice, colorful build Ron! Did you do anything to add to it besides the markings? It looks surprisingly accurate for a 50s release, right down to including the exhaust deflectors and the thin profile to the main wheels. Gil
  12. That's a whale of a start to your Whale! 🙂 GIL
  13. Interesting subjects, but they seem limited to Danish subjects for aircraft. Perhaps that's why they've never really been "pushed" by other suppliers? Gil
  14. Welcome! Please make yourself comfortable and chime in anywhere you're interested. Glad to have you here! Gil
  15. Accurate Miniatures kit....and thanks for the very kind words! Gil
  16. Glad to have you here Rej! Make yourself at home! Gil
  17. Built this to participate in a couple of "lockdown/speed builds" on Face Book. Generally OOTB build except for bombs from the spares box and cutting the kit canopy open. Markings are for the Air Commandos in the CBI in 1943, and are a spurious mix of kit a spare decals. Got this one done in less than 14 days...(and it shows in spots! ) Questions, comments, and critiques welcome, as always! Gil
  18. WOW! There is SO much there to like, from the details you added to the composition of the scene. Put a more historic background on that last pic and it could almost pass for a war time photo! Thanks for sharing this superb build with us! Gil
  19. The plexiglass is screwed to the molding....so it does take some effort to drill the plexiglass (just use a slow speed), and to find very short screws...but most well stocked hardware stores have them! The molding is fastened together with "L" corner braces....so you learn to live with the doors not being absolutely flush against the case. The door hinges take an effort to find also, as they have to be no thicker than the thickness of the molding you use...but I've always been able to find them in the cabinet section. GIL
  20. Had next Saturday off for this show....and glad to see you actually moved it to my scheduled weekend off, so I don't need to ask for time off! 🙂 GIL
  21. Exactly how I did it Mark! Though I have to say that as simple as it is...not so simple when laying it down.....but it's the easiest way I know how to do it too! GIL
  22. Super looking MiG Chris! Glad you stuck with this to get it done. Looking forward to those gory details in the Journal! Gil
  23. I decided long ago that to work and build on my models and then NOT be able to see them was a waste of my time, so I began building my own display cases. After 35years, I'm well into my 4th (and biggest) display case. They're designed simply, don't require any true "carpentry" skills, have lots of clear, open space for viewing, and the shelving is adjustable. The design can be "sized" to fit your needs...my smallest one designed to fit a narrow entrance hall, while the largest is designed specifically with shelves large enough to hold the 1/48 bombers I build. The cost ranges from $200-$400 ea
  24. Great start on an older kit that was W-A-Y ahead of its time! Gil
  25. Impressive! I hope you've contacted Lockheed about getting paid.... Gil
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