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  1. Glad to have you here with us Chris! Jump in and have fun! GIL
  2. Wow! In a word: dynamic! Nice work and excellent execution of the idea! GIL
  3. VERY impressive scratchbuilding work! Please post this link down in the aircraft topics too, where more people who will appreciate your craftsmanship will see it. GIL
  4. Nice to know I'm not the only plastic masochist here! 😛 Nice work, both of you! GIL
  5. Just went to the IPMSUSA home page in order to click onto the Nooga Nats web page and the links are "temporarily removed"! Can someone explain why, and what exactly is going on? GIL
  6. Great looking model and pics! As for being hypothetical...maybe you're just ahead of the game! GIL
  7. Impressive collection, to say the least! That 'Skeeter looks like it'll be a real treat! GIL
  8. Glad to have you here Trey! Hope you can make it up here to Jacksonville for Jaxcon 2019 next Feb 9th. In the meantime, dive in, have fun, and make yourself at home! GIL
  9. Glad to have ya here with us. By all means, please post pics of your work. Jump in and have fun! GIL
  10. Terrific looking Tomcat! You did an excellent job of capturing the varying colors in an otherwise drab scheme, and your weathering shows the wear on a fleet bird without being overdone. That'll be a proud addition to your shelf. Congrats! GIL
  11. ghodges

    Albatross D-V

    The ceramic wire cuts relatively easily with a #11 blade, but you do need to wear eye protection when doing so. I think it was sold in a couple of gauges, but the 6mil seems to work well for 1/72 and 1/48. The biggest problem now is I believe the couple (home business) that sold it retired, so I'm not sure where else it can be bought. I like it because it can be cut just a little bit long, flexed into place (it will not kink), and then add a drop of glue into each hole. When cut to the right length it's perfectly straight, doesn't sag despite heat/humidity/cold, doesn't need to be heated to make it "taught", and usually doesn't even need painting (smoke colored as it comes). GIL
  12. Nice work, and a great save on that side window! Those scimitar props really add a degree of "cool" to the Hawkeye! GIL
  13. I've found that the thing that makes modeler's wiring bundles look the most realistic isn't how they're run, but adding those bundle wrap straps and end connectors. Those little details, along with some sharp painting and washes, are what really make them appear authentic to me. GIL
  14. ghodges

    Albatross D-V

    This is the Eduard weekend edition Albatross D-V kit built OOTB with the kit markings. I did this one so I could knock the "mauve scheme" off of my bucket list! I did paint the red trim on the tail instead of trying to use the kit decals there. Ceramic Wonder Wire was used for the rigging. The Eduard Albatross is typical of most all their WWI kits; well detailed as kitted and true to fidelity to scale. Where they fall down in comparison to the "older" biplane kits we grew up with (that were not so nice) is that they're harder to build. The "scale pins" on the cabanes and V struts make it difficult to get positive fit and alignment. They're engineered towards accuracy, not towards being builder friendly, especially to the biplane novice. That said, it makes for an attractive model to put on your shelf when done! Critiques, comments, and questions welcome, as always! GIL
  15. My thoughts are that would be a cool looking arrangement that's not often seen. My reply to anyone who was stupid enough to say "those tanks were never used on the belly" would be; PROVE IT! If you're truly concerned about it, then go the safe, plain way and hang the flat belly tank that no one will question.... Yeah, my not caring what others think about how I build MY models is showing...... GIL
  16. If I might suggest..... Instead of just "one" subject, how about a how-to on several closely related subjects: "Building the Monogram 1/48 Bombers". This would allow you to tackle a wider variety of subjects (B-17, B-24, B-25, A-26, B-26) while covering techniques such as: scribing lines, enhancing and replacing raised lines without rescribing, painting and highlighting molded in detailing, whether or not to replace interior parts, a listing of the available aftermarket sets for those kits, metallic finishes, typical bomber weathering (per type/per theater), how to enhance/improve kit glass parts, best places to cram weights (and how much is needed per type); etc., etc.. Most everyone has and still builds these kits, even though there's a later issue B-25 and another B-26 out there. There may or may not ever be "new" B-17s and B-24s issued, but even if they do they'll be so expensive many will build the older Monogram kits, but will want to know how to get the most from them. GIL
  17. What a gorgeous scheme! I would go VERY light on any weathering...those planes were very well maintained in their day. Beauty of a build! GIL
  18. Impressive collection! Glad to see at least one museum who gets the idea that models can augment their displays and help fill in the gaps where they'll never have the money, the space, or even a no longer existent subject to display. Models make it MUCH easier to educate people on things like the evolution of markings in the various theaters, which could never fully be done on a group of 1-1 museum aircraft. If only more museums would follow their lead! GIL
  19. Love that camo scheme Duke! Good looking decal work too; wing walks and decals like that refueling receptical outline give me fits avoiding silvering, and I see absolutely none on yours! GIL
  20. I can accept a shop that at least communicates with me when I have a question on my order, even if I find their excuse is thin. In that case, I just do no more business with them. However, someone who won't even tell you what the delay is, let alone give you an idea of when they'll get your order filled; is unacceptable. At this point I'd inform your card to refuse to accept any request for payment from Sandle Hobbies and inform Sandle that you're cancelling your order and taking your business elsewhere due to poor service and even poorer communications. I wish you luck! GIL
  21. Absolutely gorgeous! Seeing yours makes me wish I hadn't folded the wings on mine. That's going to garner a lot of well deserved compliments everywhere you take it. Congrats! GIL
  22. Tamiya 1/48 Corsair kit. This was actually the 1D issue that I backdated to a 1A by filling in the step in the right flap and leaving off the drop tanks and the rockets. The kit I bought from a vendor had a Verlinden cockpit set, so I used it, along with some True Details resin tires. The markings are from Eagle Strike and depict Kepford's famous Corsair. Got this one built in just 10 days, which was a refreshing change form the 3mos the Ford nosed B-24 Liberator took over the summer! This was a lot of fun and I get to add one of my favorite Corsairs to my collection too! Comments, critiques, and questions welcome, as always. Cheers! GIL
  23. Excellent build Dick! No need to sell yourself short as it came out nice. The wooden props look perfect. How did you get the wood grain effect? GIL
  24. Never heard of them........but, they wouldn't be the first shop to take a mail order and THEN order what YOU want for their "stock". You may be waiting for their own order to be filled before they fill yours and ship it to you. What exactly did you want that they "had" (supposedly) that you couldn't order directly from the manufacturer? GIL
  25. Excellent paint job, and those tail stripes rock! Please expand on "Kapton" tape....is that a brand or a type? What makes it your preference? It looks like a possible new "tool" that we might all need! Thanks! GIL
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