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  1. Hi Oliver! I'm hoping one of the NCC Head Judges will chime in here soon to give a definitive answer. However, in my opinion as a national IPMS judge for 25yrs, If I understand you correctly, the answer will be no.

    The rules state that an entry must be the entire work of a single builder. If you enter a diorama where someone else besides yourself painted the figures in the diorama, then the diorama (as a whole, and that is how it is judged, on the "whole") is the work of you AND another. That, by definition means it's NOT the work of a single builder, and thus should be disqualified.

    Keep in mind that the reason and the "spirit" behind the rule is to keep a builder with a weak area (such as painting figures, in your case) from getting "expert help" in order to get a better result than they could achieve all by themselves. Thus, letting someone else paint the figures for your dio, especially in order to get better looking figures than you could do yourself, wouldn't be fair to everyone else who had to do all of the work on their own dios all by themselves.

    GIL :cool:

  2. That's a sharp looking build of an absolutely odd-ball aircraft! What was it supposed to be used for, if it had gone into production? Congrats. and thanks for sharing!


    GIL :cool:

  3. Was everything ok over the last couple of days when you went there? If so, then I don't know why the sudden problem. I jst went there with no problems myself.

    But, IF you haven't been there in a month or more, Brett switched to TAPATALK for his servers (no more Network 54) a few months back, and just about 2 weeks ago Tapatalk essentially took the people they "knew about"  (those signed in regularly) and assigned them new accounts. They had been asking everyone to set up a new account with them for a month or more, but those who didn't (like myself) were evidently simply grandfathered in under our old account names. HOWEVER, they did post that if for some reason your user name and/or password was already taken, you'd have to create a new account with them. Also, I believe if you were not active there when they actually made the final account changes, then perhaps you were overlooked.

    If all else fails, try creating a new account with Tapatalk and see if they solves things. Hope this helps!


    GIL :cool:


  4. John.....This is just a personal guess, but my understanding is that the purpose is to find out whether GSB or 1-2-3 is preferred among those who DO care. After all, if you have no strong opinion, you're going to simply go with the flow when you attend, and aren't necessarily interested in the direction of IPMS over the next decade (and probably aren't voting in the first place). If you believe that one or the other is better for IPMS, or if you simply like one better than the other, then your vote needs to be recorded one way or the other.

    As for having it as needed to actually place a vote in order to vote in the general election, I think that's meant to (again) avoid apathy. Only a fraction of the membership will vote either on-line or by mail. If you allow people to abstain or cast a "don't care" vote; IPMS learns nothing as to the preferences of 1-2-3 vs. GSB.

    I can see where some people like yourself feel like they're being forced to enter into a fight they don't care about. But, I think if you stop and consider it more as a referendum on whether we should change for the future or continue with the status quo for the future; you can come to an easy decision personally.


    GIL :cool:

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  5. I can second Ralph's recommendation for the Woodland Scenics dry transfer lettering. Look for them in the model railroading section of the hobby store. In addition to making "decals" out of them as Ralph suggested, you can use them as masks to paint the markings on. First, paint the color for the letter or number, then rub on the dry transfer over it after the paint has dried. The hard part (for most) is getting the dry transfer(s) on EXACTLY straight and even; especially if there are several close together. (just takes some practice). Now, finish painting the model as usual. Once that's done, you can use some Scotch tape to peel up the dry transfers to reveal the painted letters and numbers.


    GIL :cool:

  6. Here's the Monogram A-4E. Markings are from the huge Eduard decal sheet.


    All panel lines were done in pencil. I had to make an oval template using clear plastic in order to draw on the ovals on the wings in an equally neat manner.

    GIL :cool:


  7. I managed to pick up the 1/48 Eduard edition of the Hasgawa A-4E/F (with all of the "extras") cheap at Jaxcon in Feb. The kit WAS impressive in the box, so I decided to dig right in and build it immediately. BUT, I noticed it had enough pe parts to do two cockpits...so I decided I'd dig out an old 1/48 Monogram A-4E/F from the shelf and build it at the same time. To my delight, when I opened the Monogram box, there were pe parts, resin intakes, resin flaps, and resin seats inside it. So, that settled that! Two Skyhawks to go!


    The Monogram cockpit had to be modified, removing its molded in seat; and rebuilding the tub to accept the resin seat. That also made it easier to adapt the Eduard pe set for it too.Other than substituting the resin intakes and flaps for the Monogram parts, the rest of the build was OOTB. The Eduard was built OOTB, since it came with pe and a resin seat.



    The only other thing I did was a LOT of drilling and pinning for the ordnance. I HATE that most bombs and drop tanks don't have better, more secure glue points, making them easy to knock off later (usually when you're trying to hang them on the model!) So, I drilled and pinned all of the MERs, tanks, missiles, and bombs on both kits.


    It paid off though, as everything got hung in place with nothing coming apart!

    I'll post pics of the finished models below!

    GIL :cool:



  8. Glad to have you here with us Robert! Not only have the available subjects grown, but also their quality. I think you'll find most of the newer kits to be much nicer than those you may have built 25yrs ago. On the down side, they are more expensive than ever before. But, you can use this site and others to find kit reviews and build reviews so as to spend your money to get the best bang for your buck.

    I like your approach to building....while it can be satisfying to win some sort of recognition; it also adds some headaches and stress to the hobby by trying to build to compete. Like you, the older I get, the more I find that building for FUN gives me much more satisfaction!


    Jump in and enjoy yourself!


    GIL :cool:

  9. I'd label those more as "cool" than weird...And even if the subject matter isn't mainstream, I can see some quality skills being applied to them!

    Personally, I occasionally build things like that for a "change of pace". I don't have nearly the range of different subjects as you, but do go off the deep end every so often....


    This is the submarine I built from an Airfix Boeing 737...we had a "same kit build" in the club. I built two of them, one as a 737, and the other as this....

    Then there's my love for the old Revell Deals Wheels....just because I built them as a kid.



    It's all about having fun, no matter the subject!


    GIL :cool:

  10. Great looking details and good progress too.

    The real plane was notoriously tail heavy.....you can see pics of it in Korea where they'd put a 50gal drum under the tail to keep it propped up.  Your plan to glue it to a base is probably the easiest solution!


    GIL :cool:

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