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  1. Welcome Mark! Just remember it's all about having FUN! There's plenty of good help here if you're looking for tips to improve, but don't feel like you have to "match" anything you see here. Make yourself at home! Gil
  2. Dave's right...that's gonna be a toughie. I'm guessing you've already checked Ebay..... My suggestion is to try the Vacuform/Resin Face Book page (Fisher is actually a member there, but he has NO product left after the fires). You may have to "join" (answer the questions), but then you could simply post and ask if anyone has an extra, or have decided that they'll never get around to building it. This is a group of folks that are much more likely to own that conversion as opposed to the general modeling public. Here's a link to their page: https://www.facebook.com/groups/69571103383
  3. ghodges

    Marine 1779

    Did I understand you in that this a figure YOU sculpted from scratch? VERY impressive, if so! Regardless, I like the slightly slumped stance...it looks natural for someone reaching behind themselves for something while have to balance on object in the other hand. As for the painting, I have almost no experience with figures, and would be proud of the result you've gotten. And as to the photography, the only suggestion I'd make is the same problem I usually have to conquer....more light, and from multiple directions and levels to illuminate all aspects better. Great modeling and thanks for sh
  4. Regrettable, but understandable. You'll be missed by many! Gil
  5. Nice build and tribute to those mis-placed 104s sent to Vietnam! Gil
  6. Very nest looking work! In fact, being Russian...it may be neater and nicer that they actually install! Looking forward to more, comrade! Gil
  7. Wow! That's some sharp looking work! Glad to have you here on the forums with is. Make yourself at home! Gil
  8. Superb cockpit detail painting and that seat really looks the part! Looking forward to seeing more of this! Gil
  9. I "pm"ed you Mike with my email address. I'm in Jacksonville and perhaps close enough to help. Gil
  10. "What are the advantages and disadvantages to entering in the out of box categories? " Cameron: the short answer is NOT MUCH....anymore. The OOTB categories were invented decades ago to give people who didn't scratchbuild details a place to compete without having to go against models with those extra details. Those were the days BEFORE "aftermarket" (PE parts, resin cast parts, and now printed parts); when the model builder had to build all of the details in a cockpit or wheel well. Some builders couldn't do those things, and others didn't want to put that much time into a build, b
  11. Not sure which of two possible areas you want info on.....I'm no expert, but I believe the interior of the actual "intake" scoop on the bottom is natural metal. However, the interior fuselage area where the actual boxy radiator sits is usually chromate yellow primer, and some of that is visible from the rear underside. Hope this helps! Gil
  12. Clean, sharp looking build! The canopy framing looks especially nice. Congrats! Gil
  13. I agree with the questioning of some of their subject choices within what was a very limited market to begin with, compounded by tooling multiple versions of those esoteric choices. They never catered to my scale interests, but i was hoping they'd succeed and grow so that perhaps they might in the future. Now I just hope that those craftsman that tooled their molds will find good work elsewhere plying their skills to continue to make modelers somewhere happy! Gil
  14. WOWZERS....those are really problematic! For most of those I'd actually opt to use very thin sheet plastic (or even strips/widths of tape) as covers to "resurface" and cover them up instead of filling and sanding. For others where you can't cover the entire surface (like those inner gear doors), I'd see if any of the Waldron punches match up, and of so, punch out a disc and use it to fill the mark. You could then use a pin to make some "rivets" around them and make them look like removable service covers; overall probably less work and faster then the tedium of trying to sand them smooth in su
  15. Great looking 109 James! Those American marking really add a splash of color not normally seen. Thanks for posting! Gil
  16. The more I look the more there is to like! The diorama is very basic but also very well composed. The extra work and skills you apply are evident in the close up pics, and your figures (which you didn't even mention) are very well done too. Thanks for sharing this gem with us! Gil
  17. Welcome back Phil! Gloss painting cars is my Kryptonite! Your advice will be very welcome by many! Settle in, make yourself at home, and have fun! Gil
  18. Excellent update Duke! Glad to see you in the saddle and riding pretty hard! As for me....I'm working on ONE....granted, it's a handful, but still just ONE! Gil
  19. Maruda: try this link for starters....lots of detail pics and some with open panels.... https://images.search.yahoo.com/yhs/search;_ylt=AwrCxGEto7VethUAugUnnIlQ;_ylu=X3oDMTByMjB0aG5zBGNvbG8DYmYxBHBvcwMxBHZ0aWQDBHNlYwNzYw--?p=F-105+walkaround+photos&fr=yhs-mozilla-100&hspart=mozilla&hsimp=yhs-100 And here's an F-105G walkaround...though no open panels... http://www.primeportal.net/hangar/weichao_chen2/f-105g_63-8320/index.php?Page=2 And lastly...a link to built F-105G models where you may find some inspiration.... https://images.search.yahoo.com/yhs/search;_
  20. ghodges

    Tamiya P-51D WIP

    Looks sharp to me! My only suggestion would be that after you matte everything, go back and add a drop of Future or Micro-Clear to each of the dials on the main panel. Staying tuned for more! Gil
  21. Looking good! Those pe parts really step it up a notch too! Gil
  22. Great looking build! I'm an "all 3 dead" fan, and particularly like the older, more colorful gray and white schemes. Posing the speed brakes open adds a splash more color too. Congrats! Gil
  23. Very sharp detail painting, and that main panel rocks! You're off to yet another great start! looking forward to more! Gil
  24. I have to agree overall with Ralph's very succinct analysis. Where it REALLY affects people is at the local level....whether you have a local shop left, or the Hobby Lobby, or Michaels, or some other store that does carry commonly available hobby paint. The casual model builder, who happen to be the VAST majority of model buyers and builders are going to struggle to find replacements. They won't know where to turn to to get paints (if not locally), nor what choices they have. This goes for paint, glues, and all of those items that Ralph listed as easily replaceable for US, the more seriou
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