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  1. How about a hint as to what subjects those sheets are for, and what schemes in particular you're looking for? Gil
  2. Finished my 3 1/48 Fokker D-VIIIs; 2 are Koster vacuforms and the other is the Eduard kit. The "bumble bee" scheme is actually the only true WWI scheme...the other two are "whiffers" based on internet images, and thus may be bogus. But, I already had a Koster D-VIII in the over-all lozenge finish, so I opted for 3 painted versions. The vac kit details are partially scratchbuilt (cockpit stuff) with spare parts engines, wheels, and props. The Eduard is OOTB. Pics of the construction..... The trio of Razors.... The Eduard kit....
  3. Wonderful Warthog build! That lighting is going to be a real attention-getter anywhere you take it, and a real crowd pleaser. Congrats on a super build and thanks for letting us watch and learn! Gil
  4. From a "sales" point of view, I wonder if an Ebook covering the 1/48 bombers from Monogram/Revell might interest people. There's the B-17G, the B-17F, the B-24D, the B-24J, the B-26 Marauder, the A-26 Invader, and the B-29 Superfortress. While you'd never do a comprehensive step-by-step build of all of them, there are many similar components and build techniques that could be applied to all. You could cover areas such as: 1) Getting the most from the stock, OOTB molded interior details by using advanced painting techniques. 2) The best way to paint and detail (in correct period color
  5. Good looking relic! Looks like Frog got more right than wrong on that old molding. With your skills, it makes for a very nice looking early Mustang, especially with the D-Day stripes. Congrats on another fun trip down memory lane Ron! Gil
  6. That'll turn heads everywhere! Very nice incorporation of your electrical skills with your modeling talents! Gil
  7. Personally, as a mailman, I've been blessed to work as normal all year, so the only affect on me has been the reduced hours by the local shops or a few months. However, I know of several of our local club members who're in financial straights and have had to sell some of their stash, or at the very least, greatly curtail their buying of kits and supplies. I've also heard some references to a loss of "mojo" they attribute to all of the stresses this year has entailed. To those people I try to point out that building a model may be just what they actually need....doing something to take your min
  8. That is VERY cool! I don't think I've seen anyone build the Thunderbolt prototype. That took a lot of work, elbow grease, and skills; and the results show. Thanks for sharing this great build! Gil
  9. Very cool! I too wasn't available of this "concept" plane. I don't know if it ever got a name, but I'd have called it "The Manta"! SWEET build! Gil
  10. My favorite Bill Koster story: Bill was vending at the Columbus Nats and I'd had him set aside the above pictured B-24 Ford Nose conversion set for me. Late in the afternoon I stopped by to pay for it....my wife was with me....so I handed the box to her to hold while I paid Bill.....so she asks how much it costs, and I said it's $45....and she opens the box, looks in and says "and THIS is all that's in here?" So I look at Bill (as he tucks away my money) and say "why did you let me do that?" Bill says, "It's not my fault you're stupid"! 🙂 Gil
  11. Welcome to the both of you! Make yourself at home and I hope we can help you and your son enjoy the hobby even more! Gil
  12. ghodges

    Monogram F-106

    Good looking seat! Looking forward to more! Gil
  13. You're just full of bright ideas! I'll see myself out....... Gil
  14. Super! That last pic looks like he's flying a night mission! I do have one question/suggestion.....if this is to be in the airplane, then I think you might want to paint the pilots hands to look like flight gloves. I can't recall seeing any tactical pilots flying with bare hands. The patches on the flight suit and helmet are outstanding! Gil
  15. Stunning NMF! Way to whip that into shape! Gil
  16. Very cool.....you chose the right OLD A-10....since that cockpit only came with decals you won't need to sand off any kit detailing to add the pe upgrade! Looking forward to more of this! Gil
  17. A couple more I forgot about! 1/48 G3M "Nell" Japanese bomber.... And the B-24J "Ford Nose" conversion for the Monogram kit... This shows where the work was done.... Currently building 2 more of his Fokker D-VIII kits (along with an Eduard kit) for a "triple Razor" build... Gil
  18. "It ain't much"....... Yeah....you're slackin' off......but compared to the rest of the world? Gil
  19. Indeed, may the Lord bless Bill's family and friends with a flood of loving memories through this tough time. I was acquainted with Bill having first met him at the Dayton USAF Museum fall airplane contests back in the '80s, and then buying his vacuform kits and conversions from him when he vended at shows. He was a fine gentleman and a VERY good model builder, whether he was building one of his vacs, or tricking out one of the old Monogram kits he helped design back in the 60s. We've had a richer hobby experience due to Bill's input into the hobby both at Monogram and with his line
  20. Welcome! I can commiserate when a project goes sideways....but just remember it's still only a model! You can start again from scratch if you think something can't be salvaged, or take a little time off like you did and have at it again. Those dioramas look pretty good to me! Glad to have you here plugging away with us! Gil
  21. Welcome Andy! Make yourself at home and ask any questions. You'll get the best responses down in the specific topic areas. Glad you're here! Gil
  22. Nice! Looks much more like the Mig-15 than I expected from such an ancient rendition. Cool nostalgia build Ron! Gil
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