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  1. Nice one Butch! Be sure to post then down in the Sci-Fi topic area, where more people will see it and appreciate than in the "welcome" section. GIL
  2. Very nice, clean looking build Ora! Too bad about that crash, but this is a nice homage to it. GIL
  3. I got ya covered ....it even has a set of canopy masks. Email me your home address at: slowhandshodges@bellsouth.net and will get the deal set. GIL
  4. Glad to have you here Butch! I've had the privilege of being able to see that planet killer diorama in person several times and it is IMPRESSIVE! Make yourself at home and please do treat the people here to more of your great work! GIL
  5. Screw diversity Nick......the "figures" argument is not what we're discussing, and has always been a weak argument for trying to be "inclusive". The P in IPMS is for plastic. We're a society that buys plastic parts in boxes and builds them. No one is saying that NO other medium should be allowed to be used in, on, or around a PLASTIC model. However, I do NOT think wooden, or even completely photo-etched (metal) models should be a part of us. Why do we disallow metal die-casts yet approve of pe kits? Makes no sense, creates confusion, and it's hypocritical. We're not discussing the diversity of building ANY genre of plastic kit; which I do embrace! I'm not suggesting that IPMSUSA should remain stagnant and not reach out to the emerging and growing group of PLASTIC modelers who build Gundams, Sci-fi, and other less "traditional" kits (up to this point). I am saying IPMSUSA needs to stop trying to desperately reach out to any one who glues anything together. We need to know who we are, embrace that, and concentrate on THAT group of people. But you have no worries....the NCC and Eboard embrace your point of view...not mine! GIL
  6. That's a great looking Aggressor! The detailing you added, though limited, seems to have hit the needed spots too. Congrats, and thanks for sharing! GIL
  7. Actually a very ingenious article on revamping and reposing a skeleton! Nice one Osa! GIL
  8. Stellar work! Love the attention to detail, as in color coding the rotor head links. Looking forward to the finished pics! GIL
  9. "Our" rules only apply to the IPMSUSA NATIONAL CONTEST at the yearly Nats convention. So the question is: What did the rules for the contest you attended say? THAT is where the answer lies. IPMUSA rules for the Nats are frequently used as guidelines and basic frameworks for most IPMS shows, but are in NO WAY binding on ANY local or regional contest. Each of those shows set their own rules. IPMSUSA has very lenient rules for defining "plastic models", which I personally disagree with. I agree with you in that we are a society for builders of plastic kits. While we can appreciate the craftsmanship applied to other mediums in modeling, it's not what WE do. However, the NCC makes the rules for the IPMSUSA Nats and they tend to be a bit more broad minded and inclusive (though I'm not sure a wooden ship model would be allowed in the CONTEST). Did the contest in question have any rules allowing or restricting kit composition? GIL
  10. Not sure they'd do it for free.....but perhaps for a nominal fee, or in exchange for reduced ad rates in the Journal? Their response would be: "what's it in for me"? If we can give them a solid answer to that question, then I think a deal could be worked to have the IPMSUSA logo and a link on their web page(s). As to general outreach.....I think IPMS needs to do some deep thinking and analysis as to identifying those most likely to be "joiners". After all, for the entire history of plastic modeling, only a very small minority have been outgoing enough, social enough, or "serious" enough to be interested in IPMS; even back when IPMS was almost the ONLY modeling group available. Only a small slice of the model buying public has ever thought of joining IPMSUSA or even a local club. Now we have to add in the complications and competition from on-line modeling "clubs" and pages. The social interaction that used to only be available at local meetings and shows is now readily available on-line. True...it's not face to face....but THAT may suit an even larger slice of the model buying public; the ones who weren't going to drive to meetings or shows in the first place. Heck, all of the manufacturing info, modeling material, and model pics on those pages, as well as all of the building tips available on You Tube and elsewhere have seriously devalued the Journal as a source for those things. In short; our "relevance" and benefit to modelers has been reduced. We not only have a limited interest to a minority of the model buying public, but even THOSE people have reason to ask "what can IPMSUSA give me that I don't already have"? The obvious answer is: local clubs and shows. However, THOSE are double edged swords....We're all familiar with the many stories of new visitors and members being scoffed at and derided at meetings and shows. We all know that IPMS has a reputation (not totally undeserved) of being a group of nit-pickers, accuracy freaks, and color Nazis. I believe that IPMS has made GREAT strides in the last 10-20 years to overcome those and other misnomers (like our not liking cars and sci-fi, etc.). But they ARE still out there, and I think if they are not addressed in a campaign from the TOP, they will continue to persist. That's the main reason why I support GSB as the future for our contests. I want to DE-EMPHASIZE competition, and in so doing cut way back on the nit-picking. I support the recent move by the Eboard to incorporate display space at EVERY Nats as a part of that. I also think someone needs to design a program that is given to every chapter that tells them why they need to take greater pains and make more effort to welcome ALL modelers of every genre, as well as to de-emphasize criticism, especially concerning accuracy. In short, IPMS should be sure all chapters are emphasizing the FUN of building, whatever that is to each individual member. As for why to join IPMSUSA? Well, once you have a local member, they're more likely to understand that their chapter is dependent to a degree on IPMSUSA, if only for insurance. Second, most all of them can recognize that the Journal IS one of the best modeling magazines around, especially for the money. It may or may not be a recruiting tool on its own, but it IS another solid benefit of being an IPMSUSA member. And third, most local members do recognize the need to be supportive of their club and and its parent organization just out of loyalty. If the club puts an active emphasis on joining IPMSUSA (but short of demanding it), then I think we'll get a higher percentage of the locals than we have now. Blindly reaching out to the modeling public is generally what we've always done, and it's never really worked. I estimate that only 20%-40% of most local club members are also IPMSUSA members. What if we could simply double that? That's where I'd start! GIL
  11. Looking forward to some pics...are you doing the box top markings? GIL
  12. It seems that essentially the answer is yes.....Special Hobby has put the ICM plastic in their box...BUT....since the ICM kit was released as a Ju88A-5 (and A-4, I believe), and at least one of the SH releases is the Ju88D-2/4; there are differences. Here's a link to a review of the Special Hobby release. You can Google either one to find out more detailed info on any particular release. http://www.hyperscale.com/2017/reviews/kits/specialhobbysh48178reviewjh_1.htm GIL 😛
  13. That's a really nice recommendation with a little bit of everything....some NMF, camo green topsides, colorful spinner and checkered nose, as well as the invasion stripes. Dave: What kit will you build? The key to picking your scheme may lie there. Most of the 1/32 P-51Ds have the fin filet. I believe only the new Revell 1/32 kit gives you the option of no filet OOTB, but that kit is currently difficult to get. You'll need to find a scheme with the "filet" you want, OR remove the filet (not hard to do) if your scheme requires it (like Preddy's "Cripes A Mighty 3rd") and you don't have the Revell kit. The next consideration is do you want a NMF plane, a camo finish, or (as above) a combination of both? And lastly, do you want to paint full invasion stripes, or partial stripes? Full stripes were in place for a month or two after D-day. However, by the fall they were being painted out on the topsides, especially on camo bearing planes since they negated the camo. Decisions, decisions....Personally, my favortie has always been Preddy's.... GIL
  14. Hi Oliver! I'm hoping one of the NCC Head Judges will chime in here soon to give a definitive answer. However, in my opinion as a national IPMS judge for 25yrs, If I understand you correctly, the answer will be no. The rules state that an entry must be the entire work of a single builder. If you enter a diorama where someone else besides yourself painted the figures in the diorama, then the diorama (as a whole, and that is how it is judged, on the "whole") is the work of you AND another. That, by definition means it's NOT the work of a single builder, and thus should be disqualified. Keep in mind that the reason and the "spirit" behind the rule is to keep a builder with a weak area (such as painting figures, in your case) from getting "expert help" in order to get a better result than they could achieve all by themselves. Thus, letting someone else paint the figures for your dio, especially in order to get better looking figures than you could do yourself, wouldn't be fair to everyone else who had to do all of the work on their own dios all by themselves. GIL
  15. WOW! Welcome Oliver! That is some stunning detailing you've got going there, and you're obviously not even done. Glad to have you here with us and looking forward to seeing more of your craftsmanship! GIL
  16. Welcome Howard! Glad to have you here with us. Sounds like you're already a part of a first class local club! By the way...did you mean new "glass" for the helo model (instead of class)? GIL
  17. Very cool camo scheme and a great looking build! I had to go back and look before I realized it was only 1/72. Sweet! GIL
  18. What a super looking build and a very well posed scene too! Love the scheme you chose....later war when they started re-applying camo over the Mustangs delivered in NMF. Congrats, and thanks for letting us ride along! GIL
  19. Glad to have you here with us Thom! Hope you do find a local group soon, as that should add to the fun even more. GIL
  20. ghodges

    Stubo II

    That's a sharp looking build of an absolutely odd-ball aircraft! What was it supposed to be used for, if it had gone into production? Congrats. and thanks for sharing! GIL
  21. Was everything ok over the last couple of days when you went there? If so, then I don't know why the sudden problem. I jst went there with no problems myself. But, IF you haven't been there in a month or more, Brett switched to TAPATALK for his servers (no more Network 54) a few months back, and just about 2 weeks ago Tapatalk essentially took the people they "knew about" (those signed in regularly) and assigned them new accounts. They had been asking everyone to set up a new account with them for a month or more, but those who didn't (like myself) were evidently simply grandfathered in under our old account names. HOWEVER, they did post that if for some reason your user name and/or password was already taken, you'd have to create a new account with them. Also, I believe if you were not active there when they actually made the final account changes, then perhaps you were overlooked. If all else fails, try creating a new account with Tapatalk and see if they solves things. Hope this helps! GIL
  22. John.....This is just a personal guess, but my understanding is that the purpose is to find out whether GSB or 1-2-3 is preferred among those who DO care. After all, if you have no strong opinion, you're going to simply go with the flow when you attend, and aren't necessarily interested in the direction of IPMS over the next decade (and probably aren't voting in the first place). If you believe that one or the other is better for IPMS, or if you simply like one better than the other, then your vote needs to be recorded one way or the other. As for having it as needed to actually place a vote in order to vote in the general election, I think that's meant to (again) avoid apathy. Only a fraction of the membership will vote either on-line or by mail. If you allow people to abstain or cast a "don't care" vote; IPMS learns nothing as to the preferences of 1-2-3 vs. GSB. I can see where some people like yourself feel like they're being forced to enter into a fight they don't care about. But, I think if you stop and consider it more as a referendum on whether we should change for the future or continue with the status quo for the future; you can come to an easy decision personally. GIL
  23. Kudos for one of the Head Judges and NCC member for monitoring and stepping up to answer a rules question in a concise manner. This gives us an authoritative determination of the rule, as opposed to the rest of us offering our opinions. I hope more Head Judges follow this example! GIL
  24. That's some fantastic looking detailing! GIL
  25. I can second Ralph's recommendation for the Woodland Scenics dry transfer lettering. Look for them in the model railroading section of the hobby store. In addition to making "decals" out of them as Ralph suggested, you can use them as masks to paint the markings on. First, paint the color for the letter or number, then rub on the dry transfer over it after the paint has dried. The hard part (for most) is getting the dry transfer(s) on EXACTLY straight and even; especially if there are several close together. (just takes some practice). Now, finish painting the model as usual. Once that's done, you can use some Scotch tape to peel up the dry transfers to reveal the painted letters and numbers. GIL
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