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    F 18 VFA-146

    Good looking Hornet and a cool scheme to boot! That Revell/Monogram kit isn't one of the easier F-18 kits and you did it up very nicely. Congrats, and thanks for posting! GIL
  2. Very nice, and you didn't have to stretch sprue! Interesting how the camo wraps around on the fuselage, but not the wings. Thanks for sharing! Gil
  3. Heck of a hot looking Harrier! Good call on the intake covers...not only did they save you work, but they look the part and balance the red tail. Congrats, and thanks for sharing this super build with us! Gil
  4. I think one thing that's probably affecting the room reservations is the idea of WIVES and families going to the Vegas show, which in turn means a person such as myself will not be splitting a room with another attendee. Thus, two people who normally buddy up and use one room need two rooms, and so on, depending on the number of buddies being "split" for Vegas! Gil
  5. Nice recovery on that windshield! Wish I could say I've never done something like that.....but...... Gil
  6. Hasagawa actually released this kit, the RF-86 "Haymaker", so IF you can find it (sorta rare edition, I guess), it comes with all you need! Here's a link to an article I found on building it: https://modelairplanemaker.com/2020/06/26/1-48-hasegawa-rf-86-haymaker/ Good luck! Gil
  7. I too began judging when he was Chief Judge. He started every judges meeting with the mantra that INTEGRITY was the foundation of judging....and when he said it, you believed he meant it and demanded it! He'll be sorely missed by all. God bless his family and friends! Gil
  8. Oops.....I was just following someone else's lead off of an email I got.....sorry 'bout dat chief! My understanding is that our reservations are still good (got the confirmation# from the Rio)...and we were just lucky! Gil
  9. That's a new one on me....and looks good! Unusual design for sure. The blue winged scheme makes it pop! Thanks for sharing! Gil
  10. Made my reservations this evening....just go to the Vegas website and following the click info..pretty easy and worked first time for me! https://www.ipmslv.com/2021-ipms-nationals GIL
  11. Good looking cockpit details and a nice start! Gil
  12. ghodges

    Tamiya P-51D WIP

    Lovely build! I'd be happy to have that in my display case. Congrats! Gil
  13. I live in FLA and build in my garage year-round. Humidity is a problem 75% of the year. I've used water traps...but they're only partially successful in high humidity environments. The REAL solution is to switch to a tank of CO2. A 3ft high tank will allow you to paint 10-15 1/48 single engine prop models over a year, including the CO2 used to clean the brush. It's silent, eliminates any worries about moisture in your system, and you can exactly set the pressure to your airbrush. The down side? You CAN run out! But, there's plenty of warning as to when you're getting low, so if you run out, yo
  14. Welcome William! Settle in and make yourself at home. Let us know if we can help in any way! Gil
  15. HOLY COW! THAT is impressive as all get out! That last picture needs to be offered as "wallpaper" for model builders! As impressive as the lighting is, I have to also say that the choice of an overall matte finish really adds to the "cleanness" of the overall look. I like the look , and it was probably just as authentic after a month or two at sea anyway. I suggest wearing thick shirts at shows because you can expect a good number of pats on the back when folks see it! Thanks for sharing! Gil
  16. Those are some great looking builds! A couple of questions: How did you accent the panel lines on the 102, and whose kits are those deck tractors? Excellent work! Gil
  17. Hey Duke! Guess what I JUST ran out of yesterday......MM gloss black enamel..... Guess I should have hung onto a couple of those "classic black" bottles....Oh well! Gil
  18. "Woof! What a lot of sanding!" You don't know the half of it Duke! Gil
  19. Adding my praises to the rest! Good looking addition to your collection and I'd have never even thought you had the least problem at the end by the results! Gil
  20. Robin: your story I think is VERY typical for a lot of members..especially the "local drama" stories. IPMSUSA may have had some drama, but not nearly as often or on the level of local clubs. I've been a member since '77, and have been extremely blessed to have been a member of 2 clubs with almost NO drama...the Rickenbackers in Columbus and IPMS First Coast here in Jax. But, having attended many, many local shows and regional contests, and spoken to hundreds of other "local" members; their stories are legion about the "drama" in their clubs. Many clubs either fail, or split off due to those in
  21. Been slowed down lately Mark....working on this..... Gil
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