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  1. WOWZERS....those are really problematic! For most of those I'd actually opt to use very thin sheet plastic (or even strips/widths of tape) as covers to "resurface" and cover them up instead of filling and sanding. For others where you can't cover the entire surface (like those inner gear doors), I'd see if any of the Waldron punches match up, and of so, punch out a disc and use it to fill the mark. You could then use a pin to make some "rivets" around them and make them look like removable service covers; overall probably less work and faster then the tedium of trying to sand them smooth in su
  2. Great looking 109 James! Those American marking really add a splash of color not normally seen. Thanks for posting! Gil
  3. The more I look the more there is to like! The diorama is very basic but also very well composed. The extra work and skills you apply are evident in the close up pics, and your figures (which you didn't even mention) are very well done too. Thanks for sharing this gem with us! Gil
  4. Welcome back Phil! Gloss painting cars is my Kryptonite! Your advice will be very welcome by many! Settle in, make yourself at home, and have fun! Gil
  5. Excellent update Duke! Glad to see you in the saddle and riding pretty hard! As for me....I'm working on ONE....granted, it's a handful, but still just ONE! Gil
  6. Maruda: try this link for starters....lots of detail pics and some with open panels.... https://images.search.yahoo.com/yhs/search;_ylt=AwrCxGEto7VethUAugUnnIlQ;_ylu=X3oDMTByMjB0aG5zBGNvbG8DYmYxBHBvcwMxBHZ0aWQDBHNlYwNzYw--?p=F-105+walkaround+photos&fr=yhs-mozilla-100&hspart=mozilla&hsimp=yhs-100 And here's an F-105G walkaround...though no open panels... http://www.primeportal.net/hangar/weichao_chen2/f-105g_63-8320/index.php?Page=2 And lastly...a link to built F-105G models where you may find some inspiration.... https://images.search.yahoo.com/yhs/search;_
  7. ghodges

    Tamiya P-51D WIP

    Looks sharp to me! My only suggestion would be that after you matte everything, go back and add a drop of Future or Micro-Clear to each of the dials on the main panel. Staying tuned for more! Gil
  8. Looking good! Those pe parts really step it up a notch too! Gil
  9. Great looking build! I'm an "all 3 dead" fan, and particularly like the older, more colorful gray and white schemes. Posing the speed brakes open adds a splash more color too. Congrats! Gil
  10. Very sharp detail painting, and that main panel rocks! You're off to yet another great start! looking forward to more! Gil
  11. I have to agree overall with Ralph's very succinct analysis. Where it REALLY affects people is at the local level....whether you have a local shop left, or the Hobby Lobby, or Michaels, or some other store that does carry commonly available hobby paint. The casual model builder, who happen to be the VAST majority of model buyers and builders are going to struggle to find replacements. They won't know where to turn to to get paints (if not locally), nor what choices they have. This goes for paint, glues, and all of those items that Ralph listed as easily replaceable for US, the more seriou
  12. IF it's held, I plan on attending. I've been going to the Nats whenever I could afford to and get off from work since 1978. That's not going to change. I do expect, even under the best of circumstances, a much smaller Nats. Even without considering the health issues, many people's finances have been thrown for a loop due to all of the shut downs. They simply will not be able to afford to attend. Also, if the airlines do get back to more normal schedules, it'll still be tough for many to afford to fly, IF they can find a flight on the still limited flight schedules. The only up side is tha
  13. Super looking Wildcat! I just learned a lot I didn't know about the differences between the variants and admire the way you dedicated yourself to getting it all right. This was one of the group that held the line until better planes came along and your build is a fine tribute to them! Gil
  14. Thanks for the very kind words......but DANG.....time and a new perspective just made me realize that I weathered it except for the NEW PROP hung on the front end........just....DANG! Gil
  15. Excellent looking model of a lesser known variant! I've always felt the Hurricane overall gets the short shrift most of the time in the tall shadow of the more storied Spitfire. That's a great tribute to the harder working Hurricane for your collection! Gil
  16. Ruined? Naaahhhhhh......you're just at the beginning of a journey that most of us started many years ago. You're not screwing up anything we've never screwed up. You simply want to get the results you see others have, but remember they have way more experience than you have. It's a good goal, as it'll make you push yourself to be better. But, never let what others may think control your building or suck the fun out of your hobby! If you sincerely think you bought a couple of models a bit too complex for now, box them up and try to pick a few to get under your belt before you come back to the
  17. You've got some very good advice above...but this also raises a subject that you'll have to tackle at one time or another: detail painting. The guys are right....good paint and brushes are the key. If you don't have some very fine tipped brushes, go buy some. Make sure they have clear protective covers to help the points last longer. NEVER dip ANY paint brush all the way in the paint, only go about 1/3 of the way...you don't want much (if any paint) getting up into the ferule, as the accumulating dried paint up in there will spread the bristles and ruin its shape over time. Never "scrub"
  18. Superb rendition Ron! I really like the shadow shading on the bottom color. And now you'll find (as I did) that you have to be careful of the rigging that runs from the middle wing to the fuselage EVERY time you try to pick it up! Gil
  19. You might try searching for some dry transfer lettering, such as used by architects. These can be found at any large art supply store (especially on campus) and come in a lot of fonts and sizes. Black is very common, but white ones can be used as masks by painting the black, applying the white letters, painting your underside color, and then using tape to pull the numbers back off. If you don't have a good store near you, you might try searching on line. Hope this helps! Gil
  20. Welcome Dave! Glad to hear you're returning to a hobby we all love to let suck our time and money away! As pointed out, there seems to be several clubs not too far from you. Fine scale Modeler magazine covers all genres of modeling, and they have a web site and Face Book page too. Below is the link to our IPMSUSA FB page....many local clubs also have websites and FB pages, and you can be a part of any that interest you without having to live near them. https://www.facebook.com/groups/ipmsusa/?ref=bookmarks I highly recommend joining a local club if it's practical, as not
  21. Welcome Miles! Glad to have your here with the rest of us misfits! GIL
  22. That "hot" discoloring on the engine exhaust areas came out really nice! GIL
  23. IPMS had a Face Book page where you can be a part of us as an "on-line" club....here's the link: https://www.facebook.com/groups/ipmsusa/ Gil
  24. Nice, colorful build Ron! Did you do anything to add to it besides the markings? It looks surprisingly accurate for a 50s release, right down to including the exhaust deflectors and the thin profile to the main wheels. Gil
  25. That's a whale of a start to your Whale! 🙂 GIL
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