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  1. Great start on an older kit that was W-A-Y ahead of its time! Gil
  2. Impressive! I hope you've contacted Lockheed about getting paid.... Gil
  3. Nice build Ron! I'll have to look at getting one of those...since 1/48 armor is the only armor I build (once in a while) and I don't believe Tamiya or HB has done a Patton. Gil
  4. Good looking progress! I especially like the brightness of those green instruments on the main IP...looking forward to more! Gil
  5. Now THAT'S an eye popping Lancaster! Your conversion work is impeccable as you cannot tell what you did where, and that's no small feat on such a shiny finish. And SNJ huh? Old school still does the job! I just hope Sophie's not sporting some silver fur in spots.... That's a very pretty build indeed Ron. Congrats! Gil
  6. If you're talking about the decal that looks like a matrix of tiny dots.....I had the same problem! This is the best pic I've been able to find of the intake that sort of shows them... Almost any pics I've seen show them as quite faint, and should be more dark gray dots than black ....Hope this helps some! Good luck! Gil
  7. Glad you've joined us John! Jump in and make yourself at home! Gil
  8. Love your scratchbuilding...and it's so CLEAN....If I built that stuff there'd be glue smears galore on those pieces. If this even comes close to your Seahawk it'll be pure gold! Grabbing some popcorn and staying tuned.... Gil
  9. Absolutely stupendous! There's SO much eye candy there it's hard to take it all in.....I sure hope to be able to see it in person in Texas this summer! GIL
  10. Great looking build of a beautiful plane, and one not often seen. Thanks for letting us tag along! Gil
  11. Welcome Robert! Glad to have you here on the forum with the rest of we nuts! I cannot echo Ron's invite enough....the Rickenbacker club in Columbus is one of the best in all of IPMS and you'll certainly have fun with them. As an honorary lifetime member of the Columbus club (as long as I never move back! ), I can tell you that you'll get all the help you could possibly desire, and probably make some very good friends. In the meantime, please settle in here and make yourself at home! Gil
  12. Amazing! You're like the Energizer Bunny Builder and we just keep scrolling and scrolling and scrolling......;) Way to take advantage of the self quarantine! Gil
  13. "Just curious, how long did it take you to prep, and paint the fuselage colors? What was your final grit of sanding medium you used to prep it before you shot on the Alclad ?" Chris: I got it all sanded, primed, and painted in about a week to 10 days, including a few days to allow for drying. The wing itself was the most work, and there's probably a couple of hours work in order to first flatten the bottom belly contour (very coarse sanding sticks), then rough sand with 400 to start removing scratches and take off the Entex raised panel lines, and then 600 grit to smooth most everyt
  14. I wanted to build a Korean War F-86E in 1/48, but since they had a non-6/3 slatted wing, and NO 1/48 kit is made that way, you have to convert an "F" back to an "E". There are several resin conversion wings made...but most are put of production, all are hard to find, and they're all expensive. You can use a Revell F-86D Sabedog wing, but I chose a cheaper route, using an old Entex/Marusan F-86D Saberdog wing, which is a much cheaper way to go and doesn't sacrifice a truly nice kit. This is the 3rd time I've done this...having built an "A" and another "E" several decades ago...so this isn't an
  15. Sweet! That brass really sets off those radiators. Looking forward to your next progress post! Gil
  16. Nice progress! The "high speed silver" on the bottom looks great! Gil
  17. Immensely impressive is right! There's hardly a straight build in them and yet you got one done every 60 days or less. And I have to agree that those prototypes make for VERY interesting models to place on tables anywhere. Congrats, and thanks for sharing. I look forward to your 2020 projects! Gil
  18. There's a lot of people who wouldn't recognize your starting point from the result you achieved! The thing that caught my attention was how nice the pilot and interior look with some dedicated painting..entirely unexpected knowing what the molded parts look like. Yet another of your oldies that's no longer moldy! Nice! Gil
  19. Good looking build! As for a "what-if" scenario....time travel it back to 1917..... Thanks for sharing! GIL
  20. And the BIG winners.... BEST JUNIOR MODEL went to Robert Morgan....however, he (and his entry) had to leave early, so no pic of him or his very nice diorama "Crossroads".... Most Popular AND JUDGE'S GRAND AWARD went to George Arnan for his Viking Ship.... Gil
  21. And the 7 Division Best Ofs.... David Neely's 1/48 I-16 Rata won Best Aircraft Best Armor went to John Grenot for his M1A1 Abrams tank Best Automotive went to Mathew Cunningham for his 1/24 '57 Ford Custom Best Nautical went to George Arnan for his Viking Ship Best Figure went to Mark Sprayberry for his 1/35 Spartan Hoplite figure Best Space/Sci-Fi model went to Butch Bryan for his USS Shayu Best Diorama went to Steve Arthur for his 1/16 Tiger 1 (late) "Viller's Bocage" diorama Finishing with the BI
  22. Ok....Starting with the 4 Specials and the Theme award.... Rick Scott won Best Gloss Finish for his /49 Merc Custom Best Camouflaged Model was won by David Neely for his I-16 Rata... Best Natural Metal Finish went to Ken Friend for his 1/32 F-86 D Best Detailed Model went to wayne Stevens for his '70 ProMod 'Cuda Best 50 Shades of Modeling Blues 2020 theme award went to Bill Giles (no pic of him, he left early) for his "Just Needs Paint" pickup truck Best Of's to follow.... GIL
  23. I'll use this block to list the Golf Medal winners....unfortunately, time didn't allow us to get pics of all of them; something we hope to remedy next year! 1) David Neely- 1/48 I-16 type 10 Rata 2) Junior, Robert Morgan- “1/72 Crossroads Diorama 3) Junior, Jackson Sellers- 1/35 Leopard 1 tank 4) John Bishop- 1/72 DO-17 5) Andy Mason- 1/48 A-4 Skyhawk collection 6) Stuart Kane- 1/35 “Vehicles of the IDF” collection 7) Tom White- 1/24 1930 Model Coupe 8- Butch Bryan- Star Trek ship USS Shayu 9) Steve Arthur- 1/16 Tiger 1 (late) diorama 10) Randy
  24. Ahhh....I could not have when you originally posted that....but picked up the HK 1/48 B-17G at Jaxcon and can try to make a few comparisons between the old and the new.....stay tuned, though it may be a week or so since I'm trying to finish up Jaxcon paperwork (and actually started building another model!). GIL
  25. Yeah, blew a LOT of people away! I heard a lot of complements on the build and the super presentation! GIL
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