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    My interests are 1/48 scale US Navy and Marine Corps aircraft, from the Golden Wings age up to the present. My long-term project is to build as many MiG-killing Navy jets as possible.
  1. Beautifully done! I have that kit in the stash - any construction difficulties?
  2. Thanks very much, Gil! Reading John Lundstrom's outstanding book, The First Team, many yeas ago, I knew I wanted to build a model of Rawie's aircraft. It took about 20 years, but I finally did it.
  3. Superbly done, in every respect, Gil. I'm in awe that you can achieve such a high level of craftsmanship in just ten days.
  4. My latest build is the 1/48 Hobby Boss F4F3 'Early Version', which I converted to an F4F-3A. I finished it in the markings of F4F-3A BuNo 3914, the first Navy aircraft to down an enemy plane in WWII. Flown by Lt.(jg) Wilmer Rawie of VF-6 aboard USS Enterpise, he shot down a Japanese Mitsubishi A5M4 Type 96 ‘Claude’ fighter over Taroa Atoll in the Marshall Islands on Feb. 1. 1942. The F4F-3A differed from the F4F-3 in several ways. The engine on the -3A had the magnetos on the rear of the engine, instead of the crankcase, so I used a resin replacement engine front without the magnetos. It
  5. Thanks, Mark! I had a LOT of things go wrong on this build, but I'm pleased with the results.
  6. All I can say is....wow! Another outstanding build, as usual from you. The B-10 certainly is an interesting-looking aircraft.
  7. My latest build is Hobbycraft's 1/48 T-33. I used Iliad Designs Naval T-Birds decal sheet to model a jet from Guided Missile Group One, used to control Regulus missile flights in the early 1960's. I replaced the very plain kit cockpit with one from True Details cockpit. The biggest accuracy issue seems to be the aft fuselage, which has a humped appearance just before the tail. The the rear canopy fairing where it meets the fuselage is the wrong shape as well. Otherwise, the kit looks enough like a T-33 to me to pass muster. The only options the kit gives you is to display the canopy open or cl
  8. Gil - I continue to be deeply impressed by your abilities as a modeler. Your B-47 was simply a masterpiece of design, construction, finish, scratch-building, and ingenuity. No doubt this Nell will be another yet another example of your exemplary skill as a modeler. Well done, Sir!
  9. My latest effort is the old, but solid, Monogram 1/48 F-8E Crusader. This classic from Monogram features average fit, with (mostly) accurate outlines and shapes. It has raised panel lines, which also appear accurate compared to drawings and photos in my references. There is one glaring mistake: the entire nose, from aft of the canopy to the end of the nose, is one quarter inch (or one scale foot) too wide. This gives the windscreen and canopy a flattened appearance compared to the actual aircraft. Monogram made this same mistake on their 1/48 A-4 E/F Skyhawk kit. Another flaw, though one more
  10. Thanks very much for your comments, Gil! After back-to-back Hellcats, I'm finishing up a Monogram Crusader.
  11. Your Tomcat is just superb, Gil. I bought the kit recently, but haven't started it yet. When I do, I finish it as a VF-41 bird, too, one of the 'Fitter-killers' of the first Gulf of Sidra incident. Glad to hear you can confirm reports that the fit is darn near perfect. That will be a pleasant change from the Academy Tomcat I build years ago!
  12. Here’s my latest effort, Eduard’s 1:48 scale F6F-5 Hellcat ‘Weekend Edition’ (which, ironically, took me six months to complete.) The Eduard series of 1:48 scale Hellcats were hailed as the best in scale when they were released in 2008. They are great kits, but after building one, I’m not convinced it’s the best. The kit features excellent surface detail and good-to-average parts fit. The wings and horizontal stabilizers are basically butt-joined to the fuselage, leading to some gaps along the left wing root, which I filled with Mr Surfacer 500. It also makes getting the correct dihedral a
  13. Terrific work, as per your usual, Gil. I've never built a Collect-Aire kit, but many years ago I did purchase their F2H-3/4 Banshee kit, but was disappointed with the poor quality of the resin castings and cast metal parts, so I ended up selling it. Your B-66 is shaping up to be another stellar build from you.
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