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  1. Academy 1/350 perry class question

    Thanks for the help Rusty, it worked great.
  2. Academy 1/350 perry class question

    I'll try that thanks Rusty
  3. Academy 1/350 perry class question

    I recently started the Academy 1/350 Perry class, and read the color for ships is Haze Grey. However is there a need to add white so the color is too scale and not too dark? If so by how much?
  4. Vandey 76 question

    No I applied it over Tamiya white primer. However I took your advice and put a coat of Tamiya flat red. That made a big difference, thanks for the tip. Here's the result, will have it done by the next meeting.
  5. Vandey 76 question

    Thanks for the tip
  6. Vandey 76 question

    Thanks Gil
  7. Vandey 76 question

    I've been using Insignia Red, but to me when compared to photos it looks too dark. Is it just the lighting or am I using the wrong color?
  8. Vandey 76 question

    Thanks j
  9. Vandey 76 question

    The instructions that come with it don't list the colors needed. Does anybody happen to know the exact red, white and blue?
  10. Vandey 76 question

    Will do
  11. Vandey 76 question

    Does anybody know the quality of the Hasegawa 1/48 Vandy 76 decals? How much time you have before the glue sets, so you can move them into place? My only concern in building the kit is they're so big I won't have time to align them correctly.
  12. Swing wings and paint issue

    Thanks for the tip. That's what I did and now the wing doesn't rub against the top fuselage half.
  13. Swing wings and paint issue

    I do need the wings move to show how it works. I'll mostly likely keep them in 1 position most of the time. However I'm going to sand in between where the wings connect to the fuselage to try and sand away the contact like you said.
  14. Swing wings and paint issue

    Possibly but being able to sweep the wings allows the hard points to move like on the real thing.
  15. Swing wings and paint issue

    I might do that too.Thanks wedfactory.