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    Mainly aircraft of the USMC & USN pre-WWII, WWII and Korea. Buuuut I have been know to build a target... er I mean tank once in a while.

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  1. WOW! I don't remember seeing one of these built, so I'm looking forward to this build. Looking real good!!
  2. No other links Gil (I wish), but if you look below the drawing of the Wildcat there are some pics of part of the test shots. I know it's not much, but what you can see looks REAL nice. Also a pic of the marking options.
  3. It looks like Eduard did their research as they actually are giving us 4 different wind screens and the different cowl options to do the -3 correctly. Looks like s few of my kits will get pushed back in the 'to be built line' when this one hits the market!!! https://www.1999.co.jp/eng/10895547
  4. I love when the oldies get built up nice! Great job!
  5. Well, the single bottle is this..... https://www.michtoy.com/item-LFC-527-LifeColor_Verde_Oliva_Scuro_2_(22ml).html Hope this helps.
  6. Wanted to try some new paints and what better kit to practice on than this. I used Mr. Color Nakajima Dark Green, Mr. Paint IJNAF Cowling black & IJNAF Propeller color and Tamiya IJN Grey. As much as I like Mr. Paint, the Mr. Color was easy to spray also....I like it. The stand is Alclad Gloss Black Primer and I put some weights on the underside then covered it with felt....don't want to scratch a desk! The Hinomaru's are from an old MicroScale sheet I picked up back in 198? at my old LHS and the tail code is from a Hasegawa kit. An easy, fun, quick build to practice on.
  7. Hope these help a little......
  8. I have one from the TBM-1C boxing you can have. Not sure how different it is from the -3D if at all.
  9. Thanks! The intakes & exhausts don't fit great and need a small bit of filler. The nose & tail sections both leave a decent size panel line that needs to be filled and re-scribed.....mine still does not look right but it'll have to do.
  10. VMF211

    Aurora XFV-1

    WOW! Don't see many of these kits built up.......even fewer built this good. GREAT JOB!
  11. Not the easiest new tool Airfix kit to build but it's such a cool looking aircraft, I had to build it. I did end up using the Eduard Zoom set though.
  12. Finally picked up the Hasegawa Val kit I've been wanting for a while. Was always too expensive. Also picked up the Airfix 48th Sea Vixen, Sword 72nd AD-4W Skyraider and a gift from a friend....the DoraWings 72nd P-43.
  13. Found it!! After 4 days it made it's way home!!
  14. Does anyone have the new Airfix Buccaneer S.2C and will not be using the Rocket pods? I lost one of my part # E17's.
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