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    Mainly aircraft of the USMC & USN pre-WWII, WWII and Korea. Buuuut I have been know to build a target... er I mean tank once in a while.
  1. Thanks Ron. I understand about the shape issues but am really more concerned with the size. I can handle sanding a bit to fit but really don't want to have to grind a lot just to get it to fit. Was just wondering if there was a big size difference or even if one has really thick plastic which could pose an issue also.
  2. in size to each other? I have a Hasegawa kit and was wondering if the p/e or resin for the Revell or Academy kits will fit in the Hase. kit.
  3. Ray, it depends on what paints your using and what kind of scheme you painting. (soft edge, hard edge etc..etc). Parafilm M works well on glossy surfaces. I use some different things. Low tack masking tape (I use drafting tape), silly putty, liquid frisket or free hand depending on what I'm doing. It all depends on whet you're comfortable with.
  4. I have been using Alclad Matte or flat depending on what I'm working on. Takes a little longer to dry but the results are nice.
  5. Are you going to touch on painting? Masking the model & canopies for painting. How about cleaning seam lines? My own personal problem (it's mental now) How not to screw up the decals!
  6. VMF211

    Maroon 18 ?

    Your welcome. Here is another one, kind of dark but maybe a RR color would work?
  7. VMF211

    Maroon 18 ?

    Maybe Tamiya Red-Brown?
  8. Nick, YES IT DID!! I think all Hawk kits did but am not 100% sure.
  9. LOL! Nick, I built a few of those also and still a great kit to practice on. (My daughters first glue kit was this)
  10. Ray, Get yourself an old, cheap beater kit that you can practice on. Try whatever paint you want and thin it to whatever works best for you. I can't speak for anyone but myself, however, that's what I was taught years ago when it came to airbrushing and it has worked well enough for me. I used an old Testors/Hawk SBD dauntless kit ($.99 at KB toys!)....HTH
  11. Tamiya is my go to for airbrushing. You can thin it with Isopropyl Alcohol.
  12. Ebay or a model contest. Always a deal or two or more in the vendor room, not that I partake in that sort of thing! :)
  13. For 1/72 I use synthetic hair, 1/48 I use transparent nylon thread.
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