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  1. 1/72 Formaplane Nimrod MR.1 vacuform kit Prefer to trade for any of these: 1/72 Hasegawa A-1H Skyraider 1/72 Tololoko KTO Rosomak Wolverine AFV (Afghan ISAF, typ.) 1/72 ZSU-23-4 Shilka 1/72 Toxso SCUD missile AFV
  2. Very cool - Thanx for posting it. Would like to see more of the AP-2H Neptune gunship that dashed by. But that is what they do (did).
  3. Love it! Never saw one built before. Very cool - but she's gonna be hard to spot amongst all of those Essex carriers.
  4. Nice work - Looking forward to seeing the bird!
  5. That is a FINE SEA camo job!
  6. Lessee...Have got an Italeri F-104C that's been in the stash since at least c1988, long enough to gain a bagged-kit box-mate. Oldest thing in the entire stash may be a small portion of the nose from the first, or second of those old 1/72 Revell B-17s I built as a kid in the early 1970s. No special plans for that, other than the occasional, nostalgic encounter in the bottom of the spare parts box.
  7. Love this build. Am especially intrigued by the Light Hub system, as I've got one of these standing by for installation on a big jet. Any suggestions or surprises from that stuff? I did find a place to hide the splitter, mounted on a Velcro strip in a weapons bay. Lots of inspiration in this article. Have had family members aboard CV-64, LHA-5 and others, so that's the direction it will take...eventually.
  8. Fantastic piece of work here! Love it.
  9. VonL

    1/48 F-16C Viper

    Nice model! I remember the 185th TFG guys, too. Good times!
  10. Sure makes me wanna go build one! Only suggestion I would add is to maybe weather the finish a bit more, as applicable to the subject. I suspect that the camera/lighting is washing out a great paint job on the C-46. Am not suggesting that you go full-Verlinden-mad on it, but just a bit more, to pop the surface detail and such.
  11. That's what I get for being away for a while and passing by this gallery - missing stuff like this. Beautiful piece of work here! Got more pix of 'er?
  12. FYI - There is a product called Smooth-On that's supposed to help with the rough surfaces from 3D printing. Great online pitch, but I've never seen it in person.
  13. VonL

    Iraqi Mig-25RB

    That is one vicious looking airplane. One of my faves, beautifully done.
  14. Ditto to the dittos. Likewise, Duke's glosscoat over flat white technique can give that nice semi-gloss sheen, where a show-car finish is not desired.
  15. Amen to what Gil said. And ditto on the 'scale slave.'
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