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  1. You are still the Hero Modeler of the Soviet Union. Some epic stuff here. Love the pigeon truck. Good call, painting the CVN-65 deck stripes. And the pic of the Tu-142 looks just like one of those overhead, treaty-verification pix, c.1990s. Rage on, bra'!
  2. ...or maybe it was '22... Mr. BUFF works the room, at a recent club meeting. The AMT/ERTL/Italeri "Early G-model" kit, backdated for Linebacker-II, with a custom tail stinger and more... Mr. BONE awaits inspiration, with a couple of DIY 3D printed bits in play... Unlike her bro's here, Connie is not 1/72 scale, but that wonky 1/800... Pegasus SVA.5 is farther along, but still stalled at the need-a-jig phase... ...and a pesky MiG, from the old, nay "vintage" Hasegawa kit.
  3. Fantastic project -You Are The Man! I'm building one wings-back, inflight, so you can have the nose gear and ladder bits (except for the hatch itself), if that helps. Do you need the wheels/tires too? Or just the L/G strut parts? Send me a PM with your mailing address, as desired.
  4. Thanx - she re-wrote the invoice document as accessed by my account and set it for the 3-year, $86 option. So that option is still alive, in the system. Am guessing that somebody else in digi-land would need to set that up as a standard, online renewal option...?
  5. Got the online distro pitch for the '24 Nats and it took me right to my personal profile, for that task - nice! Along the way, I updated my profile info and decided to renew my membership, which expires in APR24. Clicking on the RENEW button, I prefer to renew for the three-year term, especially if the discount is still offered, but can't find that option beyond the pre-selected, one-year renewal for $30. Is the three-year membership option/discount still available? If so, what am I missing? Thanx for your look...
  6. Fantastic piece! Saw it on FakeBook, too.
  7. NICE! Never saw the Mk.II before.
  8. I'm not worthy! A bunch of cool subjects in-work here. You may finish more models in one year than I have in my whole life. Viva 1/72 - !!!
  9. Very cool model and Cold War history. I recently talked to a 1960s diesel sub sailor whose first cruise included a blue-water rescue mission for another sub, that was damaged when it "...escaped from a Russian river with its sonar out." Unbelievable. "Where have you been - !?"
  10. Love it - Thanx for the history, too!
  11. Yes Gil, I (no longer) read the Members Only sections and have finally notched out of these fights for the aforementioned reasons. Thank you guys, sincerely, for caring enough to wrestle with this stuff to try and make it right. But I will no longer follow it down the rabbit hole. Again: Modeling is my escape from this kind of thing in the so-called real world. Respectfully, Von_L
  12. "Can't we all just get along?" Am truly sad to see the social media tempest-in-a-teapot erupting into something that damages this fine organization. Speaking from the cheap seats: IMHO, EVERYBODY in this chain and in the IPMS leadership cadre is deserving of the benefit-of-the-doubt, regarding their motivations, methods and efforts to conduct the events, inform the membership, sort through questions and problems, etc. Accusations of power-plays and nefarious intent frankly sound ridiculous, compared to the real stuff that happens in DC, for example. To whit: The reason various board members and such run unopposed is that most IPMS members, including yours truly, are unwilling to take on the administrative workload, much less the slings and arrows aforementioned. I am willing to stipulate that they are all doing their best and for the right reasons. "...in short, she graciously volunteered to help out her husband Mark and to keep the contest AND the awards presentation from FAILING." Now this is the true spirit of the thing; our best selves, if you will. Hence my most profound thanks, to all who step up to lead this org, conduct the various events, contests and administrivia, that modeling and the sharing thereof may remain my personal escape system from 'all that' in the so-called real world. Now, let's put on some relaxing music and go build a model.
  13. I've got one in captivity ri'-heah! Give me an address and it's yours.
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