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  1. All in a day's fun! QUESTION: Why is the KITLINX.COM website suddenly blocked to me, when none of the other ones are?
  2. THAT is a spectacular piece of work! Thanx for posting it.
  3. Well played! Beautiful work, a cool subject and the tribute-feedback is as good as it gets.
  4. You do realize that Special Hobby kitted this version, over the summer-? Just kidding - nice job!
  5. Go, Gil, Go! This thing is lookin' great so far.
  6. VonL

    Caudron C.460

    Turn your own model pix into B/W with photoshop, or the MS Gallery tools and I'll bet beer that your blue is very close, after all. Nice work!
  7. Peter Lorre imitation: "It is...a monster!"
  8. Love it - esp. the Phantom-in-work!
  9. Bob Steinbrunn has a very nice set of pix out there, too...forgot the link.
  10. FWIW, that 'pet-recipes' comment was just a hypothetical example of the lame, pop-culture goofiness with which one is usually stuck in the waiting-room reading venue. An older version of this point might have been "Jackie's UFO-Cancer-Diet!" CAUTION: Humor in progress. Love my hard-copy of the IPMS JOURNAL, too.
  11. WOOF - !!! Love the G-sel. That is a magnificent bit of work. Please, please bring 'er along to the Omaha Nats, that we may get a closer look.
  12. Yup. Just trying to be funny.
  13. Maybe, but I really like the hard-copy issues of these, also known as "waiting room insurance." Kept handy in the car, lest one truly enjoys reading about Megan Markle's latest pet-recipes, ad nauseum.
  14. Can I enter this one...by proxy...?
  15. I remember that model. Super work! What's that model's wingspan?
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