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  1. Ditto the Duke's comments. Absolutely fantastic. Inspired me to try some LED lighting in the future.
  2. Woof - awesome model! Love the heat effects on the exhaust.
  3. Wow - You got all of that one. I like the way the cockpit detail subtly pops out. Beautiful piece!
  4. There are jeep-markings experts out there. I am not one of them. However, as an airplane modeler who's researched this issue for flightline dioramas, my solution is to look at as many flightline vehicle photos as you can, especially pix of that unit, or similar units in that same theater of operations. Attached is an example from the 8th AF in England. On the front bumper, you can see: "8 (star) 398 BG 600" which translates to 8th Air Force MAJCOM, 398th Bombardment Group, 600th Bombardment Squadron. Some jeeps followed all that with an individual vehicle number (one or two digits). The jeep experts have some sort of Ouija board for the serial numbers, but I've no idea how that works. This one is also covered with red-and-white, or maybe black-and-yellow checkers for hi-vis in the stinky English weather. Check out the Harleys, too! Suggestion: Find some pix of that Saipan B-24 airfield/unit and look for their jeeps. They may have had jeeps in use with all services, SeeBees, etc. You may have some pretty cool artistic license, there. If there's just no data available from AAF Pacific bomber units, then I would default to the 8th AF format and at least call out the unit names you know, for that tribute.
  5. I did look. Have got a 1/72 TOAD sheet, but they're all active duty units from about 20 years ago.
  6. This is just awesome. I want one. Suggestion: Add a piece of human gear, like a hat, or a toolbox, or some piece of B-29/mission gear, to visually establish the size/scale of the weapon; or maybe a display base with a backdrop photo. Most people will have no idea.
  7. Love it - looks great! Have had one of these kits 'seasoning' in the stash for ages (next to the Jenny) and this inspires me to break it out...unless the 1/72 gets done first. How did you do the brass prop-edge guards?
  8. Did you ever score these Utah tanker decals? If not, I'll go look in the stash.
  9. VonL

    Jacob Marley

    Fantastic effects there. I just can't shake the thought that it could'a been the ghost of Bob Marley...different story...
  10. Ha - Looks just like an old colleague who made BGEN in the Air Force!
  11. That. Is.Cool. Nice clean work on it, too. Thanx for posting!
  12. VonL

    Cape Buffalo

    Love it - very cool & unusual subject, well done! Wish the pix were a bit bigger.
  13. Not really misleading, IMHO. It is absolutely the 'Super Bowl' as stated elsewhere. Am always stoked to participate, but cognizant of that level of play. Judges: Do what ya gotta do. It's not gonna hurt my feelings, either way.
  14. Lovely work on the classic. Are you gonna do a Modelcollect side-by-side?
  15. Very cool. Love the collection, too. I saw a pic of a camo HU-16 in Vietnam. Were those Coasties, too?
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