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  1. I entered a car in the BKB category, but like an idiot, forgot to bring the instructions. So there's my 2 cents and a grain of salt. Good concept in work here. Please don't give up on it.
  2. All of the above - !!! Thanx also for the family-member passes. My family members in the area (incl. active duty USAF) did cruise the displays and vendors - and bought stuff. Consider also the hobby 'recruitment' potential there. I'll keep workin' it, too.
  3. FYI - I just CNX'd my Embassy/La Vista reservations for 20-24 July. So jump in and grab those as desired, but you may wanna note this cautionary tale... I first attempted to reserve the room when the convention block opened last summer. As described elsewhere, this process was fraught with trouble, which (hopefully) does not need to be rehashed here. I reserved a room available for three of the four desired nights...or so I thought. I called them in the Spring, hoping to add the fourth night and they had no record of my reservation and no availability. So I made alternative arrangements: Initial hack was the nearby Hampton, in the past a lovely option; but their sole available room was outrageously expensive. Fortunately, our relatives in town were willing to host us, so I CNX'd the Hampton. All good. But today, we got an upgrade offer from Embassy Suites, regarding that first, 'lost' reservation, which somehow magically re-materialized. After a difficult telephone experience requiring multiple inputs of various personal ID data (while holding a confirmation number!), garbled audio, an apparent language barrier and inconsistent descriptions of the reservation, my BS-meter was pegged and I CNX'd it. CAVEAT EMPTOR. Otherwise - am still looking forward to the fun part...!
  4. All in a day's fun! QUESTION: Why is the KITLINX.COM website suddenly blocked to me, when none of the other ones are?
  5. THAT is a spectacular piece of work! Thanx for posting it.
  6. Well played! Beautiful work, a cool subject and the tribute-feedback is as good as it gets.
  7. You do realize that Special Hobby kitted this version, over the summer-? Just kidding - nice job!
  8. Go, Gil, Go! This thing is lookin' great so far.
  9. VonL

    Caudron C.460

    Turn your own model pix into B/W with photoshop, or the MS Gallery tools and I'll bet beer that your blue is very close, after all. Nice work!
  10. Peter Lorre imitation: "It is...a monster!"
  11. Love it - esp. the Phantom-in-work!
  12. FWIW, that 'pet-recipes' comment was just a hypothetical example of the lame, pop-culture goofiness with which one is usually stuck in the waiting-room reading venue. An older version of this point might have been "Jackie's UFO-Cancer-Diet!" CAUTION: Humor in progress. Love my hard-copy of the IPMS JOURNAL, too.
  13. WOOF - !!! Love the G-sel. That is a magnificent bit of work. Please, please bring 'er along to the Omaha Nats, that we may get a closer look.
  14. Yup. Just trying to be funny.
  15. Maybe, but I really like the hard-copy issues of these, also known as "waiting room insurance." Kept handy in the car, lest one truly enjoys reading about Megan Markle's latest pet-recipes, ad nauseum.
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