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  1. Some of my latest pickups.... And this resin kit...The figure will be about 8.5" tall.
  2. Welcome to AutumnCon 2015. This will be held in Covington, Louisiana on September 26 8:00am to 5:00pm. There will be raffle prizes, food is available and don't forget the vendors. See our website for more information and contest paperwork. http://www.northshoremodelers.com/directory.html Admin: This was listed on the upcoming calendar, but had a typo in the link to our website which redirected people to a modeling adjacency and not the site for the Northshore Scale Modelers. When I brought this up to the attention of the moderator the listing was removed and as not be corrected and reposted. This was on the 19th.
  3. Got to jump on the New Jersey tonight, added pe and the main deck wood deck.
  4. http://www.twobobs.net/ This site has a lot of decals for modern jets form most common scales.
  5. Got some paint booth time today...
  6. If you are worried about the size of the decals, cut them into smaller pieces and jigsaw the pieces together on the model. I have done this on several models works well.
  7. Well What do you know! It actually looks like an airplane!
  8. The New Jersey got a second coat of grey paint. Looks a lot better now. Have been working on the FA-18 as well. Right now the tails and wing tips are just placed on. Have some more seams to take care of before adding them. Actually the nose fits easily, it was the air intakes that where the problem to get to fit well.
  9. Sorry about the delay in posting here, got lost working on my 1/350 scale New Jersey and reading several books. Since it was raining hard and when it does that I can not paint. the rain beats against the window I would open to vent paint fumes. So I did what any modeler would do ... started another kit! This is the FA-18E Super Hornet by Revell in 1/48 scale. It is an average kit for Revell. Meaning decent molds some minor fit issues but with a little tlc can turn out a god model. I plan to build this one OOB.
  10. Ok the first round of painting is done. Will look at it again tomorrow to see where the touch ups are needed.
  11. Painting parts right now, after 5 hours of painting this is how far I got.
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