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  1. A fellow IPMS member and I met at the Squadron Carrilton location yesterday (Jan 15th) to conduct the sale of some of my models. We both knew the location so we met there. Only one car and a Post Office Truck in the whole lot. Looked closed to me. Bob Walker #17121
  2. Nice job. I remember building that kit as a teenage. I did it the supplier Air Commando marking because the Pilot, Phil Cochran was a neighbor of my father when they were kids. FROG kits were always great in outline but lacked any interior detail. I still have some in my stash as well. Bob Walker 17121
  3. I'd like to see more kits of Vietnam era Riverine craft, like PBR's and gun boats. How about more 1/72 scale armor accessories like are available in 1/35 and 1/48th scale. Packs, bottles, carboard boxes. More 1/72 scale aircraft ground service equipment, tow vehicles, aircraft starters, etc. More 1/72nd scale Anti-aircraft missle systems. U.S. and overseas.
  4. With Testors discontinuing Model Master Paints I just got and email from FIne Scale Modeller about Model Car World Finishes & Resin Replicas offering new paints for military and aircraft models as well as cars. Checked it out. Looks like another viable source. mcwfinishes.com (330) - 830 - 7755 FYI
  5. Are these paints still being produced? There was a comment recently in the forum that the Parent Company had stopped producing them. I ask because I'm having a hard time finding them even on mail order hobby sites.
  6. Earlier in June I tried to find a Standard C-119 Nose to backdate an Italeri AC-119K to a G but was unable to find one. My solution was to vacuum form a nose from a Roden C-123 and cut it down to fit the AC-119. Used three vacuum form noses super glued together to re-enforce the thin vacuum. Worked perfectly. Easy solution to backdate the "K" to a "G."

  7. Thanks for the reply. Too bad they had a nice variety of merchandise.
  8. Can any of you Fort Worth or Dallas IPMS members tell me if the above Hobby Town Store is still open? Bob Walker - 17121 - walkerhollycat@aol.com
  9. I'm really dating myself but I remember building the Patton and the Stalin III. At that stage of my modelling I thought these were really great kits. I think the next stage was the Renwal and Revell 1/40th scale armour. Bob Walker IMPS 17121
  10. Ralph,

    I wanted to thank you for you help in finding the fonts I needed. My grandson installed them for me today.

    Robert C. Walker IPMS 17121

    1. Ralph Nardone

      Ralph Nardone

      Glad I could be of service!

  11. Aleksander, I wanted to thank you for your help in locating the fonts I needed. My 19 year old grandson installed them today. Robert C. Walker IPMS #17121
  12. Can you letter me if there is a computer program I can down load to be able to print Numbers and letters in U.S. Air Force and/or U.S. Navy style for making decals. If so where can I get it? Robert C. Walker IPMS 17121 walkerhollycat@aol.com
  13. I'd like to thank Ron Bell and Ralph Nardone for their information of 1/72 scale red number decals and dry transfers. I have internet ordered both of the suggested sheets. Bob Walker IPMS 17121
  14. I have just completed a Lockheed A-12 in 1/72 scale. I need red decals or dry transfers in red for the tail numbers. I can't seem to find USAF style numbers anywhere. Any suggested sources? This is all that's stopping completing the aircraft. I'd appreciate help here. Thanks. Bob Walker IPMS 17121
  15. Does anyone know of a fairly inexpensive programs that can be purchased for use with Windows 10? I just want to take scans of pictures and manipulate the size of the image to produce 1/72 scale decals. Photoshop is great but its very expensive.
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