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  1. As a long time modeler ,I turned 76 this November, I was surprised when one of the comments by a younger modeler in the Forum was he had never heard of FROG as a modelling company. Having built a number of FROG kits in the past I liked their selection of kits (LOVED their Sea Fury). When they went out of business I was pleased that many of their old kits were produced in Russia under the NOVO label. I purchased some of these as well. In the October 2022 issue of Scale Aircraft Modelling is short history of FROG and how it evolved into NOVO, Red Star, Air Lines, and Novoexport. Although never as popular as Airfix kits FROG produced many unique kits of good quality. I think long time modelers and younger modelers would enjoy this article.
  2. I would afree with an earlier gentleman's reply that its either Airfix or Frog. You can still find some of these bagged kits at models shows.
  3. Does anyone have plans ,photos, or sketches of the Tell Two Elint pod used of RB-47H's?
  4. I can also remember building those old Aurora kits. However, I've never one restored to that level. EXCELLENT WORK!
  5. Being 75 years old I was late to the digital scene. I subscribe to at least 4 modelling magazines and buy several others. I has some bad experiences using several digit based publications. Because of how poorly the Covid-19 issue was handled here in the U.S. my bookstores were closed. The only way I could get by U.K. based Air International and Air Forces Monthly Magazines in anywhere near a timely manner was to change my subscriptions to digital. The Key Aero publications are easily downloadable and as PDF files, can be saved for future reference. As a modeler that is important to me. I also save money over paper subscriptions. Now on that same comparison I buy Scale Aircraft Modelling at Barnes and Nobel with about a month's delay. I was also buying Scale Aviation Modeller International. I tried their digit issue and found it hard to use or download. I contacted them and got a paper subscription because they said the mail was much better now. I did this because Barnes and Nobel just got their August/September issue in last week(December 2021). I did this on 11/11/2021 and am still waiting for my first issue. One further question my own mind. How come EVERY major mail ordering company in the US offers all the above PAPER copies on a real time basis while the biggest book seller in the country can't seem to get them even close to on time.
  6. Nice job. Neat little kit. i remember building it years agobut mine didn't turn out as well. 

  7. I am amazed at how well your efforts on old kits turn out so well. great job, AGAIN!
  8. Does anyone have a set of 1/72 scale decals with Robin Olds F-4C Mig Killer , SCAT, they'd be willing to sell? Bob Walker IPMS 17121
  9. NICE JOB. Its good to see older kits built to this standard.
  10. I've always liked the Griffon Engined Spits. Nice job

  11. GREAT! I already signed up for your updates. If you keep the store in Carrolton, Texas please consider re-starting your one day open house to visit live and purchase things. Bob Walker IPMS 17121
  12. THANK YOU! That jogged my memory those are the sites. I appreciate it.
  13. Hi Bob,

    I am not sure why but I am unable to reply directly to your forum post so I will reply here.

    Below is the link to your original posting from 2020. I hope that is what you need.




      THANK YOU. Since my oldest Grandson, "Mr. Computer" is home from engineering school school, he can install them for me like he did last time. 

  14. About a year and a half ago I asked about the above two and was provided with information on what to load into Word for the above. Worked great. However, that computer "Died" last September and I lost those two. Can anyone re-provide that information or give new suggestions? Bob Walker IPMS 17121
  15. Very interesting and well done. I've never seen a crash barrier diorama done before.
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