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  1. dhamilton


    Another great event Gil!! Congrats to you and your team for putting together another fine show!! Doug
  2. I booked my room before the Marriott block opened, as I'm a Marriott Rewards member. As the block hadn't opened yet, I couldn't reserve as part of the block. The room cost was only $5.00 a night difference, so the extra squag for my stay will be about $25.00. I couldn't wait the few days extra, and book in as part of the block. I had no problem getting my room, and was able to pick the type of room I wanted (King/Double)based on my desire rather than block availability. See everyone in Nooga!!!
  3. dhamilton

    Riley #33 Mercedes AMG

    Thanks!! I checked out their website, they have some really interesting markings available!! I'll be picking up some shortly!!
  4. dhamilton

    Vindicator by Accu Mini

    Looks good Dick!! I'm still working on mine. What issues did you find? What do I have to look forward to?
  5. dhamilton

    Riley #33 Mercedes AMG

    That looks great!! It looks good sitting on the carbon fiber!! Where did you get the decals? I recently picked up the kit, but need new markings!!
  6. Hey Gil, As always, a great event!!! I had a blast!!
  7. dhamilton

    1968 STP Lotus turbine

    Nice job. I also have some of the Gravity line. I was told they were prethinned, only to find out more thinner is needed to be able to shoot them through an airbrush. Once I properly thinnef them, they work nicely. Just don't shoot the clear coat over enamel. It's way too hot!!!
  8. dhamilton

    Revell 1/48 F-89 Scorpion

    Nice job!! I've always loved this AC!!
  9. Hey Al, I heard you guys had another great show this year. Wish I could have made it. Maybe next year!! Give my best to the rest of the club!! Doug
  10. dhamilton

    Who's going?

    I'll be driving up from Florida this time and am looking forward to another awesome event!!
  11. dhamilton

    Things that make you fume

    Contests where "home cooking" is the norm, and qualified National judges are turned away. Phamtom categories that aren't posted on the event flyer, but are always won by the local sponsoring it. Best in Show is awarded to a model that doesn't win it's category. I witnessed all these things at a local show, that will remain nameless.
  12. dhamilton

    Some unpleasant truths on modelling

    I've made it a habit of photgraphing my models when competed, then when it starts looking long in the tooth, stripping the weapons, interiors, and other useful parts, then waste-canning the rest. I've found about 10-15 years shelf life is about all they'll last. It sucks to toss out all that work, but it keeps my display case filled with good looking stuff, and making room for the newer, better built things. Doug
  13. dhamilton

    Mountain Man

    Nice work Al!!!
  14. Ah, Auto World!! I still have an old catalog in my archives!!! What great memories!!. Doug
  15. dhamilton

    8th Louisiana

    Very nice work!!!